Alpha 14e – Fixes for game-breaking bugs

Posted July 29th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

Some rare, game-breaking bugs were reported. Some are crashes; others critically break AI behavior. So I fixed them.

Savegames should continue to work from before. Some savegames that were broken before will now load.

Mods should also mostly be compatible, but there may be issues in some cases given the complexities of how the code links up.

The build number is now 1249.

Non-Steam players won’t get an update email since this isn’t a content update. They can download the new version from their existing download link.

Change list:

  • Fix: Hard crash when bed-sharing pawns have zero chance to do lovin’, passing a PositiveInfinity mean-time-between to the random event checker, causing it to enter an infinite loop.
  • Fix: AI stuck when warden chooses to feed a prisoner by taking food from an empty food dispenser.
  • Fix: AI stuck and performance chugging from colony animals starving while being restricted to not touching walls, and locked inside.
  • Mitigate: Sometimes, NPCs in parties, marriages all freeze and just stand there.
  • Mitigate: Game can save a corpse with null innerPawn, which makes the save unloadable.

12 Responses to “Alpha 14e – Fixes for game-breaking bugs”

  1. MarvinKosh

    Thanks for the timely fixes. 🙂

  2. Krazy

    These are not timely fixes. At least the marriage spot bug has been there since the very introduction of marriage.

  3. Dave

    What about the “catharsis bug” I saw you talk about on reddit?

  4. Ulf

    I noticed even at 14d, which was the counter for the downloads not reset. If the counter is set only at a new major version 7 back? I do not have the Steam-Version.

    Translated with goggle

  5. Céline Sauvé

    Good question from Ulf, and I second it: What happens to us DRM-free, purchased-directly-from-the-Dev supporters, when the Patches exceed the download limit?

  6. Ulf

    Version 14 from 7 to 6 down version 14d from 6 to 5 down, now with version 14e from 5 to 4 down.

    Translated with goggle

  7. Siberianhamster

    @Ulf @Celine

    If you run out of downloads, email Ludeon support. They’ll be happy reset the counter.

  8. Céline Sauvé

    @Siberianhamster Okay, good to hear it’s that easy. 🙂

  9. phyr

    Hello, i have a quick question about the AI. I set my difficulty to basebuilder using the AI Chillax. I have been getting raided very often and the raids usually consists of 5 or more people. Is this broken or is this how itß supposed to be? Thank You. -Phyr

  10. nccvoyager

    Tynan, I noticed a small issue with double beds.

    Double bed has artwork on it.
    Double bed owned by two colonists.
    One colonist is sleeping.
    Second colonist is tired; about to sleep.
    A third colonist views the artwork.
    Second colonist chooses a separate, and empty, bed to sleep in. (Or, if none are available, sleeps on the floor.)
    Second colonist loses “ownership” of the spot in the double bed.

    Other than that, I myself haven’t run into any real problems yet.

  11. Cen you peace My Game a update give Pleace

  12. Regiryan

    I’ve had Rim World for about a year, but I can’t update it, and I’ve been trying for a while. I just cant figure out where or how to do it. :/