RimWorld Alpha 14 released on Steam with Scenario System!

Posted July 15th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

The day is finally here. RimWorld is now available on Steam! You can buy it at the RimWorld Steam Store page. It’s got full support for Steam Workshop and Cloud saves.

Also, Alpha 14 – Scenario System is out! For full information Alpha 14, including the change list, look at the Alpha 14 preview thread.

More good news – everyone who owns the game can move it to Steam. Hooray! You get a Steam key! And you get a Steam key! To get your Steam key, go to the automated link and key sender.

(EDIT: The following no longer applies. Due to fraudster attacks, we’ve been forced to cut off Steam keys for new purchases from our site. You can still buy directly on Steam, of course, at the same prices.) A business note – If you want, buying it from our site is better for us. This way, we get significantly more of the money, since Steam isn’t taking their cut. You can still immediately grab your Steam key and put the game on your Steam account. Obviously we’ll still be very happy if you buy it either way!

Here’s the Alpha 14 features rundown video! It explains the scenario system and other new features:

On a final, more serious note – please don’t buy Steam keys from third-party sellers. The only ways RimWorld has ever been sold are on our website or on Steam itself, which means that any key being resold is a stolen or improperly sold one. The common scam is this: Hackers steal thousands of credit cards, use them to buy copies of the game from our website, redeem the Steam keys, and then sell these keys at half price. The credit card holder eventually notices the fraudulent purchase and gets it reversed. The end result is that the scammers keep the sale money, and we lose a sale, and we lose the chargeback fees incurred by payment providers (which can be $15 per copy!). It can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So buying these keys is much worse than piracy, because it takes money directly from us, and gives money to thieves. We will be working to make it more difficult for scammers to pull this off, and disabling stolen keys where we find them, so any key bought at a third party likely won’t work. Buy original and all should be good.

34 Responses to “RimWorld Alpha 14 released on Steam with Scenario System!”

  1. Axel

    So when can we expect the steam keys to drop in? I backed the initial kickstarter back in october of 2013. Hope it makes me eligible for a key 🙂

  2. Eliot

    Just go here for your key :


  3. McThornz

    Sweet it’s out! 😀

  4. jennie

    the link in the email dosent work why?

  5. jennie

    O I understand this mail isent my steam mail wut do I do

  6. Starix

    Make sure that the link begins with “http/https”. If it was hotmail or typo in the automatic mail that made it longer than is should be.

    Click on the steam link in the getmygame page instead and log-in to steam. Worked fine for me 🙂

  7. Zenke

    This is a fantastic day for you and your team, you all must be so happy! I wish you well, now i’m going to go enjoy alhpa 14!

  8. jennie

    ok tnx starix

  9. DariusWolfe

    I’ve been waiting for today to purchase, because I really like the convenience of having the game in my Steam library, but you answered a couple questions I’ve been hanging on to for a little while; Buying direct from you is better for you, and I still get it in my Steam library. That’s win-win-win as far as I’m concerned.

    Here comes another purchase.

  10. Utomi

    Why so pricey for an early access incomplete game! I’d have loved to buy it but my partner just told me he paid the same price for another game that came out today on the 3ds so I can’t justify paying it 🙁

  11. S

    Utomi – this is an excellent game well worth its price many times over. Don’t be a cheapskate.

  12. DopeGhoti

    Congratulations on your Steam release.

    And I applaud your stance on the grey-market key resellers, especially since you are saying from day one that you will be voiding fraudulent keys. Folks have been warned!

  13. Torje

    Thanks, only took a minute to move the game over to steam. For the others in the comment section, the game is well worth it, and as far as I know, has even been priced down about 5$ on steam! (Atleast in my currency.)

  14. Zenke


    Its worth the price. look at most AAA games out now a days, how many of them are actually worth 60 or more? But people buy them, and rarely they’re Complete or the full package. Most come with dlc launched the same day, installed on the disc but locked until the player purchases them. Yes rimworld is still in early access but your supporting a good developer and getting a great game that will be worth double the price, not buying standard AAA tripe. Consider it a good investment in future entertainment.

  15. Lo53n

    Oh, great! And here I was wondering if I will get my Steam key. 15$ For RimWorld? What a bargain!
    Congratulations on getting game on Steam. Thats a big step towards being hit 😉

  16. Vicidsmart

    Hey when trying to get m y steam code I go to “get my key” sign in on steam then do my mobile authentication then it goes back to the “get my key” page immediatly and the sign into steam isn’t there anymore… Help

  17. MrMette

    Just bought my copy on this website instead of Steam and redeemed my Steamkey without a problem. Congrats on the good Steam release btw! (nice, that the game is top seller)

    I guess a lot of people bought it on Steam (I was waiting for it to release on Steam as well, but if possible I rather support the dev directly then Steam, so the option to get a Steamkey afterwards is perfect for me).

  18. Uglyr

    Great news everyone! Hope sales would skyrocket!
    But I’m mod lover and hope after new alfas you’ll store previous versions in “beta” access.

  19. Tec

    Now, I know I’m asking for quite the ramp in request, especially since borderless window/fullscreen still doesn’t seem to be a thing, but..
    Has multiplayer been considered for the distant future when you feel the game is done-enough? Like, have people make colonies and let them send colonists over to each other and the like?

    That aside, Steam Workshop sounds perfect for Rimworld mods!

  20. Oddlei

    Somehow the link does not work for me… I type my exact e-mail, but it says that “No orders for RimWorld were found under the email . Please check that this is your exact purchase email.

  21. nccvoyager

    If I redeem the Steam key, will I still be able to download it via the SendOwl page?
    I ask this because even though I would like to redeem it on Steam, there is no internet access where I live.
    So, I have been downloading the game using my netbook, which cannot actually run the game very well, and then playing it at home.
    Regardless of the answer, thank you for this great game, and experience.

  22. If you redeem on Steam you can still download DRM-free.

    However, it’s possible (but not planned) that this may end some day.

  23. MrMette


    My link for the SendOwl version still works after redeeming the Steam key.

  24. nccvoyager

    A’right then, thank you for the quick response.
    I hope all continues to go well for you, and the rest of the team.

  25. Raphael

    congratz on the top1 steam game sold today! and congratz for everything u acomplished until now!

  26. Tim

    Will our save files from the last build load OK this time? I know some previous builds couldn’t do it. I gotta preserve my crazy colonists and alpaca farm! 😀

  27. Sorry, saves aren’t compatible between builds.

  28. Syn

    Congratulations on the steam release! Been following this project for over a year and it’s come a very long way. I can’t wait to see more games to come out of you and your company

  29. Tim


    Mebbe I’ll wait ’til I get these folks off-world before starting a new game.

    Great game, btw… worth every penny. More hours logged than any game in recent memory. 🙂

  30. Thank u for the steam key! <3

  31. cpoug

    Congratulations on the launch! One of my favorite games.

  32. Florius

    Hi Tynan! Thanks for making sure we can get a steam key. I will however buy it again via Steam, just to support you! Keep up the good work!

  33. blake

    how do i update my game

  34. qwer

    Animals no longer do incest.
    Humans now do incest.