Alpha14c release, tiny balance update

Posted July 19th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

It looks like the fixes in Alpha14b were effective. I’m now releasing Alpha14c on Steam and DRM-free channels. This one is just a tiny change from 14b: Phoebe’s random incidents density is reduced somewhat (it was the same as Cassandra’s before, which doesn’t make sense since Phoebe is supposed to give more breathing space between events.)

I’ll still be watching for balance and content problems, but it seems likely the next patch will be a new alpha.

On a side note, some people have asked whether any more features will be added. The answer is a definite yes. We are currently working on several major new features with the potential to transform gameplay yet again. I can’t wait to show them to you! But, they have to be ready first. I’m also working on a ton of polish tasks.

23 Responses to “Alpha14c release, tiny balance update”

  1. kilo

    Hello there,

    So I purchased the game yesterday, installed the base A14. After reading a few posts on your blog earlier today, I learned that the A14B is due soon for DRM customers.

    However, when I checked your blog again just now, I noticed that you released A14C. As well, it is available on my download link. Is it safe to go ahead and install it?


  2. kilo – Yes, for sure. The download link is A14c, the latest.

  3. Biglulu

    Keep it up, this game is great.

    After following your progress for years, I finally bought it for the first time on Steam.

  4. kilo

    Awesome. Thanks Tynan.

    (BTW the game is awesome. Enjoying every minute of it.)

  5. Zane

    Hey Tynan, i’m sure you already have it planned, but for scenario editor could it be made so it splits into a few categorized tabs. Like have Weapons tab, Food tabs, Animals tab, Misc, Materials maybe split into a few sub-categories. Now i’m sure its already being planned, and i love the scenario editor right now. Just a little tedious finding i want in some of the tabs.

  6. You are my hero!

  7. McThornz

    My goodness, you just keep working hard! Good job Tynan. 😀

  8. Defeated

    Hey Tynan

    Amazing work on this.

    Just wondering if there’s any update on what seems to be a food bug where the colonists will eat what’s nearest. So picking up corn to eat rather than a fine meal on an adjacent room?

  9. tommerry11


    Just wanting to know how we are supposed to tell which version steam users are currently updated to (as the ingame version naming scheme is different to the “alpha 14c” one). Love the game! 😀

  10. tommerry11 – on Steam there’s no way to avoid updating. But Alpha12c is 0.14.1238

  11. Nikow

    Will be childs added to game? I wish my colonists have possibility to make kids to make story more intresting. Mechanic for it is already in the game, animals can make love and They seems to make love in beds too, but They have extremly good birth control…

  12. Ran

    Hey Tynan

    Did you think about taking this game to another level
    with multiplayer option ? at least option to able to go to another map and attack your rivals


  13. Praeses

    Hi Tynan. Congrats on reaching the number 4 spot on Steam’s Weekly Top Ten for July 19 sales report!

  14. John

    Prisoners aren’t getting mood boosts from warden friendly chats anymore, at least in my fresh colony, fresh world with this alpha 14c. Anyone else seeing this? I suppose it could be one of my mods but they never caused this problem before, and none of them have anything to do with prisoners or moods.

  15. hwfanatic

    A bit confusing with 14b and 14c having the same version number, but not that important. Keep up the good work.

  16. VikingGoth

    Great Job Tynan!

    Here’s to hoping Religion is added in the next version!

  17. Justin C

    Ran, people have been asking for multiplayer since the game was first announced. It’s really not feasible to add multiplayer to a game that was designed as a singleplayer game.

  18. John

    Multiplayer on the same map could be implemented, but it would be a helluva an undertaking. You would also be fighting over time controls. Tynan may not even be familiar with the sort of network code work that would have to be done.

  19. John

    Also never mind on prisoners not getting a mood boost from warden chats, I missed that in the alpha 14 patch notes. Didn’t realize it was by design.

  20. Céline Sauvé

    I’m hoping the DRM-free build will get updated when STEAM does and 14b was just a one-time thing?

  21. Celine – if I’m not certain about a build, it’ll go on Steam first. If I am more sure, it’ll go on both (like A14c did).

    Nobody wants to re-download a game over and over. It’s just faster to use Steam as a test bed.

  22. In the description of the item “Herbal Medecine” it sais “A pack of concoctions typically extracted from the xerigium plant…” The plant is called “Healroot” in newer versions please fix the description.

  23. Stove

    Owning up to being a terrible person who ‘pirated’ your game (a friend let me use his download link, so we shared his copy since i couldnt afford my own)
    Now that its on steam and i got a job, i bought the game.

    Thanks Tynan, you’ve got one hell of an addictive, time eating game here.