Kickstarter approaching

Posted September 21st, 2013 by Tynan Sylvester

I’m working on assembling a Kickstarter campaign. I just shot all the video for the trailer and sent it to Alistair Lindsay for the audio treatment. It’s going to show a number of things that the first look video missed, and be much better-shot and better-edited. Now it’s time to write the description, get artists to do supplemental art, and ensure financial details are all in order. There’s a lot to do, unfortunately, so progress on the game itself has stalled a bit.

The good news is that if the Kickstarter is successful, I’ll be able to get some help with the game. Al Lindsay is a real find, he’s done audio for DEFCON and Prison Architect, so he knows this kind of game. I’m also in talks with several really pro artists about developing the look of the game and getting past my janky pseudo-placeholder art (especially the characters).

The email form on has collected over 750 emails, who I’ll message when the Kickstarter opens. I hoping to get a good amount of momentum on the first day or two from that.

Finally, thanks for the supportive comments from everyone on our forums, Reddit, and YouTube. The first look video was created to gauge interest more than anything. Now that it’s apparent that people are really into the idea, I can make some real investments in it and get the game the professional work it needs to reach its potential.

6 Responses to “Kickstarter approaching”

  1. Garth

    This sounds like a great idea. You’ve already put the planning and work into crafting a good concept–time to let the crowd support the effort. I know I’ll be chipping in.

    Good luck!

  2. Pär

    I’ve got $1 for it. After so many disappointments with so many pre-release offerings all over the place I’m no longer willing to back anything that’s not bug-free and released. But $1 > $0.

    Good luck, looking forward to it.

  3. I understand the fear, Par. I do hope you’ll take a look in the forums and see how testers are already playing the game and having meaningful experiences with it. The game is real, never vaporware.

    I’ve written and thought pretty long and hard about the inherent uncertainty in game development. I’m adamant about not making promises I can’t keep because I know how common it is and how easy it is to do even without meaning to. That’s why I’ve only promised things that I have some real-world evidence actually work in a game design. I hope that by working this way, I can gain the trust of the community over time.

    Anyway, thanks for coming by, and I appreciate yours and Garth’s support!

  4. Richard

    Woot! I can’t wait to throw my money your direction to help make the game come together 🙂

  5. Alex Gin

    Good luck, Tynan!
    I’m really looking forward to that campaign, hope it will be succesful.
    PS: Thanks for Engineering Experiences, it’s very inspirational and useful.

  6. Andrei Nehring

    Very excited about this game, is there info as to when we will most likely see the Kickstarter campaign up?