Colony Awesome

Posted July 6th, 2013 by Tynan Sylvester

Yesterday’s helpful playtester screeching_goat produced this colony using some of the newer features of the game. Note:

  • The dumping area for scrap metal produced by various disasters destroying chunks of the colony (as well as falling from the sky as your destroyed ship deorbits bit by bit).
  • The small but growing graveyard in the top left. Thankfully they’re all dead raiders.
  • Some dead raiders laying around the perimiter, yet to be buried.

Screeching_goat was having trouble recruiting one of her prisoners, so she sold him into slavery. Charming!

ColonyAwesomeIn other news, today I’m working on character histories. Each person, whether colonist, trader, or raider, now has a few lines of personal history covering the stages of their life before they arrived at the colony. So now you can see why that raider you recruited was so good at farming.


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