Some fun teaser images

Posted November 4th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

Hey all, just some quick teasers for you! (Edit: new ice planet shot added!)


I’ll be releasing more information about this soon-ish. I just wanted to give you all an image so you know we are still working at full steam, on many different features.

A16 will probably be the biggest update ever in terms of the amount of work we’ve done adding and refining things, so it’s taking a while.

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  1. 3koozy

    This game turned out very good..
    can’t wait for more info..

  2. milon

    Whoa!! Looking awesome, Tynan! 😀

  3. Andy_Dandy

    Oh yes! Finally multiplayer! 😉

  4. Russell Tesmer

    Oh shit, this is exciting!

  5. Larn

    wow hope now we can attack our attackers ;D

  6. GanjaBoss


  7. Tracker

    Yes, traveling! Top one feature. Woho

  8. Zac

    Whaaat?! Not to rush you but hurry up 😉

  9. DaGirrafeMan

    Wow, I have to admit! Great job, Tynan. Always taking the game a couple of steps further while tweaking how it is currently. That takes a lot of work. ?

  10. holy shit, this is EXACTLY what was on my mind when I was thinking about what rimworld needs. This, and a way for humans to reproduce. I expect this to add so much to this already fantastic game! Thank you 🙂

  11. Jester Hell

    Its, Its, Beautiful.

  12. Barley

    YES! Finally, greater interactions with the larger world! It’s also the first thing in the game that I know of that DF hasn’t tried to do in crazy detail.

  13. Encrtia

    All the posts above me & below me – OMG SO YES AGREED.

    I have never had an interest to type here, but JESUS CHRIST. Well-Player Good Sirs! This, like Drakortha already said & others to come, is EXACTLY what we’ve been secretly praying for!

    God damn, this is a great game. Great Scott, I LITERALLY can’t wait for this update to come out now. More excitement for this than Chocolate Biscuits – & I love Chocolate Biscuits…

  14. Peto2

    Are you a God, Tynan? If not… can we turn you into one? Because you actually listen to our prayers…

  15. markkendrik

    OMG. You are one of the greatest indie devs of the world.

  16. markkendrik

    And you obviously play your own game. And knows so what we are missing.

  17. Razghul

    OMFG, dude you know where to hit gamers in the softspot :DD
    Awesome, just freaking awesome !

  18. Piemaster

    Wow, looks good!

  19. Bier00t


  20. Guido


    You made my day, Tynan!

  21. Enter1399


  22. nicolas

    Tynan marry me !!
    Darn gf coming back…

  23. WanderingVagrant

    With this, we would be able to have a completely nomadic ‘colony’?

  24. Azhar

    This game needs water… i wonder how people survive in extreme desert without WATER….just saying

  25. Glomevace

    WOW! Just WOW! I have been waiting for the animated map, So small still so beautifull! And the “raiding” is going to be epic as well!

  26. Gejzer

    This is it!!! Traveling the most greatest update in world.
    Tynan and Piotr

    Jakby co też jestem z Polski :).

  27. Kobar

    Man, finally I can have my revenge on thoose cheeky piratish bastards.

  28. Nonadam

    Will Rimworld get bayonets to fix onto guns? Cause charging pirate bases with hodgepodge makeshift militia is sounding really, really good with this coming update.

  29. an anonymous musing

    RISK, Rimworld edition!
    Don’t like a colonist? Kick them out? Prisoner run away? Someone unhappy and decide to desert?
    They could set up their own colony with a grudge against you and start raiding your lush storehouses!
    Maybe even… dare I say… some sort of single-player-simulated-multiplayer aspect???
    Players playing on same world, or same region???
    Ship has malfunction during takeoff and guys you sent out crash?
    Adventure mode??
    Take your time DEVS, don’t rush, we want it now, but we want it to be good even more!

  30. Kolljak


    Definatly getting my money’s worth good job. payed 5$ for this in early access.

  31. Kolljak

    Oh one last thing i ment to ask. do you think river generation on the planet is out of the question??

  32. Wolf619

    Hmm.. Split or Settle options at the bottom? Does this mean the ability to leave the original screen?????? Start a new settlement?? This is amazing you guys got me on the edge of my seat just about! I love this game and it’s only getting better 😀 Thanks guys for all your hard work!

  33. Rickroy

    Just want to say great job on the game. I’ve put many hours into it and it has always been fun. Read that “article” over at RPS and unbookmarked them. One too many of those “this doesn’t fit my view so the developer is Satan” hit pieces. Keep making the game how you think is right because whatever you have been doing, it has made a great game.

  34. Ragnarok

    This looks amazing. Hype train has left the station. Though I did have some questions about the caravan picture.

    There are two groups of colonists at the top, with the left side having 17 character portraits while the right side has 11, and the right side is highlighted while the left is not.

    So, is this two different groups of your own settlers? Is the highlighted right side the ‘caravan’ that is moving to a different destination (attacking?) while the left side stays at your main colony? Or is one group a ‘caravan’ of NPC’s from a different faction come to sell you goods? Also, how many different groups can you have (suggested by the ‘split’ button)? And does the ‘settle’ button mean you can have more than one colony? If you have more than one colony can you trade goods between your own colonies on a more regular basis than faction caravans? Being able to harvest resources from an area rich in it so you can ship that resource to another colony/area that lacks that resource (e.g. wood) would be fantastic.

  35. Lone Scout

    It seems that every single cent we paid for this game is being greatly rewarded!!

  36. Xiiscaxd

    Date of update?

  37. Makkenhoff

    Second picture reaction: …

    I was rather speechless, when I saw the second photo. I’m admittedly very interested to see more details, but from the second screenshot alone, I have a solid idea of the direction your wanting to take RimWorld, and it is one that I’m excited about. The biggest concern I have without knowing any additional details is if the performance hit from simulations on my laptop will be acceptable.

  38. Neen

    Oh man. That’s either multiplayer or multiple settlements, and definitely caravans. I’ve wanted this for ages – thanks!

  39. drew509

    if you think about this it can be greaty expaned on because there is not going be only the 4-5 citys. you can have one main city and 3-5 out skirt citys. this update will be hguge

  40. Jose

    Good job!!! (Y)

  41. Tincho


  42. NHAS

    My god. I was just thinking, wow rimworld has a great bunch of developers behind it, huge stories and amazing adventures and then you add this?!

    I seriously think Im in love with you people. This is exactly what I was thinking the game needed. Thank you so very very much.

  43. Céline .S. Sauvé

    So… Bright… XD

    I’d rather have animals breeding properly again and Human generations than multiplayer, but it would still be an interesting thing to see, if that’s what this is.

  44. Tracker

    Multiplayer? O_o

    I dont think so. First, they need just proper design and AI for travelling options. Then- maybe.

  45. Casey Noble

    This update better have human reproduction too… Its one of the only things this absolutely amazing game is missing. I mean like pregnancy, child aging, schooling, Even child labor and/or fighting maybe being an option that makes people unhappy, like cannibalism.

  46. Marc

    Guys it is not a multiplayer (I think). It is a possibility to travel and settle multiple bases across the map, same as sending caravans to other factions and raids. That’s all what it is.

  47. Ingrosso

    Great News! Keep up the hard work!

  48. Favozza

    I really love you guys. I love play in a completely random set (for the realism), and so many time (the 60% of the time) my poor colonist fall in a harsh desert or in a polar cold region without a single real mountain! This game really need the possibility to move your settler and your settlement.

  49. This is great!
    I hope reproduction gets added.

    It could work kind of like the sims; the mother could be pregnant for 1-2 seasons and the child would born as a baby for half a season then child for 1/2 season. After this year they could be able to do work but not fight for a year. After that they’ll begin their teenager phase where they are now capable of all abilities.

  50. Chipmunk

    I get why everyone is excited about the idea of adding babies and children, but I just don’t see it happening for content ratings reasons, given the horrible things that already happen to adults in this game (cannibalizing kids will make this game illegal to sell in Germany and Australia, among other places).

    I think some things could be added to basic, survival-focused core of the game that could be interesting. Water, for one thing: thirst, irrigation, fishing, flooding, drought, and even plumbing (or some portion of the above). Needless multiplication of features can be unwieldy, of course, but done right I think this could be make the core game more immersive and challenging.

  51. an anonymous musing

    What are the rules in Germany and Australia on semi-intelligent blob ‘people’ children getting killed by wild blob ‘beasts’ and we need more semi-intelligent blob ‘people’ species like blob ‘elves’ and blob ‘dwarfs’ and blob ‘klingons’ I don’t think they would make it illegal to kill baby blob ‘Klingons.’

  52. Thechef

    So exciting!! Keep it up :):)

    Also yeah hurting children in video games instantly pops it up to the highest ratings, and makes it illegal in some countries.
    Thats the reason why in some games children are immortal beings. Or they instantly run far away when combat happens. Its a picky subject.

  53. Marc

    @ Chipmunk & Thechef

    You’ve got the point guys. It would be extremely controversial to harvest organs from children, eat them (kids), or watching them die from diseases; not to mention a drug usage by kids in this game.

    Rimworld is not “The Sims” where you can easily earn money to buy food and provide for your family and where to kill a sim is almost impossible – here (in Rimworld) we have a wild/rough environment with strong survival experience.

    I know that kids would bring a great realism and drama to the game, but think when things go wrong and you have to save your settlement at all costs – you decide to sacrifice your weakest colonist, if that would be one of your children – then it is very very dark and wrong. It would take all the fun away.

  54. This is a game where you can have a colonist go crazy, inject himself with drugs, butcher his son, and then eat his raw flesh while wearing a coat made out of his skin. That’s pretty dark but it doesn’t take away any enjoyment.

  55. Thechef

    Its not that I wouldnt think it would be fun. The censors wouldnt think it would be fun and the game could risk being banned 😉

  56. Marc

    I realize that Rimworld is a rule-breaking kind of game that goes above standards. And of course things like cannibalism or organ harvesting can be a virtual fun – it’s so called “role-playing”, however if that happens to a child – it’s not fun anymore.

    And for example what raiders will do if there will be a kid (from a hostile faction) wandering on their way? will they shot him to death? Or what will you do if you raid a faction? (as it is probably an upcoming feature) there will be fighting and killing, so what about children from that faction? will you kill them too?

    In the movies or literature kids showed as a war victims make the story unspeakably sad. In my opinion Rimworld is not a place for kids. Watching dying kids in the game will leave player with weird thoughts.

  57. Thirite


  58. Artic Glory

    Does this mean we can finally land on the pole since we have a spherical map to work with? Or maybe even a southern hemisphere?

    I’m still hoping for the ability to increase average map temperature in the generator (though I saw somewhere that this may now be possible with mods).

    Regardless, looks cool! Can’t wait to see the update.

  59. Bier00t

    Hey – children update could be optional (in case of banning in some countries) since it wont change a lot in game balance. So it could be an option in menu and it wouldnt be available in countries that do not want it.

  60. Themanguykid

    wait so is Rimworld going to be multiplayer?? is that what these teasers are revealing?

  61. Apoc

    Kids would be tiny undetailed toons like adults, don’t really see it being a huge impact if put in. Banished had kids die of slow starvation and diseases land nobody batted an eyelid.

    Graphic depictions would be a no no but a tiny simplified toon i don’t see a problem.

  62. CommunistVictory

    Holy fuck, this is amazing! If you add this alongside human reproduction, then I think RimWorld will officially become the best videogame in existence

  63. Brandon_h

    I saw this and got very excited been waiting for this since the release of the domestic animals announcement then i saw those worrying about the “children” thing however would it not be reasonable to capture the “children” rather than killing them? you can convince people you forced to be your “guests” right now. i think it would be easier to convince a child than someone that has a place in a raider colony or else where but for them dying of natural causes the game should be fine unless other games with child death where banned but this may have it easier as they are “human” blobs but the cannibalism part might need to be disabled for them unfortunately lucky that can be fixed with minor tweaks to code or simple mods that fix it for you

  64. Tynan I can’t wait any longer without knowing more about the update! I’m literally so HYPED for this update! Please tell us new features, I’m bleeding out of my eyes!!!

  65. Marc

    I have nothing against adding a human reproduction to the game – as I said: it will enrich the story, will bring drama, etc. My previous comments are reflections about the public opinion and a possible player’s reaction. At the moment I am looking at Rimworld from a censor’s point of view, as I want this project to grow without any restrictions, nor law issues.

    It doesn’t matter if they are just simplified graphical blobs floating on the screen – in Rimworld (unlike in Banished) every pawn is unique and it has a complex personality. For me it will be very odd to have a possibility of butchering babies, or shooting at running kids.

    I agree, maybe an option in menu: ‘on/off human babies’ would be a thing to satisfy both sides.

  66. Chekov

    fap fap fap fap fap

  67. John

    Looks strange to have humans literally living everywhere. Especially when the planet is supposed to be a barren, threatening dystopia.

  68. Rennende rukker 360

    could it be possible travel between planets now that every planet has it’s own climate

  69. Jake

    Tynan, your game has always been one of my favorites. For a couple years now.
    This just upped my for you.
    Seriously dude, you are an awesome developer.
    You listen to your fans, and you go above and beyond their wishes.
    Cheers to you dude.
    And thanks for helping me set a bar with other games. The bar is so much lower with other games than what I have come to expect from you through the years. But then again, it’s hard to create a game of this caliber.
    Just bravo!

  70. Sr_Tregras

    Lol!!! I will love this update. Tynan estas haciendo un trabajo fantástico!! The best developer!
    Dejando los halagos de lado, estas dando a este juego un contenido que ya quisieran tener otros desarrolladores en sus juegos, sigue así y te irá genial! Un abrazo

  71. Cas

    And here I was, thinking the game was done, and then Tynan goes “Surprise! Here’s a whole new dimension to the game!”

    Seriously, you add stuff that wasn’t on the list, while other developers remove it from their lists. I’m very impressed.

  72. Canariu

    this means that the multiplayer or coperativo arrived in this update?

    excuse my English. i from Canary Island´s.

  73. Jay

    WOW !!! Amazing Game. Very great simulation and design , so expandable not that it inst all ready ! there is so much content , these game characters become so real because of the intricate system of variety.

    waiting for alpha 16. & who knows lol

  74. an anonymous historian

    For those of you who don’t know, this game seems to be modeled after a much older game called Dwarf Fortress, which, I would say, still has more features than Rimworld, but lacks the graphical quality. I certainly hope that those skull/X-bones are failed colony sites that are ripe for plunder!

    I hope there will be local danger levels from wildlife and thieves eventually. It made the previous game much more interesting.

    A lot more could still be done with wild plants, including fictional type plants, which would improve immersion by a lot.

    The only element that makes this game less interesting than eg. Dungeon Keeper, is the lack of ability to be one of them and venture out wherever you wish, as in adventure mode. Dwarf Fortress hasn’t even gotten adventure mode done yet…

  75. Bier00t

    ooh adventure mode would be pretty cool. with screen centered on your pawn and map generating idefinetly. food scavenging, trading with different villages/cities. you as a random wanderer. would need a mean of faster travel though.

  76. PastaCan

    It’s definitely not multiplayer but it increases the possibility of multiplayer being added to the game i think modders will have fun with this

  77. justhuman

    Honestly, I am kind of hoping we get temporary portable shelters (like tents) soon-ish and the possibility of closing in on your moving caravans so that you can stop for a couple nights and maybe gather food or something if necessary. And I hope that that would lead to nomad like colonies.
    Otherwise, I am very excited for this update!!!

  78. skice

    I’m so glad we finaly found a game we love and a dev team who add the features we want, we only had to wait 50 years of video games for it :p


  79. Rafał Trząski

    Best 30$ spent in 2016 so far!

  80. Holy shit Tynan you are a GOD!

  81. Trafal

    Damn, if they add space exploration inside a ship similar to a base, I’m touching myself for weeks.

  82. Katoke

    you are the best Tynan

  83. Mr. John

    Oh great, awesome updates to a game that’s ruined my social life!

  84. Simon

    Best value game in a very long time- excited to see this, what is already entertaining continues to impress

  85. JulleusPeneus

    Holy Shit. I was looking around for some porn, found a good clip of this chick banging – on top, pov style. Just about to nut when BAM I check my steam page and see this post. Dick went flacid FAST! Unplugged my mouse and shoved it right up my ass. Had no choice, this glorious news update distracted me from my 2 seconds of heaven. Mouse still up there as I type this.

  86. The map almost gives me a Civlization feel for some reason, and I’ll tell you something I have well over 300 hours put into that franchise, if you do that I guess I’ll just have start crying xD

  87. Nemo


  88. badgermole

    that ice planet!!! its pretty awesome!!! oh im sooo excited!!

  89. Rippers Mech

    Can’t wait to see what else is coming, but I hope that we can have larger self sufficient colonies that are easier to build up.

    Keep up the good work.

  90. maxolcorm

    <3 <3 <3 I think i will love <3 <3 <3
    thx !

  91. Artorias

    Is that spore? xD

  92. an anonymous idea

    The game looks almost ready to run itself!

    Game just needs a few things to be autonomous.
    1 Needs a reasonable building generator.
    it could make 9×9 square structures on the edge of home regions
    then it could check which room types are needed
    decide room type and add appropriate things to it.

    2 Needs a decent hunting system.
    could set ‘hunt type’ = large game
    then set ‘hunt until’ = have 100 units of meat
    maybe set options from the butcher table?

    3 Danger/defense/alert mode, I heard it’s already promised…

    4 I see advanced strategic offense, but what about people who don’t want to micro-manage their defense so much? Automated skirmish defense would make the game capable of complete autonomy. Plus, it would be cool to sit back and root for the home team, and take a bite of food or drink. Could add a combat strategy skill to make it more interesting.

  93. Umbilicus Maximus

    Please make enemy factions have massive fortresses, that we can try to destroy 😀

  94. Rodo


    Now look at that.
    I was NOT expecting to see this, a nice surprise indeed.

    Keep at it guys, you’ve got me hooked.

  95. Tracker

    Some next tease would be nice. It ve been 12 days, I cant wait in this silence any longer 😀

  96. Ryan

    Cannot wait. This is awesome.

  97. I Can't Wait No Longer

    Oh god. This will be my best game ever.

  98. Thechef

    The suspense is killing me! 🙂 RIP

  99. AFarmerJohn

    Hell yes! I cannot wait for this update. I bet with all the recent bs we will finally be able to pursue relationships with animals and have a gender of purple. Haha all joking aside this update beought my wife and I playing back in full force. We wanna be ready for caravans and outpost creation etc it looks like. So. Much. Fun.

    Great game! Keep it up sir.

  100. Sukesa

    I’m so hyped !!!

  101. Tom

    I actually was wondering in the forum about ability to leave colony and promised to buy the game if there was such option available. I received an answer that this is impossible, etc.

    Now when I saw these news, I’ve bought this game and will advice every single friend of mine to do the same.

    Mr. Sylvester, you, sir, are awesome, and your game is really special.

  102. NickB

    Every time I lose interest, this game pulls me back in! After this update I don’t think I’ll play another game again.



  104. Ryan

    looks absolutely glorious, I love stuff like this.

  105. Dylan

    I am so excited for this, I hope we get a few more teasers soon, Idk how much longer i can wait xD

  106. Ryan

    *Checks post for the fifth time in one day*

  107. Honestly, a teaser would be nice. Anything to calm my hype—p-please I b-beg of you

  108. an anonymous paranoia

    I keep noticing small changes in my game even though I haven’t updated or anything! Is this my imagination, or is there really some kind of invisible updates of the game??

  109. smilodon

    when you come out this update ??

  110. Jake

    I L O V E Y O U

  111. Bergil

    Are we looking at an experience ever closer to say… Firely. Whereby when we build our ship we can travel to other rimworlds?

    If so… That’s just… So good.

  112. Chekov

    I want it nau.

  113. Rurken

    Can’t wait! Oh, I can’t wait!

    Please, provide us another teasing image at least! I beg you.

  114. Natanael

    Cara, quando sai essa atualização? Nós brasileiros estamos ansiosos!!!

  115. Marcelo Max

    BR 🙂

    Essa atualização vai demora ainda.

  116. Neros

    Really looking forward to this. I still liked the simplicity of the current look, but this also has a level of simplicity, and yet, detail.

    Mulitplayer could also be nice, but I think that would require allot of reworking of the base game, unless that have been secretly looked into as the game was developed 😛

  117. Alexbug

    Would have preferred that this teaser was closer to the release of the update because got me hyped and I am still waiting for the update

  118. Kenneth P

    This is great. I have an idea. Considering if traveling to places is possible, it would be an awesome feature if in Rimworld you can declare large scale wars. That would mean you have use of stronger weapons such as nukes or assassinating leaders or other methods like spreading diseases. With all of this, It also would be an awesome feature if you can create library books about your colony (idk I like this idea). By create I mean book shelves or possibly writing your own book (like Minecraft) that your colonists can “read”: history (Another form of joy which is a library room or storytelling).

  119. Douglas de Souza

    Já é a décima nona vez que eu venho checar esse post, meio que já virou uma rotina 🙁

  120. SaveliyLINDO

    As vezes gosto de comer bebes grilhados mas pode ser estufado hoje…

  121. Ricardo

    When they release the update?

  122. JaxWilliams

    I can’t wait to experience “world”!!!

  123. Jeannot

    Got Rimworld a few months ago as a gift and have been playing it ever since. Tynan, thank you for making one of the best games i’ve played in years!

    To all the other players:
    Steam is handing out awards in December… how about we all vote for this game in the category “test of time”. So this game gets ALL the recognition it deserves;)

    Keep up the good work, and please give us some more teasers!

  124. Andrew

    I can’t wait for this one! I feel like travelling is one step closer to the possibility of a huuge update. I’d love a dlc where you can travel to another world, maybe a special world, different soil/animals/plants/weapons/minerals/technology/cultures.. . Everything different! Colonies of aliens maybe! (maybe you could somehow also study the alien language so that you can form relations with other beings, trade and such and integrate). There is so much potential if the developer feels like doing such a thing in the future. I’d personally love it to bits! If there will be more worlds, each with their unique traits and different events , this game could actually be played with no end. The ending is lacking right now but I see great potential in this game. It’s already a good game so I bet it can only become better from now on, we’ll just have to see ^^

  125. Bowman

    The “Just 5 More Minutes” Steam award is perfect for this game

  126. Samarius

    Cannot wait for this. If this goes in the direction I hope it will, it may mean having the option of invading an npc base and taking it over, as opposed to building your own from scratch. Could be interesting to play the raiders for once!

  127. Marcelo Max

    Ja faz 21 dias e nada de noticias sobre a atualização. :/

  128. Dan

    Guys I just want to say that I’m a huge fan of Rimworld and the new screenshots have me super excited about the next update. Thanks so much for making such a fantastic game, you guys are awesome! 🙂

  129. Niklas

    Finally! Super hyped.

  130. Jeff

    OMG! Since the day 11.4, I kept checking steam updating,just can’t wait for it.
    Great work!! Rimworld is gonna change gaming world.

  131. rodolfo

    Tyran is a torturer.


  132. CoolGuy69

    Hope we get vehicles to increase caravan speed or maybe provide combat support

  133. an anonymous bug

    You probably already fixed this, but, they go on a binge even if they will never reach their desired substance.

  134. HermelinCzech

    So Im here sittin and waiting for new patch for weeks and its still not out 🙁 cmoon dont torture me and release it ! release the kraken !

  135. Zachary kiss

    This game has done one thing no other game has yet to accomplish… Be so much more than dwarf fortress, yet be so simple and divine… Keep up the brilliant work tynan you dwarven god!

  136. Spetse

    Tynan, there you go, evolving this game for the better once again. first making an unsurvivable scenario into a paradise if you work hard enough, now you turn our flat square into a full globe. good job Tynan, cant wait to see this.

  137. RishiC

    You’re killing us tynan! Have been refreshing this page for updates for the last 2 weeks! I’m craving mooaaaarrrr!

  138. Jose

    I can not wait for this update, Tynan continues to work hard

  139. Zerberus

    I always look at

    and get disheartened as it never reduces below 60!

  140. Thechef

    Well a lot of these buggs are trivial.
    Horseshoes pass through walls
    Backstorys are being reused
    Carnivores eat vegetarian meals

    These are not game-breaking at all.
    Most other bugs are also not game-breaking, though they are more ‘serious’. Like enemies / predators not switching targets or ignoring damage.

    If it were 60+ bugs with pawns not eating and starving to death, pawns / enemies not being able to locate order or getting stuck, items not being built and destroys workstations etc then it would be worrying.

  141. Thechef

    Also, 140+ comments! This update is generating hype 🙂
    Congrats Tynan on your hard work paying of
    Hype train choo-choo!

  142. Doğukan Kemerli

    Give us more news!

  143. Tyrone

    On the note of the bugs, I can’t seem to see 60 unassigned bugs. Which means they’re all being worked on… Which means update soon… Which means my hype levels are through the roof… Can’t wait, great job Tynan

  144. an anonymous weird

    Did anyone else notice “The neurosimulations, holo-games, and free-ORGIES were never enough for you” ???? Where are the free-orgies??????????????

  145. ojnoj

    You no you have issues when you are checking this website for some sort of update everyday. My hype levels are over 9000

  146. Dev

    So whens the update target date?