Ludeon Studios is an independent game developer in Montréal, Canada.

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Here are some people who have done work for Ludeon:

Tynan Sylvester – Lead game creator- Blog – Twitter

Email – (Not for support; use the support page and the email there instead please. Also not for key requests; see the FAQ page please)

Tynan worked on BioShock Infinite and is the author of Designing Games. He’s the founder of  Ludeon and does the core design, programming, writing, business, and PR work, as well as some art, and sound design.

Piotr ‘ison’ Walczak – Twitter – Game creator

Piotr is a programming whiz hailing from Poland. He’s joined us over summer 2014 to help out with coding and pick up some design and art skills. He’s a true passionate/obsessive – this guy has been writing game engines since he was 13 years old!

Ben ‘ZorbaTHut’ Rog-Wilhem – Game creator

Ben is a seasoned pro game developer who can handle everything from AI to advanced shader authoring.

Alistair Lindsay – Audio expert- Blog –  Twitter

Alistair did audio on games like DEFCON (haunting!), Darwinina (quirky!), and Prison Architect (engaging!), so he knows how to work with this kind of game and he knows how to handle an indie sound project top to bottom. He’s been working game audio since 1999 when he started with Rare.

Rhopunzel – Game artist – Twitter – DeviantArt

Rhopunzel is the master of 2D in-game art, having worked on several awesome indie games. The most recent was Starbound, with pieces like this scary skeltal dragon or this crunchy mech. Before that, Rho did pretty much everything for Gnomoria.

Ricardo Tomé – Digital painter – DeviantArt

Ricardo is our generalissimo of BBP (big beautiful paintings). He handles giant hero art pieces like AI storyteller portraits and menu backgrounds from his home in balmy Portugal.