Unstable build update 1.4.3548

Posted November 15th, 2022 by Tia Young

Hi everyone, the unstable branch has just received a new patch. We’ve gotten some great feedback from the community on our 1.4 content update. Latest changelog below.

The 1.4 content update has cross-expansion integration, gene-modding changes, player-made xenotypes in the world, and lots of other improvements. Read about it here!

Are you interested in helping us test the 1.4 content update? We’d love it if you could share any bugs or issues you find in the official RimWorld Development Discord.

To get access to the unstable branch, go to your Steam library, right-click RimWorld and select “Properties”, then select the BETAS tab and choose branch unstable. Restart Steam if your game does not automatically update.

We’re trying to keep savegames compatible with mods, but it is the unstable branch so there may be things that break.

Thanks everyone!
– Tia


– Xenotype editor is available on the ideoligion creation page.
– Growth vat: Essential precept lists growth vat speed increase in tooltip.
– Clarify some Biotech ideo-related strings.
– Remove null genes from custom xenotypes on load.
– Added build commands for shelves on small shelves and vice versa.
– Legionaries spawn with needle launchers, a compact version of the needle gun.
– Tesseron beam grasers have 50% armor penetration.
– Tweaked mechs’ combatPower.
– Scale threat points generated by colony mechs by their combat power and a curve based on colony wealth.
– Children have a natural slave suppression offset. 50% at age 3 down to 0 at age 16.
– Ensure mechs on caravans are unaffected by plague dev gizmo.
– Fix: Bloodfeeders reviled precept “bloodfeeder among us” thought is always active.
– Fix: Foam turrets are considered threats.
– Fix: Rename “terrible / great memory” genes to “slow / quick study” to avoid sharing a name with the great memory trait.
– Fix: Tesseron weapon doesn’t assign pawn as instigator of damage.
– Fix: Pawns in gene extractors are suspended.
– Fix: Psychic bonds will strain when a pawn is doing a jump ability.
– Fix: Germline genes report “overridden by xenogene:” when no xenogenes are present.
– Fix: Constructoid description mentions removed weapon.
– Fix: Kid tribalwear requires complex clothing research.
– Fix: Newly gestated cleansweeper mechs using incorrect texture.
– Fix: Preferred xenotypes for ideoligions not working correctly in some circumstances.
– Fix: “Skill level” in the psychic power ability tooltip.
– Fix: Skill name in lesson giving/taking report string not translatable.
– Fix: Carrying thing offset for children.
– Fix: Manually added “s”-suffix to [soldiers0_kind] strings.
– Fix: Polux trees cannot be planted without Ideology installed.
– Fix: Body part group tags debug output not working.
– Fix: Duplicate genes displaying in extraction message.
– Fix: When shuffling parents genes into child, list is not cleared, making it always fail after the first attempt.

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