Update 1.4.3563 improves quest reward variety

Posted November 29th, 2022 by Tia Young

Rebalancing quest rewards and some fixes


Fresh patch notes here. Today, we’ve got rebalanced quest rewards and some changes for genes and children, plus various bug fixes. The changelog is available below.

With the wide variety of items added over the past few expansions, it was time to revisit quest rewards. Our community’s feedback and discussions on Reddit were especially useful!

We wanted to make sure that quest rewards were varied and rewarding throughout all stages of the game. This update reduces the frequency of some rewards and removes others, like double beds and slab beds. You’ll now see a greater variety of cool and valuable quest rewards including infinite chemreactors, techprof subpersona cores, vanometric power cells, psychic emanators, and more!

We also adjusted ancient complexes to occasionally contain high-value loot. Ancient complexes should feel exciting and rewarding when you finally reach the treasure and make a daring escape, so it made sense to add a wider range of interesting items. You can also find Biotech-specific rewards like genepacks, archite capsules, or deathrest capacity serums scattered throughout a complex.

Big thank you to our testers and dedicated community for helping us with these updates and giving us feedback! Join us on the official RimWorld development discord if you’d like to help test in the future. 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to leave Biotech a review on Steam. (Expansions tend to not get many reviews!)

– Tia 💚

1.4.3562, released Nov 29, 2022

– Reduce the frequency at which gunlinks and eltex shirts appear in quest rewards, as they’re overrepresented at low colony wealth values.
– Update rewards for OpportunitySite_AncientComplex. Higher value rewards can now occasionally appear, along with genepacks, archite capsules, and deathrest capacity serums.
– Hospitality refugee uses the same system to determine refugee count as for beggars.
– Children now recalculate their life stage immediately when they become an adult instead of waiting for their next growth tick.
– Updated player creative content.
– Moved some SpecialThingFilterDefs to categories other than Root.
– Minor performance improvements for xenotype editor.
– Removed XenotypeSet config error warning if total weight exceeds 100% without “warnIfTotalAbove1” flag turned off.
– Round growth points down on UI for clarity.
– Fix: Infinite loop of hauling mech to charger outside the mech’s allowed area.
– Fix: No TKey for “Patrolling.”.
– Fix: Inconsistent psychic bond torn when one partner is in a suspendable building.
– Fix: Lover relationships can generate for pawns who have spent their entire life in the colony.
– Fix: Pawns with “dead calm” gene can get into fights over botched conversion attempts.
– Fix: Genes that remove all passions don’t save previous values, causing passions to reset on removal.
– Fix: Tox packs activate on stripping or butchering corpses wearing them.
– Fix: Pawns being carried by other pawns strains psychic bond.
– Fix: Hemogen wasted when refueling deathrest buildings.
– Fix: Gene processor has no path cost.
– Fix: Animals specialist role mentions boosting animal-related abilities of nearby allies, which is false.
– Fix: Children generated at tribal game start don’t have natural meditation focus.
– Fix: Food restrictions now respect eg “Allow vegetarian food” for instances of food and not just based on def.
– Fix: ThinkNodeConditional_UnderCombatPressure not returning correctly for minCloseTargets > 1.
– Fix: “Tend to self” emergency work giver appears below non-emergency work giver on UI.
– Fix: Text cut off in mod mismatch window.
– Fix: Sanguophages can take too many hemogen packs for maintaining hemogen levels in some circumstances.
– Fix: “Slept in cold” and “Slept in heat” memories don’t take into account gene-related comfortable temperature offsets.
– Fix: Drug synthesis speed stat drawer is now consistent with whether a pawn is actually going to be able to craft drugs or not.

1.4.3558, released Nov 23, 2022

– Tribal babies becoming children get natural meditation focus.
– Reworked how many beggars and refugees show up depending on colony population.
– Added a new “core” reward tag for common vanilla quest rewards to avoid having them diluted by future additions.
– Updated the reward frequency for various items. Add flatscreen TV, telescope, gladius, and recurve bow as quest rewards. Remove revolver, double bed, and slab bed.
– Increased the weights for for high and mid frequency quest rewards. Reduce the weighting for empire-specific category rewards.
– Fix: Planting JobDef located in Ideology instead of Core.
– Fix: Mechlink item not saved properly. Causes errors.

1.4.3557, released Nov 23, 2022

– Assign a fallback ideo to non-baby colonists during load that don’t have an ideo set.
– Colonists born in the colony no longer stay stuck in labor forever if the Ideology expansion was not active when they became a child.
– Dependency genes override other drug-related genes.
– Slow study gene applies a 50% factor to global learning instead of a -50% offset.
– Added missing Biotech check to seed planting work giver. This could cause issues if players didn’t own Ideology.
– Fix: Children get mood debuff for not having gauranlen connection, but cannot connect to tree.
– Fix typo: “yielding” -> “wielding”.
– Fix: “Child not in growth vat” thought appears for dead children.
– Fix: Countdown not correctly displaying time.
– Fix: Disabled “extract ovum for IVF” surgery option displays in some erroneous situations.
– Fix: Inactive genes affecting needs.
– Fix: 100% chance for tattoos if pawn has no ideoligion.
– Fix: Wastepack dump quests descriptions unresolved.
– Fix: Banishing colonists doesn’t recalculate faction ideoligions.
– Fix: SitePartWorker_MechCluster missing check to see if mechanoid faction exists.
– Fix: Skin or hair color xenogenes are able to be passed onto children in niche circumstances.
– Fix: Exception when attempting to feed arrested patient via right click menu when only food source is nutrient paste dispenser.

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