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Title: [W|0.6.532] Zombie Prisoner?
Post by: Alitaria on September 28, 2014, 07:54:47 PM
So I was playing normally when all of a sudden I hit a massive lag spike around my base.
I soon discovered it was one of my prisoners having a spasm on the floor.
It appears that she was holding several meals but decided not to eat any and starved to death!
But she wouldn't die, instead she was incapacitated and taking constant damage from starvation but refused to die.
I then set her to be executed but she still refused to die.
Then i had one of my colonists shoot her for about a minute but that still didn't work.

I have seen other people have the food holding bug but I have yet to see a report of this
As of yet I have been unable to recreate said bug