Reddit AMA in progress

Posted July 19th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

I’m currently doing an AMA on Reddit! Come see my answers to various questions. If you’re fast, you can ask one.

Link to the AMA

7 Responses to “Reddit AMA in progress”

  1. Calvin

    I bought the game roughly a year ago, and i put my email in the steam key generator thing about 3 hours ago, but when i got the email that appeared should contain the key, all is said was ”Order status: initial” where it seemed the key should be. Does this mean i there’s another email coming at one point or should the key be within this email?

  2. Calvin: please email [email protected]

  3. rethan marty

    hello I don t speak english donc excuser moi j ecris en français … comment on a la alpha 14 ? jai la alpha 13 mais j arrive pas a trouver comment donc excuser moi de vous deranger mais voila je suis un fan jai payer le jeu et la je suis coincer …

  4. rethan marty

    a non ces bon merciii

  5. luspen

    plz add in a way to disable Items/wepons in the scenario 🙂 and good work on the alpha 14 its sooo good I cant belive it from a small kickstarter to big steam keep up the work and get money and fans like me

  6. Bergil

    Nothing to do with the post above, but I must ask.

    How do I make med kits?

  7. Lupus

    @Bergil: you don’t. You can grow a certain plant that yields herbal medicine, a lower quality version of med kits. Higher quality medicine is only available through traders. There used to be a mod that added med kit crafting. Don’t know if it’s still around.