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New version was released. Bug fixing, 1.3 compartibility and new feature - AI based mods textures upscaler.
RimPy was updated! Get more information on our Discord server.
Quote from: Brrainz on April 25, 2021, 11:16:48 PM
While testing the beta of Harmony I noticed that it fails to load its images (done on demand via code). It looks like RimPy does not set the current working directory of RimWorld to the RimWorld directory but to RimPy's one. Is that intentionally?

I use LoadedModManager.GetMod<HarmonyMain>()?.Content.RootDir
Thx for report. That did not cause issues before, so I didn't touch that part of code. But that is already fixed in dev build of RimPy and will be in next stable release.
Some changes in testing build of RimPy:
- better HugsLib Log Analyzer dialog
- textures conversion feature, that may speed up loading game (0-50%, depends on how many mods with textures you have)

Also there were test that might help to speed up loading the game (15%), connected with merging all XML defs and patches in one file. Not sure if that ever be implemented. It is needed to use specific mod to extract all data in one XML file, rename all active mods Defs (including Core and DLCs) and Pacthes folders, reload the game. Repeat steps with each mod update or adding/removing new mods.

In total textures conversion + XML merging may decrease loading times on 40%.
Sorry, Jason.  There were too many people with pirated copies for the last two weeks. With the same issue. I am tired with them. You waste time on helping them and after period of time you understand the issue is just in their "copy" of the game.
There is nothing special with Win 7 (I check each release to work fine on both 7/10 systems), it should work fine. Everything it needs is in package. Try latest dev build from our discord channel (
Even if program crashes, it should create some files in config folder. Make sure you do not have it. As I said debug.log is not useful. There is Logs folder next to RimPy.exe and logs are inside of to.
Quote from: Jason_Dayspring on March 05, 2021, 12:00:10 AM
Rimworld 1.1.2654 for mods I don't want to pay without.
So you pirated the game and discuss that on official forum? That is not smth that you should be proud off. If you do such things, I doubt you will support RimPy development also (that is not about donations, but testing, feedback, bug reports, etc. also). And if so, what is the reason to spend time on fixing things. Think about that.
For GOG users I would suggest to delete RimPy config folder:
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RimPy Mod Manager
and retry.
The log file inside Logs folder. It is called rimpy.log. Debug.log is special log file for embedded browser and will not contain needed data.
If there is no helpful data, I guess that is broken pirated game itself.

Quote from: Jason_Dayspring on March 04, 2021, 03:16:20 PM
Odd problem.  I'm likely missing required dlls.  So, the first run, I got an error message, googled it, and I needed C++.  No problem, just built new pc, haven't installed most requirements.  Got C++ 64 installed, reboot and try again.  Now, when I run the exe, nothing happens.  Anyone have any idea if I'm overlooking something simple?  Win 7 64.
That infromation is not helpful in troubleshooting, except OS version. Post program version, logs, screenshots, etc. Smth that may help.
That is planned.

P. S. Since I post smth here. There is a dev build (for testing purposes) of new version of RimPy with some new features:
- new hugslib log analyzer (WIP)
- textures compression dialog (converts textures into DDS format with DXT1/DXT5 compression, that may save you load times with mods that had lots of textures and also decrease VRAM usage), idea by Bradson, thanks to him.
- also some core changes in sorting and rules creation algos (moved to packageIds system from custom ids, new rules dialog design, new loadBottom rule - test it but don't share rules)

Also, the donations limit was decreased from $3 to $1 on Just in case your are interested in supporting project.
There are Manuals section appeared on our Discord server You may find useful information about why do we use rules system approach instead of categorial. Also there are instructions on how to solve mod issues (binary search method) and create rules based on that.

Also there is a great guide on how to install and use RimPy made by Dr_Zhivago, check it out. Link is also there.
Links fixed. Thanks to moderator for help!
I have lost authentication data. If moderator help me, then yes.
New version released! Check Steamworkshop for a changelog and download link. In short - better perfromance, visuals, Steam API integration, missing mods automatic downloading (with Steam API or SteamCMD on your choice).
New function added to RimPy dev build - missing mods automatic downloading. Load any mod list, modsconfig.xml or save file and RimPy will download missing mods. Function depends on DB. Mods that are not it, will need manual SteamID input. Download dev build on Discord. Happy Holidays!
If you guys have ideas about RimPy and want to share, it is better to write on Steam or in our Discord
That is something that requires examples and a description of the testing methodology that lead you to this conlcusion. Currently that is just your opinion and I cannot take such remarks seriously without explanations. Since that there is no need to ask for apology.