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Title: [1.2] No Sympathy for Prisoners
Post by: zyxabacab on July 15, 2020, 08:08:03 PM
No Sympathy for Prisoners

Are you tired of your pawns feeling bad every time a prisoner starves to death?  Don't think it's fair that you have to justify every single prisoner execution, while raiders can just bust in whenever they want and try to murder all your dogs?  Want to make kibble out of human flesh without everyone freaking out about it?

This mod changes your pawns' feelings about bad stuff happening to prisoners.  They'll feel absolutely nothing about committing heinous atrocities, like organ harvesting and straight-up mass murder.  They still won't want to eat human flesh or wear hats made of human skin, but they won't care about butchering your prisoners or skinning them alive.

After all, those jerks tried to murder you and take your stuff -- so why should you treat them any better?

Unfortunately, this mod also removes sympathy for guests.  Please show your own sympathy for innocent guests.

If you're using the Psychology mod, be sure to turn off the "Enable empathy changes" option.  Leaving Empathy on overrides any changes made by No Sympathy for Prisoners.

If you're using the Harvest Organs Post Mortem mod, be sure to load that mod first.  No Sympathy for Prisoners should be loaded after Harvest Organs Post Mortem.

Download from Uploadfiles (
Download from Ludeon Forums (;topic=52602.0;attach=32926) (Requires Registration)
Steam Workshop Page (

This mod can be added to an existing save, but pre-existing bad feelings will not be removed.


The author grants anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.  Where legally possible, the author releases this work into the public domain.


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