Quick hotfix to Alpha8b

Posted December 11th, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

There was a bug in Alpha 8: If a colonist smoothed a terrain that wasn’t rough stone, the game would crash.

I thought this would be impossible, because you cannot designate a non-rough-stone terrain to be smoothed. But if you designate some rough stone for smoothing, then designate a floor to be built over it, and the floor is built, and then the smoother finally comes by, the game will die because the floor has no ‘terrain I should become if I’m smoothed’.

If you think you can just not build floors over smoothing designations, you can just avoid the crash that way. I’ve also uploaded a hotfixed version, Alpha8b, which you can download from your existing download links.

Sorry about this.

16 Responses to “Quick hotfix to Alpha8b”

  1. Fitzy9212

    Need new download link for the $40 version of the game. Lost the link when my laptop was wiped. (I blame shittie anti-virus)

  2. Email me please Fitzy. [email protected]

  3. Crackcannon

    Man, you have no need to apologize. I’ve already got more than my money’s worth from a game that is still in Alpha – I’ve hardly ever run into bugs and, frankly, that is more than I can say for ‘finished’, ‘AAA’ titles that cost twice as much.

    Your business model is about as consumer friendly as it gets. Thank you.

  4. Silver

    I agree with Crackconnon.Thank you for being awesome.

  5. DeadalusLP

    what would be awsome is when we could manually close and open doors (only for automatic doors) so we would be able to let enemys into the base and to get temperature inside your starter base evrywhere

  6. Matt

    No worries man, you rock. This game is amazing and you keep making it even better.

  7. Sealy

    I also agree with the gents above. I bought the game awhile back and I’m very impressed with all the updates and how you are expanding on such a great base of a game. Keep up the great work! We need more people developing games like you’re doing!

  8. Milon

    I agree with what others have said – I’ve gotten much more enjoyment out of RimWorld than I have out of many (more expensive) games. As Silver said above, “Thank you for being awesome.”

  9. InfantryNerd

    “I thought this would be impossible…”

    I don’t think there is a developer anywhere that has not had something like this happen.

    “When there is a user, there is a way.”


  10. Forbidden

    I’m not sure if you know about this Tynan, but there seems to be a bug concerning melee weapons and bionic arms. I crafted a Plasteel Longsword (Legendary), with a base damage of 20, and a sharp multiplier of 2.15 or something, so effectively 50 points of damage. The damage is applied correctly for colonists using it who have no bionic arms, but my colonists with the bionic arms only apply the bionic arm damage without the sword damage (9 instead of 50). It would be really nice if you looked into this, as my bionic legionnaires are now all gimped.

  11. Thanks Forbidden. I’ll look into this for A9.

  12. jagerjj

    how do i even get this god dam update!

  13. Shogun

    i have a bug where if i try to load and auto save, the file seams to be corrupted and will not load at all ending with my game crashing.

    side note for 9, would love a block that lets temp pass through it like a window or air vent so my main air con helps cool down adjacent rooms or vent out base if it gets to hot etc.

  14. If you find a bug please kindly post the output log and save game in the bugs forum!

  15. Christopher.HGallagher

    Seems to be a bug with gear as my new colony started with my survivors nude, as well as a few other travelers

  16. Nudity’s not a bug, it’s a feature.