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Releases / [1.0] Preemptive Strike
October 15, 2019, 10:34:05 PM

Mod Name: Preemptive Strike
Chinese Name: 先发制人
Author:Dr.Carl (Steam) / DrCarl (Ludeon Forum) / Carl_general(贴吧) / DrCarlLuo(GitHub Account)
Prerequisite Mod: None
Steam Workshop Link
GitHub Repository Link
License: You can explore, modify and reuse my code as you wish (source code is in GitHub repository), but please give me credit.
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese
Credits: 1. Some features in this mod are inspired by the mod Spotted by TGPArcher
   2. Some textures and UI icons are from some online sources. Their credits are noted in the file "ThirdPartyAttributions". You can find it in the root folder of this mod.
   3. Some textures are modified from the vanilla Rimworld art source by Ludeon Studios.
Brief Description
This mod can be count as a small overhaul of the spawn mechanism of the vanilla raid and other incidents. When raids, manhunter packs and other incidents are triggered, the enemies will no longer be like "teleported" to the corner of your colony while none of your colonists are able to notice their incoming, as if your enemies are using a jump drive or something (Psi Jump for tribal raiders, I guess?). Instead, in this mod, each time a group of people or a herd of animals are going to "visit" your colony (whether they are hostile or not), they will be spawned as a real entity in the world map and move towards your colony. During their march to your colony, you can use various facilities and techs provided by this mod to detect their incoming, so that your colonists can be well-prepared for the incoming threat.
With this mechanism, during your enemies' incoming, you can also conduct your "pre-emptive strike". You can use your comms console to contact them actively, bargain with their raid goal (in this mod, every raid is offered a raid goal), succumb to their demand, or raise the morale of your colonists by insulting your enemies. All of these are achieved by your high social skill colonists to negotiate by persuasion, intimidation, and beguilement. Of Course, you can even fight outside your colony and defend your colony a thousand miles from your colony. (but I guess no one is gonna do this)
Since several new features are introduced by this mod, if I don't explain it clearly, you will be at a loss when you use my Mod. So, I will give you a detailed introduction to this mod.

I wrote quite a detailed introduction and other compatibility issues to this mod in the workshop page. If you are interested in my mod, please check it out:
I'm currently working on my mod where I want to use a telescope as a material for a building. At first, I just add
to the costList, but It turned out that the pawn would haul the telescope to the blueprint only when it is installed. I know that a minified building is actually a "MinifiedThing" with the real thing inside its "innerContainer" field. So that I just assume that I cant simply achieve this only through XML?
I think I can try to write a thingComp or write a new ThingDef class to force add the minified thing I want to the cost list. But I think this is a little hard-coding. So I wonder if there's a better way...