NOTE: We’re not in a position to hire at the moment. This page remains up for reference only. Please don’t apply; it wouldn’t be a worthwhile use of your time. Thanks. – Ty

We are not currently actively searching to fill a gap in our team. However, we do accept applications all the time, as there is always room for an extraordinary candidate.

Game creator

The work in this position can cross all disciplines, but its core is in game design and programming.

You’ll need to be able to do useful programming from day one. This means that, at minimum, you’ll need to be have practical experience in working on large codebases and complex problems in a C-like language.

You’ll also need to have or be capable of learning the separate skill of game design. You don’t have to be an expert designer to start, but you should be able to demonstrate some spark in this field.

Cross-disciplinary skills in art, audio, music, web design, publicity, and marketing are valuable, but are not required to apply.

Please make sure you’ve got some programming/design projects of significant scope to show off. These could be mods, indie games, game engines, or something else. These can’t be school projects or something you threw together with pals in a couple months. As a general minimum, a “significant project” is one that you worked on most days for at least a six months.

I’m also interested in other things you’ve created – books, design articles, paintings, animations, music, or anything else. Even things going back to childhood. Long-standing creative passion is valuable.

Mostly, I seek someone who can show proof of creative passion. I’m not so interested in people who are looking to get a ‘foot in the door’ of the ‘game industry’. I seek the one who created things for years just for fun, and only realized later that it could be a living and a lifestyle. It’s not enough to have passion for the idea of creating games; you need to have passion for the work of creating games.

All positions are full-time and remote. Ludeon can pay well, and I’m open to offering any level of independence and authority to those who work with me. That said, many people would need to spend significant time in a learning role – especially in game design, as there isn’t a strong educational system for teaching this skill.

If this sounds good to you, please send and email to me at [email protected]. Please keep it concise. Don’t waste time talking about yourself in the abstract. Just focus on just showing the things you’ve created.  YouTube videos are a nice way of showing off if a game isn’t easy to install or get running. Also, a traditional CV with work experience and school listed is useful.

Thanks in advance.