Hotfixed to Alpha11c (Update: Alpha11d)

Posted July 22nd, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

Alpha11c is a very small hotfix to Alpha11b that fixes a few serious bugs. All save games and mods should still be compatible.

Update: Now to Alpha11d. This is the same as Alpha11c, but the save game location will be correct on Macs. (I originally built Alpha11c against a slightly old version of Unity from before they changed the save game path).

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  • Mitigated a game-killing bug caused by corrupted pawns. The corrupted pawn will now be destroyed instead of causing broken saves and game crashes. I’m still tracing the root cause of this so I can make the game not generate corrupted pawns in the first place.
  • Fixed a stuck-pawn bug caused by wardens trying to recruit downed prisoners and immediately ending their job, over and over.
  • Fixed prisoner config resetting at inappropriate times.
  • Fixed floor smoothing speed being determined by mining skill (it’s now construction).
  • Fixed repeated EMP damage canceling stuns in progress.

11 Responses to “Hotfixed to Alpha11c (Update: Alpha11d)”

  1. Worbephus

    Currently there is (and has probably always been) a minor exploit which demonstrates that it is not necessary for players to spend the time it takes to construct walls; they are given their full hit-points and density after merely hauling the materials to the blueprint location. It’s easy to erect very long walls in no time at all by assigning pawns to ‘work on’ constructing a section of wall and putting their constructing priority to lowest so that they don’t bother actually building it. Then when you don’t want your temporary wall anymore you can just hit cancel/deconstruct and get all resources back.

    You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Hardstyler

    Hey, nice work.
    I was struggling with that prison-problem in my game very hard.
    (Because i try to get as many prisoners as possible)

    But there is just one thing i have an issue with, it was probably discussed in the forums but i am not active there.

    If you create an Area (Indoor as example while under attack) and Kolonists start going idle because there are no jobs left, the game gets very, very laggy (modded and vanilla-version).
    It seems like the “Kolonist-Idle-Routine” creats some issues. 🙁

  3. Hardstyler

    Edit :
    Just noticed, somehow all my wooden floor (vanilla) got replaced by Sand.

  4. TLHeart

    FYI, when I loaded build 11c, my sound problems returned, the hissing and popping, then silence… Loaded 11d, and the sound problems are not present again. Coincidence, maybe.

    Thanks for fixing the prisoner chat problem, as I had two unplayable colonies due to that bug. Now I can also go back to the medical prisoner room, and the long term chat/ recruit room, without them resetting every time the warden moved them.

  5. DD

    If I want to updata
    how many workdays when I receive?

  6. DD

    My problem has been solved
    sorry to bother.

  7. ivan

    very good

  8. ButtMuffin

    My game entirely just won’t even start, i load it up and all i get is a black screen.. i’ve left it there for a good few minutes and redownloaded it four times… I’ve got no idea what the problem could be on my side aha..

  9. ButtMuffin

    note i use Windows

  10. ButtMuffin, please see the resources at

  11. cameron

    ughhh i hit my download limit for the game :/ cant get the new update ;(