Features summary of the upcoming Alpha 13

Posted March 24th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

Hey all, just a quick update here.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features you can expect in Alpha 13. We’ve got no release date for it, but it’s in the testing and polishing phase. However, keep in mind that this is a big update and even with smaller updates this phase lasts for weeks.

On to the features!


  • Colonist family and social relationship system / Social relationships with friends, rivals, family, chats, arguments, and fights
  • Opinion system; pawns care about dozens of memories and situations to determine their opinions of each other
  • Family members out to cousins and beyond
  • Lovers, fiancees, marriages, ex-lovers, ex-spouses
  • Lovin’
  • People may get in social fights with those they dislike (even neutrals and enemies do this)
  • Animal bonding
  • People who leave the map while traveling, fleeing, being kidnapped, etc. can come back later as raiders, visitors, joiners, etc.
  • Marriage ceremonies and parties

Prison breaks

  • Prison breaks. Prisoners pick the locks, get out, seek weapons and work as a group to escape.


  • Self-reproducing, spreading underground insect hives
  • Insect hives are dangerous but produce succulent insect jelly

Animals and predators

  • Many more animals, some of which will hunt people
  • Some animals are now predators, including colony pets (e.g. cats catch squirrels)
  • Animals can gnaw corpses apart directly now

Threat response mode

  • Decide how colonists should auto-respond to threats: flee, attack, or ignore?


  • ‘Components’ resource used for machinery and electronics
  • Ground-traveling trade caravans from other factions
  • Deeper research tree with more low-tech options and more things to research
  • New fueled buildings: stove and generator
  • Various new lower and higher-tech production buildings
  • Two research tables: simple and hi-tech. Hi-tech is required for some projects.


  • New exotic infections: Gut worms, mechanite infections which give abilities at a cost of pain or fatigue, trauma savantism
  • New chronic diseases: Carcinoma, asthma, hearing loss
  • New “firefoam popper” provides a way to combat fire besides punching it.
  • Character records which keep stats on each character like number of kills, injuries, surgeries, etc.
  • Extreme desert biome
  • Colonists in relationships can share beds
  • New double bed; royal bed is now gold-trimmed and fancy
  • New flatscreen and megascreen TVs
  • Colonists can now visit sick people in bed to cheer them up
  • Sick people in bed can now watch TV
  • Building damage overlays
  • Days are now twice as long as before, with years being half as many days. (This means that years are exactly as long as before in actual play time, just divided into a smaller number of longer days.)
  • The year is now split into seasons instead of months.
  • Animal kibble
  • Deep rooms stay cool in the heat
  • Richer tale recording and better art descriptions
  • Hundreds of balance improvements, optimizations, tweaks and fixes

112 Responses to “Features summary of the upcoming Alpha 13”

  1. T.J

    Man, i’m so hyped up 😛

  2. Alex

    This will probably be the best update Rimworld will ever get.
    The next step is to complete the RPG aspect of Rimworld would be to add on the Marriage, Children and Parenting system to the game.

    Then the social-aspect of the Rimworld would be perfect as successful raising a Child through the years is an achievement on it’s own. It’ll probably better than most Life RPG-simulators out there.

    13 is truly a lucky number.




  4. Well, you can have children now (with debug commands), it’s just they come out as newborn-but-fully-grown baby/adult freaks.

  5. Alex


    Lol Tynan, that’s freaky and you know it. You joker you :p

    I meant the “usual” way of having/raising children xd

  6. Rynkk

    im sexy and I know it
    This better be as nice as I imagine it, cant wait

    Also, will german ppl get the steam key sent to them automatically or will we have to ask for them? (Since the resend tool doesnt work for us)

  7. Yurii

    Tynan, this thing with children probably can be solved with creating artificial incubators or vats: colonists just put their newborns into this thing and they grow in it certain amount of time. Grown-ups go out with predefined biological age (~15..20 years), “vatgrown” childhood backstory and randomly inherited starting skills and perks by their parents (of course, skills are lower than their parents have). Just my thoughts about it.

  8. A child incubator actually isn’t a bad idea at all.

    However, if we do children I’d like to really do children properly – I think they could add a lot of color/flavor/drama/hilarity/tragedy to a colony. The vat thing would be a cool add-on though.

  9. Rynkk – I’m working on upgrading our mail system so it works everywhere. Certainly we won’t let any particular country fall through the cracks. The policy will be the same everywhere.

  10. grant

    Its been awhile since i remember geting the last update email and installing it, can someone refresh me on what happens when Rimworld is updated like this? Like will we get new keys, or a new version to install or what?. .
    thanks for reading.

  11. tezzimezzi

    Are we going to have more needs like maybe hygiene, toilet etc.? Also can’t wait for the update it seems amazing.

  12. Dave

    Wonderful Tynan, still checking every day my RSS feed ha

  13. Bip

    One thing we really need for the immersion is to not have the wind sound and storm sound when you zoom in a house, or cave. It shoud only be heard when the camera is centered on the outside world. Very important for the immersion, especially in very cold biomes!

  14. SirLeonardoC

    The nuclear reactors the i see in a screenshot in the twitter of tynan will be added in alpha 13?

  15. johnny bananas

    The idea of the insect hives has me nervous, I’m just thinking Starship Troopers.

  16. Chris

    Quit teasing me with this alpha, you cruel, cruel, perfect, amazing man.

  17. Arrean

    Extreme desert biome

    We need, need, need, absolutely need water and thirst system!

    Ya hya chouhada Muad’dib!

  18. AHare

    Yay, finally an update of some kind 😀 It all sounds excellent, and I’m super glad a lot of things similar to some mods have been added to vanilla, means I won’t have to spend so long merging things! I can’t wait until I can finally play!

    Probably the only things I don’t like in that list are the days, months, and years changes. I’m assuming by “years are split into seasons, not months” there will be no display of the current month? Maybe it’s me, but I like that part as it currently is.
    On the other hand, I LOVE days being longer, but I don’t think keeping the year the same length is a good change. However, I assume that will be moddable so I’m not too upset.

  19. MindWeb


    Maybe we could incubate little lab children and use them as organ farms? Super dark, but kinda fits the tone.

    Hell, maybe clone newborns and keep them for backup organs.

  20. Will

    BEST update incoming!! oh boy im so hyped!. say tynan. will there be a nutrition system in the future updates?. like others wants THRIST, FOOD, bowels hygiene. though they are just flavor text at least they give color to our stay in game.

    how about Mining?! will there be a rework? or maybe create our own mineshaft?! mining out resource is fun.. but once your out of minable objects to dig. u know its GG man. GG for everyone.

    great update BTW
    still looking forward for FISHING FORAGING and more CRAFTING ;D

  21. Capitan83es

    Tynan! Let me start with one “You are the boss!”

    /Colonists can now visit sick people in bed to cheer them up.
    /Sick people in bed can now watch TV.

    I don’t know if those were in your schedule before my request on the last post but thanks for introducing this ones. Not only we needed them but… Now I feel like you included it because of those comments, so you made me Happy for some hours!!

    If it was someone’s else idea, don’t say it. I have a heart, OK?

    Keep working, Rimworld team! We are Legion!…. Mean, waiting. We are waiting.

    Damn, I need more coffe today.

  22. KillerCam

    @AHare just kinda plus one-ing you, especially on the whole seasons instead of months because I enjoy seeing June being -40

  23. HueyLewis

    awesome changelog so far, can’t wait for it. Any updates on a Steam Launch/Early Access thing now that you’re back? I’m honestly fine with the system as is, but I think Rimworld could blow up on steam in the way prison architect did.

    And I demand a faction of deranged mutant children pirates when you finish work on children!

  24. Cass


  25. Caracole

    All of this seems fantastic Tynan!
    I was waiting so long for this update but this is (almost) the end of the tunnel ahah. Thanks for the new summery. Do you think next time you could show a video? 🙂
    Good luck for the following.

  26. JesterHell

    The problem I see with vats/incubators for growing children is how many parent would willingly allow their children to be taken away and put in a vat? and if their not willing how far would they go to stop the player from doing so?

    For instance if it was me and the colony “government” wanted to take my child away to be vat grown I would attack them and make a run for it with my child, shooting anyone who got in my way.

  27. Sadie

    I’m so excited! Well done 😀

  28. Glundar

    Does this mean that I will finally have two people sleeping in my massive bedrooms with double beds in them?

  29. Glundar


    In a cave maybe, however in a house during a thunderstorm you will definitely hear thunder and wind.

    To add to the complexity it could be variably muted depending on what the house is made from or how deep into the mountain you are.

  30. Glundar

    Oooohhhh looking into the change log further and the changes to days and years etc.

    That could make for some very interesting changes if it were not fixed but rather when you generate a world it can be random or you can define it.

    Therefore you can define the speed that the world rotates and revolves around the sun. So you could have long days and nights or very short ones either of which could could problems for the pawns.

    You would then also have very long or short years. Again causing issues for pawns and plant growth etc.

  31. Glundar

    Could the vat-grown child have interesting effects. The vat could fail, or they could mutate with positive/negative effects.

  32. Watermelon

    What does deep rooms will stay cold when it is warm is it the rooms inside hills ?

  33. wbonx

    Hi Tynan,

    great Job.

    One fast question, are you considering adding Fof of War (FoG)?

    It will add a lot to prison breaks and avoind repeating some strategies while being attacked.
    On this you could add a layer of cameras or sensors…. would be fun.

  34. Hi, dear Tynan.

    What can u say about the missions?

    The ability to move beyond the colony will update your project and attracts a huge number of fans. Besides that possibility will open up a whole new world for developers of modifications, which will deal with replayability of your project.

    In my opinion this is priority task for you.Think about it, not to engage in pointless census redundant code.

  35. Bip

    One last thing, if you add Zombies, you’ll get all the Walking dead fans!!

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  37. Jeremy T. Gibson

    I’ll join AHare in saying that the “months”->”seasons” change has me somewhat alarmed. The double-length days, 15-day “seasons” seems like something that I’d have to witness to see whether it was worthwhile or not, but I happened to like the fact that each season was 30 days, right along the lines of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, and mouthfeel right now is a bit sour. I would have been fine with the change to seasons if they kept the 30 days, but right now I feel as though this is a case of fixing what isn’t broken. Perhaps a day length option in the world settings that lets us change how long the day takes, and how many days a season lasts? That would also work great for variation from world to world, and if you really wanted to go all out, you could add “midnight sun” support that increased or decreased day and night length based on latitude.

    Also of note, the current day length already feels fairly balanced — a large complex takes several days for two workers to complete — but with double the day length, constructions will seem ridiculously fast compared to the real world even if it still takes the same amount of the year to build.

  38. Jeremy T. Gibson

    Heh, just noticed Wolfeo also suggested an option for adjusting it manually. The mob has spoken! (Because a sample size of two is clearly moar scientific. =))

  39. Jordi

    I saw a comment with “can you add zombie’s” (Something like that) Please don’t do that, i like how it is a kinda realistic game now 🙂

  40. Anon

    No offense, but for such a long time between updates this does not seem so huge… most of this stuff has already been done by mods at this point. Slightly disappointed, but I still have my hopes up for this game. Just slightly less up than years ago. Slightly.

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  42. Maboy

    How about a police system? So when you reach the endgame, that you can put your own colonists in the jail and release them after a couple days/weeks/months. So i mean police as a job and the police automaticly put bad colonists in the jail or go for court.

  43. TheBloodOfNight

    What about….. bigger maps ? It would be awesome, if my base would be barely visible on the map. Or even different biomes on the same map ? Taking long journeys, from 1 side to another would be cool. Btw, are you planning on adding underground system ? It would work like this, you dig a hole, place stairs, and you are now able to dig underground, its not visible until you will walk down the stairs. Ofc it would be max 1-2 steps down or something.

  44. Jacob

    Umm… I have to ask, why are there 2 Misc. categories?

  45. James Gardner

    Jeremy T Gibson has a great point. 30 day seasons seemed to me to be a perfect amount of time – enough to feel like I had a decent amount of time to set up my crops (while also base building and dealing with events)/ also long enough to make me slightly dread the winter, and make the winter a bit harder to survive. Also, I liked the shorter days because I enjoyed seeing my people get into a routine. Making it an option seems like a No-Fail scenario!

    Pregnancies seem like a natural direction for this game to take. Again, though, I think it’d be best suited as an option to check at the beginning. Having babies grow into adults and make babies of their own in the span of two or three years would be pretty immersion breaking, but I can’t complain with the ability of having the option.

  46. Capitan83es


    I’m with you on the larger maps (I really like the idea of being able to do more than one city on the same map, and having to move things around…), and the chance of focusing on areas and having to move when those are “too exploit”… but the idea of going down or up… not my cup of tea. My experience on other games (Gnomoria, for example) tells me that that is the best way to start losing sight of people, having lots of bugs and so on…

    FoW (Wbonx mentioned before) may sound crazy but, a mode with FoW, sensors and cameras just looks nice, hardcore for my taste, but nice. Having nice ears and eyes would help a lot! Once again, this could be one of those “game choices”. Or maybe an idea for a mod, you know.

    BTW, there is one thing I don’t understand much and that is the “flammability” of things. Some things should be much more affected by fire “Wood walls” than others “Stone or Iron walls”. I mean, there is a flammability characteristic on every material, is it effective? Of course, put a cable on those iron walls and you have a fire starter but see stone walls lit on fire still looks strange every time… It’s nice that finally we have an integrated fire extinguisher. Also, at the end, temperature on the room should also depend on the material (to avoid everyone doing only iron rooms, it’s too hot on summer and freezing on winter…)

    Sorry for long post, Just keep working, we want to play this version ASAP! Go!

  47. Gak237

    With the whole system of memories and relationships now, maybe there could be some that effect memory, like alzheimers or amnesia?

  48. Bogus

    Sounds like a good mix of critical game-mechanics and interesting story/roleplay features that addresses most of the things on my shortlist of gripes; can’t wait for the download!

  49. orson

    I can’t wait for update ! 🙂 Hands up!

  50. Henry


    If you really want the drama from having to raise children, but want to use the convenience idea of vat growing the children to a certain age so that growing up isn’t TOO much of a burden, then why not have it so that the vat can only grow a child up to a certain age (maybe twelve to fourteen?) and can only take them once they’ve reached a certain age (six months to a year?)

    That way you still have a few years where the child is mostly a burden on the colony, but it doesn’t take them too long to reach adulthood.

  51. Larn

    mhhh seasons…. i love month, its realer than seasons 🙁 thats the only bad thing i read.

    all the other stuff is great!

  52. aaaaah why get rid of months

  53. Nufa

    the question is, when we will have that update?

    can’t wait for that,

  54. Alexis911

    God… I haven’t played in months. After reading this I know I’ll be as addicted to the game as before…! Can’t wait! Keep up you good work to all the team! This is a masterpiece!

  55. Akarmy01

    Hey Tynan ,

    I love this game so much , I think this game have a great future if you make it with multiplayer , i know its hard to do it or to imagine how it would be , let’s say making it with LAN (co – operative ) would be great , i mean two players have the same people and stuff working together to make a great village or whatever , also having the ability to get children would be awesome .

    best of luck .

  56. asd

    Still not on Steam? Ok, I can hold off with my purchase.

  57. Kolbi

    Is it possible to make your own caravan?

  58. Chaotic Entropy

    Awww yes, this sounds so very awesome, so many new and awesome features. Get it to us sooooon!

  59. MrWoody32

    Once appear in Steam as soon buy (in the Russian crisis and to use paypal or credit card is not very profitable).

  60. This is going to be the best thing since disco music REALLLLLY GOOOOOD but then new “updates” that will forget about this update (but really RELEASE THIS UPDATE!!!)

  61. RandomQuestions

    Shoes and boots will be in this update, right?
    There’s no drama like shoe drama.

    Virgin births? Could be alien baby?
    Implanted mechanoid incubator pod?
    In some stories of native Americans, the women would wander off, push out the baby, and be back up and about in minutes. No fuss, no muss.

    Love the animals finally eating each other, and corpses.
    Do herbs check meals for meat and reject?

    Gotta love the insect jelly. Can your colony live off of it?
    Can colonists get addicted, deranged, and join the hive?

  62. the3rdman

    I’m so hyped! The only game I’m playing at the moment is this and I’m so excited for this update. Keep up the good work Tynan!

  63. Peto2

    Is this even possible? Incredible work, I can’t wair for Steam release… even though I am very tepted to buy it right now

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  65. Kenneth P

    You know what would be an awesome idea for the next update…. I would recommend that when raiders or tribes visit your place they can choose to create their own village or military base near yours. It would be awesome to watch a faction build their own base and you can either make great relations or conquer the base yourself (i.e. the assassinating the leader and etc..) It would also be so epic if you can travel around the map and do raids yourself and destroy competing tribes. I believe this would indefinitely make the game more interesting. (more complex to script tho) But, hey the game is merely to create a base and get escape into a ship. But I believe it would make it more entertaining if it had some “conquering” aspects, considering it is a civilization game.

  66. Kenneth P

    Prior to what I said if you decide to attack the raiders base that is near yours it can make your relationship with the tribe worsen. If the relationship with the tribe meets a point where they are super angry they may wage a massive war against you. (considering the relationship with tribes doesn’t have much impact) That would be so epic. If you win the war of course there should be spoils. But considering how powerful the tribe is you can loot a lot of items or people. These are just suggestions of course but it would be so epic if you incorporate them.

  67. Khadi

    Any ideas about when children will be implemented? I want to make a colony with canibalistic children that also eat cats ‘cos they half chineese. And yes, I am dead serious about this.

  68. Nelgoth

    I need to know the release date so I can request some time off of work! ;D

    I jest, ha ha, please take your time on this one. You are doing a fantastic job! I hope your time off got your creative batteries charged for the last sprint to what I hope is one of the most successful releases in steam history!


    P.S. Exceedingly interested in the new Tech Tree development and relationships. Also, fire fighting, WOOT!

  69. Jason

    I’m Looking forward to the next update, keep up the good work.

  70. Ouan

    I have been waiting for this update for years! Well actually only for a few months, but I am still excited! Hope all is well with your Dev team and yourself, as well as your awesome testers, who in the end find the flaws so that you can then make more for us to find on release day! Can not wait for Alpha 13J. J/K, you all keep up the brilliant work!

  71. Just_Jacque

    I like the change to seasons (actual length maybe not so much.) It doesn’t make sense that this alien world would have the same months as ours. More nebulous “this is the cold time, the warm time will come soon” is much better.

  72. Fe

    What surprise me most is auto attack AI, now I see you still have some mercy for casual players who don’t want to micromanage combat.

  73. Tanis


  74. Dale Blaze


    We need to implement the vegetarian, omnivore and carnivore eater into the game, that alone would add difficulty to the colonists. Having picky colonists will change things up when it comes to harvesting food.

    Just ” Food for thought “

  75. Sapphire Steelshield

    Will there be a feature that allows us to fish? Or the ability to fill in swamp lands with dirt or gravel inso allowing us to build over them?

  76. Bergil

    Still waiting. Don’t like waiting. Want to play!

  77. rakkaus

    The things i still like to see in Rimworld are:

    – Z-LEVELS
    – FREE ROAMING THE MAP (a whole world of new possibilities)
    – FOG OF WAR and FIELD OF VIEW (which leads to…)
    – STEALTH SYSTEM (sound, vision, scent/wind direction, etc)

  78. Krammer68

    @ Dale Blaze

    Food is one of the biggest issues in the early game at least. Picky colonists go hungry – let them eat whatever is available. If it comes right down to it, and a vegetarian’s only option is to eat the boarmeat or die, the boarmeat will lose.

  79. Jorlem


    Seeing as in the upcoming patch characters will have opinions of each other, is there a chance this will play in to the mental break system? Perhaps if someone goes berserk, they could target someone they dislike instead of whoever is closest, and if they have a close relationship with someone, that character could try to talk the berserk character down so you don’t need to beat him unconscious. Or if a character is dazed, perhaps they could follow someone they like around, if said liked character comes and gets the dazed character, instead of wandering off and getting killed by enemies or the weather.

  80. Kenneth P

    What I suggested before, I hope Tynan would take it into consideration but I’m pretty sure it would be a challenge to implement. I mean think about it…. Having the satisfaction of conquering territory and expanding your colony. Having the power to decide the fate of the tribe’s people and etc. I also believe raids are a bit weak and a war system( it doesn’t have to be periodic but instead given an option to the player based on if the player wants to vanquish the tribe) would make the game even more epic. Also there would be even more creativity… For example, a war leader can be chosen, there would be more meaning in creating a heavily armed base, and a economy system has a reason besides for survival or luxuries, like war efforts.

  81. gnegnol

    the relation system does change the mood on actual bad events?
    I mean, if a colonist who hates a lot someone else (another colonist or a prisoner for examnple)and this one gats sold or killed insome way, will the colonist mood be modified considering the relaton between the two?

  82. JBH

    This is my favorite game of all times… and it’s still in alpha… can’t wait for it to be huge…
    Why can’t I contribute more to its development???

  83. vomov

    My wish-list is getting shorter and shorter, so my mood is getting better and better! I would love to see some reduced implementation of z-levels (not like DF, just an underground ‘free-build’ level or two) be implemented, as well as water sources to play with, though.

  84. hedgehog1656

    Please add the possibility to seelect the quality of the food for prisoniers.

  85. Tracker

    This looks amazing. I just have to keep checking this page few times every day for more info and updates (at least from users 😀 ). The best thing on this is that the game is so awesome but still there ll be more of content. A13 is not last I suppose.

    Great work so far!

  86. JBH

    More content yes!! LoVe this game!!!
    More items!!
    More more more…

  87. Arc

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to play it when i get some free time!

  88. Benny the Icepick

    Out of curiosity, will you be expanding love and relationships beyond hetero pairings? Possibly even beyond monogamous pairings?

    It’d be interesting to see partners break up, cheat, get jealous, experience unrequited love, etc. Emotions certainly play into pawns’ needs, numerically in the gameplay, but I’d wonder how they might affect the storytelling aspect from a player’s perspective. How would a brawler react to getting dumped? How might an artist woo a new lover? Would a prosthophobe shun a prospective partner with a bionic arm?

    So many possibilities here!


    Love the progress. I know it’s been a long time coming. Mod community is on point.

    Only real want i have is to be allowed to continue after the game is done, as in your ship crashes on another planet and you start with all the colonists you left with. Maybe even have the crash location random. Who knows?

  90. Penner

    This is an awesome update but when it is published?


  91. KingD130

    When is this update going to be released?

  92. Shitupdate


  93. Arrow

    After reading all the suggestions on this thread, I just want to comment that adding complexity can go too far – if the game starts simulating all sorts of different things at the same time, it could become a nightmare of micromanagement. It can also make the learning curve dangerously steep for new players if they immediately need to manage everything from body temperature to base design to the fee-fees of their most neurotic characters.

    I don’t know where that line is drawn, or how to walk it, but I’ve played enough games that have crossed it to know that it does.

    That said, I love the sound of this new update. Especially the new content being added to the existing systems, and most especially the trade caravans! Will we be able to organize our own and send them out?

  94. Jacob

    I have a feeling Trump will get elected president before this new update comes out…

  95. Supes

    Take your time, make your game perfect.

  96. Trolland Drump

    Is it possible to build a wall to keep any newcomers from joining?

  97. TheBloodOfNight

    For me, the hype train is getting smaller and smaller each day. I bet it will be for me like planetoid pioneers, it will get boring before i will be able to even touch it.

  98. Dave

    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to add this to my Steam Library.

    I’ve said this a couple of times before, but I would really really like to be able to send a contingent of my colonists out of biome to another biome for exploration and resource gathering. Perhaps they could have a travelling cart and would need to take supplies etc.

    This next update sounds amazing! Can’t wait!

  99. SirBambiLover

    Maybe you could make some sort of a progress bar for completion of each new update showing us the percent finished on this website?

  100. wbonx

    Few suggestion:

    MOST IMPORTANT: Iron man Mode
    We need an iron man mode where we can’t save and reload as soon as someone dies… is not fun to self educate to do so.
    More cool if there’s an option.

    First: FoW
    I meant fog of war in my previous post… my brain gets guru med. some time.
    Anyway FoW would force to have sentinels… checking the perimeter, outposts, sensors of various type, cameras… sentry in the prison block.
    Dogs could smell foreiners from far away…. be used to follow tracks to a spot.

    Second suggestion: FOREINERS
    I would also improve the interaction with visitors. Offer them food or medicines or buy little things (not necessarily big stocks like from caravans). Offer fun, or get info.

    Third: Missions in the outerworld
    It could be simply implemented with an option… send X men with X equipment to this Area to gather resources. Or to this map to interact. Then some statistic is solved and the men come back with Y stuff or die trying.
    Otherwise it could be implemented in a slightly more complex way: like loading some premade maps with a base (maybe from other players) to visit with a bunch of men with basic equipment. Visiting is affected by relationsship (get shot or feeded – friendly).
    What players does can effect outcome, really simple, you kill/steal you get killed. But if you are starving or need medicine, must be tried.

    Fourth: Optimization big map – many objects
    An easy way to prevent having too many objects to deal with could be fasten the deterioration… or calling from time to time an acid rain that burns everything is outside.
    Maybe limit the stacking of the same object by converting many – single food to ex. Box of food.

  101. Cap

    Been almost a year since I bought this game with no updates. I would really like to see something soon.

  102. Ellionas

    I can’t do any more! Please release this update ! :p

  103. Brille591

    Dear Tynan
    I know i sayd don’t worry take ur time but this was a long time ago 😀
    Could u please give us a status update? xD
    I go crazy on waiting ^^ don’t played the game since 1 month because i always say to my self:
    hm why playing when the new update is so near and i will have to start all over again.
    Sorry for the mimimi 😀 still doin a great job and i am sure it will be worth to wait but its pretty hard too xD
    Greetz Brille591

  104. Kolbi

    I’m sitting here like sum 41…

    Still waiting.

  105. Samir


    The opinion system is starting to sound like a very interesting model for human behaviour. Are there any details on how you implemented this in code? I’m working on a somewhat related project and was just curious about the way you did it.



  106. Samir, you’ll be able to decompile our code when it’s released, as well as look at our XML data. The system’s pretty straightforward so should almost teach itself. Hopefully.

  107. Peterowsky

    Comeon comeon comeon I can’t wait <3 <3 <3

  108. Kitty

    I can’t wait until this update comes out!! I am soo excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Darren

    Tynan, I love this game very much and the new update is great, I think in the next alpha, an addition should definitely be more guns, I find the weapons in the game to be a bit shallow, adding more guns as well as variations of guns would be amazing.

  110. Derek

    Quick question can colonists recover from gut worms or is that a permanent thing?

  111. Derek

    Because my colonist has had gut worms for a good 2 hours of game time

  112. If I recall correctly, gut worms goes away after 10 treatments.