RimWorld original soundtrack by Alistair Lindsay released

Posted October 28th, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

Alistair Lindsay’s original soundtrack for RimWorld is now available for purchase!

Check it out here

It includes all the songs in the currently-released game, as well as several that aren’t yet out (but will be included in future builds).

Have a listen. Let Al’s dulcet synth-backed guitar tones accompany you during work, relaxation around the house, or other games without such an awesome soundtrack. You won’t regret it.

9 Responses to “RimWorld original soundtrack by Alistair Lindsay released”

  1. bagard

    Hey guys i just wanna hear when the next game update comes out and what it contains ? 😀 if you could say when (or around when you think it is ready) it would be awesome.

  2. Beetlecat

    Oh shush, bagard — the dev is on a well-deserved break. 😉

    This is a very cool thing to offer, Tynan! I love the music, and would make this a welcome addition to my ipod.

  3. falcongrey

    Agreed @Beetlecat. Tynan deserves the break and the music is a neat addition! 😀

    -Returns to killing colonists and the beloved pets…-

  4. jacktherapper

    well ive read the previous comments i understand it is your break,but maybe give us a hint,like what features are gonna be added or when it *might* be released ?

    beem a fan since alpha 6,love this game!

  5. Neil

    Thanks for posting the URL to where to buy the soundtrack; it’s quite a master piece and really love the music! It really helps the immersion and emotional feel of the game; it couldn’t be a more perfect fit :)!

    Again thank you!

  6. At least, he (Tynan) is alive…. 😀

  7. Arrean

    Guys, Tynan made multiple announcement that he will be on a break starting in september, and for about 6 months. Working on a game for over 2 years straight without vacations takes it’s toll. So be patient. Game is already in quite a good state. And if you are longing for more content check out mods section on the forums.

  8. Maros

    You guys do great work! Keep updating this, I’d hate to see this die off!

    More Crafting, more in-depth events, possibly some kind of multiplayer would be great!

  9. name

    when update need game now