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Title: [B19] Heavy SMG Re-Textured
Post by: Kirby23590 on September 12, 2018, 10:09:51 PM
Heavy Submachine Gun Re-Textured

A mod changes the look of the Heavy SMG to a more compact & sleek submachine gun. It does not alter the stats of the Heavy SMG, only the graphics & the visuals of it.

While i like the new look of the Chain Shotgun in B19, but there was something off with the new look of the Heavy SMG, it doesn't feel like it belongs to the artstyle of rimworld, when compared to other vanilla weapons ingame.

I made this mod, because while i like the design of the new Heavy SMG, it's only the look of it that feels off, what i did was i used GIMP and made it smaller and put some very little details in it & tried putting my skills on modifying the sprite of it,
making more of an hybrid by basing it on the UMP-45 with some features of the MP5 & the shape of the FAMAE SAF.


It still looks like it's from an hollywood armory, but however i did my best to make it look better ingame.

I also included alternative skins that can replace the Heavy SMG to the Uzi or back to the TEC-9 along with the Uzi returning back to the Machine Pistol which is included inside the zip folder in the download.
Only for Google Drive though i will get the alternative skins in steam in sometime.

Download Link
Google drive :
[B19] Click Me! (
[B19] Click Me! (

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