Quick teaser: Transport pods

Posted December 1st, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

Currently bugfixing and tuning Alpha 16. Here’s a new teaser!


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  1. MisterVertigo

    This looks amazing! I’m dying to know what the fuel tanks are for, and how they are made/acquired!

  2. james byran

    Wow this is very nice

  3. Blankstar85

    FUEL TANKS!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I wonder if you can have two bases and transport items between them lol….

    Or maybe they will be required for trading now. ( update to the beacon)…..

    Interesting none the less. I can’t wait to try alpha 16

  4. Siberianhamster

    I’m guessing the pods will be required for selling to trade ships?

  5. AA44 YEs! AA$$!

    Hm, nice, very nice, and the project Blue apple?? Hummmm

  6. Romero

    Quรญbatia! Quรญbatia!

  7. Andy_Dandy

    Good damn, this is cool as Heaven! Just how I wished to see this implemented, and with fuel. Tynan is a genious as always.

  8. Andy_Dandy

    And with launching stations! Brilliant!

  9. Gentlemen

    The fuel will probably power those chargers that are next to the pods, and I can’t wait for this. Keep up the good work, I’ll be checking every day!

  10. TheAOne

    Tynan can we get an estimated date of arrival of this update?! Really looking forward to it , looks great.

  11. Hey Now

    Tynan. I have sunk over 300 hours (so far) into playing this game. RimWorld is fucking awesome. You guys keep it up.

  12. Charlie

    Having multiple bases that are able to send all their resources to one mega-base will be game changing. So many times I’ve harvested all the resources on a map and its stunted the growth of my colony massively.

    I’m assuming this will be released before Christmas so you can spend time with your family. Consequently, my family will not be seeing that much of me…

  13. Mckearney

    Perfect.I never expected Rimworld to become one of the best space sim,base building,hard sci-fi masterpiece of today.I am thoroughly impressed of the hard work he pulled and the magnum opus that this game is going to be thrills me.Keep it up Tynan! Take your time,and continue to amaze us all!

  14. Joe

    Good job ๐Ÿ˜€ :3, I dont wait for :3

  15. Sander

    You should do this as a small christmas calendar thing, post one teaser each day, ad release it on the 24th.

    But anyway, this is looking awsome, keep up the good work, and have a good day

  16. Tyrone

    This is looking amazing so far, I’m assuming these pods are for trading, but also for transport across the map. As cool as that is, I can’t stop myself wondering – what are the greyed out colonists on the left of the bar? Are they current guests or prisoners? Or are they the currently selected colonists? I guess we won’t know till it’s released…

  17. Thyme

    Tynan is making kibble as food for his colonists x)

    @Tyrone: Those colonists are greyed out because of that overlaping message. It’s a feature that it also in the current version ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Makkenhoff

    Yet another interesting teaser, two possible outcomes come to mind with these pods, either they are like a cryptosleep casket used to transport personnel or, they are a sort of enclosed seating on a vehicle frame, which may or may not be caravan related.

  19. Tyrone

    @Thyme, yeah I realised that after reading on the forums a bit, my computer couldn’t run alpha 14 too well and I didn’t get around to playing alpha 15, although I’ve had like a craving for the past two weeks, but haven’t had a chance, now that I do, I’m torn – do I start now and lose my progress when alpha 16 drops, which will, knowing my luck, be about a week after I start my new colony, or do I wait, and knowing my luck, it’ll be about a month if I wait :p…

    @Makkenhoff, That’s an interesting theory I hadn’t thought of, it could make for some interesting late game stuff… Honestly, I’d like to see both, but I’d be especially interested to see how Tynan and the team got vehicle movement animated if it is a vehicle. I’m thinking it’s going to be a requirement for orbital trading, but also introduce the ability to drop-pod raid an enemy settlement – which it looks like there will be plenty of.

    As I type this though, I wonder if it means we’ll get more forewarning before raids – will we be able to see their convoys/caravans before they arrive? Will we be able to send out a party to raid a trader convoy of an enemy faction trading with another faction? The possibilities are near endless, and I’m thinking Tynan and the team will probably add more features to the spherical map as time goes on…. This update’s looking awesome, keep up the great work Tynan, and be it a week or a month, I’m super hyped for the update ๐Ÿ™‚

    (I should also be building a new desktop PC soon, so I should actually be able to play Rimworld on a large world. #LOOKINGFORWARDTOITANDSUPERPUMPED)

  20. John

    A kibble and coke stockpile? The dog food must be for when they are too high to know the difference. I can see why they might want to leave that colony.

  21. Jamar

    Hope this is an indicator that we will be using fuel for vehicles or other devices in future updates. I can’t wait to see what you guys cooked up this time. This teasing has to stop. I can’t take anymore.

  22. Conner

    Im so sad to see my 150+ hour colony come to an end. Im also sad to say goodbye to some great mods for the first few weeks of this updates launch. I can not wait to see what the mod community comes up with this whole global caravan system. could you literally start two separate playthroughs on the same planet? maybe even encounter those of a previous play through you had? or maybe use this to build megabases all over a planet and completely eradicate all of the pirates, commandos, and Orion. God! Im so excited for this update and i cant wait to see what you give us next!

    space travel maybe? lol

  23. Greg

    I cant wait to see what you have in store for us Tynan, Please let it be a early Christmas!

    I also cant wait to see what the modding community can do with added caravans (Or maybe potential settlers?). I’m sure someone can make a mod to allow settling if it isn’t a feature. Movement on the map was something I thought I would never see but here we are alpha 16, Cant wait to play ^~^

  24. Vandrovec

    Does this mean transport pods will be implemented before hand carts? ๐Ÿ˜›

  25. SKD_Dudu

    Only with 3 images teasing A16 and my head just blown.
    Man i just can’t wait for A16, i hope this update will be insane.

  26. Powersound

    if you look on the picture it shows the npc is “Entering the transport pod” So i’m guessing its for moving colonists ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Thibault

    Seriously considering getting hired by ludeon just so I could play Rimworld already ^_^

  28. Nubber

    Fuel tanks will there be vehicles where having a caravan would travel faster kinda like mad max fury road

  29. Dr. Z

    It’s that time of the year again when you check the forums for new posts on a daily hourly basis.

  30. ObamacareDeathPanel

    You should know that I use this game as my example whenever someone asks me what a well-developed indie game looks like.

    I mean damn, you just keep making great content.

  31. I’m sorry, I hate to spoil all of your hopes and dreams but Tynan just told me that the transport pods are only going to be used to take place of the cryosleep pods used in launching the ship and finishing the current story.

    Sike! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Tracker

    Lol, Eddy ๐Ÿ™‚ nice try. It doesnt make sense.
    And he ve already written the purpose on forum before the image came up.

  33. Jose joe

    Good try eddy, try harder for the next xD, (No one will kill the hopes of rimworld) hehehe

  34. Cรฉline .S. Sauvรฉ

    I’d love to have one base where they raise animals/grow food and another where they have access to minerals and have them be able to trade between each other. (And the ability to move the “mining” base when they strip all the resources, obviously.)

  35. Demonkush

    I can’t wait for the new update to come out! =D

  36. Deoeffect

    Is realy beautifull see all the good changes are you doing in the game. I love all of rimworld. But i need to ask, and ill realy happy if the real Tynan answer me: will be multiplayer in this update or in any future updates? Are you thinking at least in the multiplayer play?. Thanks and good day.

  37. Deoeffect, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but.. I’ve been developing games for a very long time and… adding multiplayer is no easy task. This is something that generally needs to be taken into consideration at the beginning stages of development since every aspect of every class coded needs to take networking into account. I’m not saying that it will never exist I’m just saying it’s not likely anytime soon since we have not seen anything to do with multiplayer yet. Unfortunately it’s not good news but it’s the truth. Right now it appears that Tynan is focused on functionality of mid to late game aspects as well as content; so I don’t thing multiplayer will be in the works anytime soon.

  38. Osucaurs

    Will it fix a mother has younger age than a son?

  39. twoshoos

    Cant wait for this update keep up all the great work guys.

  40. jobab

    now all thats left to add are some battle ready mech suits and transport vehicles (late game stuff) to escort those high value caravans ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Marc

    jobab, all that is left to add is a z-levels.

  42. 2lantula

    can you imagine how it would play in multiplayer?
    go to the base of the enemy when sleeping with a flamethrower and break all

    In addition to restructure almost all the code of the game needed and they should remove the role so beloved of pause the game… xD

    I would love multiplayer but not know why the people insists on this, the news is completely different.

  43. Dukkha

    I love to imagine that Tynan is going to surprise us one day with the announcement that Rimworld was coded around being multiplayer and was never conceptualised without it.
    But until that happens, I’ll never let myself hope for it.

    But maybe this new update will open the doors for multiplayer elements? Perhaps somewhere along your caravan ride you come across the wreckage of another players colony, long after the mechanoids had their way with it.

    There’s something romantic about stumbling across the influence of another player, without ever meeting directly.

  44. LDGGER

    “Perhaps somewhere along your caravan ride you come across the wreckage of another players colony”


  45. Tyrone

    Some of these ideas sound awesome, but like @Eddy says, multiplayer is unlikely for the moment, and not looking to be a major feature in the future. However, the idea of caravans stumbling across colony ruins is not too bad, as I can see it would probably work something along the lines of uploading the remains of a colony once it has died to the Ludeon servers (or similar) and then downloading it to the computer, randomising damage to parts, and simulating 20-50 years super quickly to show signs of ageing. This would be pretty awesome. This update is looking awesome so far and I honestly cannot wait (I’m checking this two or three times a day because I have no life and I’m waiting for more teasers. Congrats on the awesome work Tynan ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Poop'n'frresh

    We really need to have a patch dedicated to speed improvements and optimizations. The game is almost unplayable at my current spot and runs way too slow for an i7, SSD, 16GB ram and a gtx 1070.

    That being said, look at prison architect and the success they had. They provided constant feedback on the state of the game and updated it religiously monthly. I dont need monthly updates, but more feedback would be nice, similar to factorio who updates their blog EVERY friday.

  47. Poop’n’frresh, Sorry to tell ya but something is up with your PC.. Or something is running in the background slowing your stuff down… I’m using a server-based pc from.. more than 10 years ago with onboard gfx.. 4 gbs of ram and the processor is nothing special, whatever came with it 10 yrs ago. This runs flawlessly for me. I get a bit of lag after I have a huge raid and a colony of maybe 12-15 pawns.. But thats expected with what I’m running. My computer is so outdated the only types of games I can play are 2D, if it’s any kind of 3D it will not load past a simple 3D logo on title screens lol.

  48. Erian

    Are you running on the max map size? Almost regardless of your pc specs running that will lag(which it warns of before hand). If not i cant see any reason why it isn’t running flawlessly. Maybe check and make sure its actually using your gpu and not integrated.

  49. Tyrone

    @Poop’n’frresh I have to agree with @Eddy and @Erian, I’m running this off a 4 year old laptop on the 300×300 map size (3 below max) and it’s smmooth as butter on my 650M. Howerver, I do have to say that I have tried playing on the ‘Ludeonicrus’ map sizes before and they’ve been very poor performing, like it says when you select it, that size is not optimised and will almost definitely perform poorly. Considering even my integrated graphics (Intel HD 4000) can run Rimworld at no problem, as the 650M drains battery like crazy. Hope we helped, otherwise try right clicking Rimworld and selecting ‘run with graphics processor’ and then your 1070 (Which, side note, I am kinda jealous of) Best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Grinya

    Will this alpha going to release this year?

  51. SirMaxeerIII

    Will you be able to actually have maybe multiple colonies on the same rimworld, and be able to travel across the planet?

  52. Kenneth

    This of course means that there will be a need to increase in how much colonist you can have. I want the population size to be as how much as you want it per region just as long as your able to sustain it. This of course means that there will be lag (unless he has a population limiting system for each region, or idk) I hope that he doesn’t implement a population limiting system per area. Preferably it be nice to have the option to have as much people as you can to sustain life in one area and perhaps disperse them to other areas. Of course, as I brought up long ago, there should be a war element in the game. The war will be triggered once your civilization has the capability to attack a strong or weak faction’s main base. Attacking their main base means immediate war or continually raiding their mini bases may cause it. Killing off the leader and everyone else from the faction means the faction dies or if one of the faction’s people survives he or she may start a new faction. I think it is a fun concept on the bases that it allows you to manage a society through diplomatic or barbaric responses to other factions. I also think that this system will improve the combat part of the game.