Backstory-in-game sales will close

Posted October 24th, 2017 by Tynan Sylvester

We’ll be closing sales for to the Backstory-in-Game package and Pirate King packages on November 7, 2017. The Name-in-game package will remain on sale. Anyone who already purchased any of these packages won’t be affected, only new sales will be closed.

I’m closing these sales because the game is maturing and it’s coming to the right time to make the content final. In addition, closing these will free up more time for us to work on the game itself.

Thanks everyone for all the great content submitted over the last few years! As any player can tell you, it’s really enriched the game.

15 Responses to “Backstory-in-game sales will close”

  1. nikow

    How many Backstory-in-Game package and Pirate King packages has been sold? I am asking, because i am considering buing one, but i am not sure how many other will be there.

  2. Tyson Field

    Hi Tynan, longtime supporter here, I never bought a name or backstory package, but might have to now 😛 I’ve played a lot of games over the past few years, and Rimworld’s one of the only few that keeps me coming back again and again. Keep up the good work, it’s developers like you who create amazing games like this. I look forwards to the release of Alpha 18 (I think that’ll make it 10-11 Alphas since I bought the game).

  3. BLyy

    I want: slavery (sexual and working); water (drinking colonies, water for beer or tea, water supply, fire sprinklers); children (people may have children -> baby -> child -> kid -> adult). I can die.

  4. Pineapple

    Please, please, please add children to this game before you finalise. Please. (pregnancy/young/grown).

  5. BLyy

    Can you give birth and children as DLC? I would buy.

  6. Why?

    So you are gonna abandon this game and not add kids after saying in one of your posts that you havent added kids YET? yet meaning you were planning to? Lame.

  7. Free Ideas!

    Consider developing an advanced (object) content management program, with auto-generated placeholder notes for individual interaction considerations (eg. pawn character combinations). Your development will go much faster and more smoothly, and you may find it possible to add more content without getting headaches and blindness! Good luck!

  8. @ “Free Ideas” guy.
    Given the fact that Tynan is building a game, and not a “Build your own game” framework, that is a terrible idea. Especially since he apparently already has a structure that is working and the game is considerably far into development. Not to mention, changing any of the pawn class would completely destroy all working community mods.

    If you’re simply talking about an outside program that manipulates the pawn class, this would be useless. I believe this game is being developed with Unity3D? If this is the case, Unity has built in editors (Which can also be tweaked to work with what you need it to work with). Last point: Unity is not highly effective with recompiling code during runtime. I’ve never tried to mod this game, I’ve only used mods but, in my opinion, it’s a miracle Tynan was able to get 3rd party mods to work in the first place. Importing objects, items, and so on is as simple as de-serializing objects and adding them to an object pool, but allowing 3rd party code/DLL’s to run and recompile after runtime is a nightmare.

    All this being said, He should stick with what he is doing because it is working and he has made a beautiful game. You cannot please everyone. As far as “Children” go… Learn some C# and make a mod instead of complaining it doesn’t exist. That is what the mod community is for. :).

  9. Haou

    Hello I just need it to be clear, Does this mean A18 would be the last content update ever? Like It’s sad there’s no more updates but there are incredible modders in this community, it’s just sad that it would be finally finalized

  10. DJ Blyatman

    Ok. So everyone is saying that this is the ‘last update’ or something. Just a quick clarification. This is the last update to the in-game name pool. Not the content of the game. That will be worked upon for a long time. The names for the people in the game are being finalised.

    So, a quick recap. The NAMES of the in-game PAWNS are being finalised. The in-game CONTENT is NOT going to be FINALISED.

    Hope this clears things up.

    DJ Blyatman out

  11. badgerm0le

    same here!! im a long fan of your work mate! just like that other guy wantent. I kinda wanted slavery (both sexual,working) in game!; Drinkable Water (drinking colonies, water for beer or tea, water supply, fire sprinklers) for SUPER DESSERT Enthusiasts like me!; and last is the implementation of children (Transition from kid-adult). more power mate!! keep it up!.

  12. Yoshida Keiji

    Oh…no…I’m a day late to purchase Pirate King package…snif…

  13. Naga

    This is great,news finally alpha is ending so the game is nearly completed amd modding system is becoming easier so many mods will come. This is good news.

  14. Mark

    Ur going to release alpha 18 on December. The unstable alpha 18 is for keeping us hyped.

  15. r2pr2p

    Ill buy the game as soon children/birth/generations are added