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Mods / Re: [REQUEST] Caravan out of there!
May 11, 2022, 04:58:46 AM
What I would do in this instance, is form a 1 person caravan, and wait until they start moving to the edge of the map.  If they are moving in the wrong direction, then cancel the caravan and reform until they are heading in the correct direction.

Then draft everyone else, forbid all items on the map, add them to the caravan, and then undraft them.

I believe this would solve the problem without the need for a mod.
Mods / Re: Effective shooting of enemies
March 23, 2022, 12:26:06 PM
This post lasted 14 hrs before it was deleted.


You are right. The first part of my statement was not correct.  Armor is not more likely to deflect projectiles if their damage is low. 

Maybe I am not understanding your question.  What is the final question you are trying to answer?  Which weapon to use?  Are you trying to make a mod for a new weapon and trying to decide how to design the optimal weapon?

Are you trying to understand some of the game mechanics?  It seems like you already know everything about all the subjects you have talked about so far...

You are talking about equating hitpoint loss to pain%, but each body part has a different number of HP, and each has a different chance to be hit, with the Torso being far in the lead.

Are you looking for a breakdown of body parts by HP, and likelihood of being hit so you can decide how to inflict the most amount of pain?  Unless you want to go reading into the game code, I think the best option is to run tests and gather data.  As above, Francis John already collected a lot of data which you might be able to use.  Damage type does not seem to affect pain%.

If you had all the game data at your fingertips, what would you look for, and what would you do with it?

Side note:  If you are looking for an easy way to perform tests for different damage shots, you can use the "Simple Turrets" mod and modify the weapon damage and rate of fire of the Standard Turret in the mod's XML.  Use this with the "All Turrets Can Set Forced Target", to hold fire, target, and then test the effectiveness of different damage projectiles, and rates of fire.
Mods / Re: Effective shooting of enemies
March 22, 2022, 08:26:06 PM
All my posts keep getting deleted.  This must be the 25th-30th time I have posted in this thread over the course of this day, and all my posts get deleted after 5 mins - 1 hr.

What is wrong with the post below?  It is a direct copy/paste of the one that was just deleted a few minutes ago.
Mods / Re: Effective shooting of enemies
March 22, 2022, 04:52:09 PM
I think the answer to the question about how to down a pawn the fastest will depend entirely on the armor of the enemy.  Multiple low-damage shots spread over many body parts is by far the best method to down a pawn vs losing limbs.  However, if your weapon does not match the armor of the enemy, your shots will either be entirely deflected, or they will start removing limbs.

But think about the question and what you are asking.  That answer can not be found in the game code.  The only way any one can answer that question for sure is to run a lot of test scenarios similar to what Francis John did in the weapons video.

What is the goal?  Do you want recruitment with less collateral damage to the pawn?  If so, then you would want to do of small amounts of damage over lots of body parts so that the chances of limb loss is much less likely, and they simply collapse when the pain is too much.

If you are simply looking to end the battles quicker by downing enemies, and want to ensure that your shots will actually inflict damage regardless of the enemy armor, then you want high damage per shot to increase the likelihood of limb loss, organ damage, or headshots. 

The problem is that you can not predict what armor your enemy will be wearing, so for an optimal scenario, you would need to change weapon types for each fight.  In-game, though this is not practical.  If your enemies have very little armor, then many low damage projectiles are better.  If they have better armor, then high damage projectiles are better, even if they have unpredictable results, because low damage projectiles will just be deflected.

My suggestion is to use the Character Editor mod and start damaging and then removing fingers and toes and record the pain level.  Then remove the hands and legs, and see if the pain goes up or down.

For example, I just spent a few minutes playing around in the Character Editor, and found the following: A finger has 8 HP. A gunshot of 1 HP to a finger gives 1% pain.  7 HP missing gives 8% pain.  Each loss of a finger inflicts 10% pain per finger up to 50% pain per hand.

If you then remove the hand afterward, they are in 25% pain.  If you then shatter both the Humerus and Radius, it does not inflict any more pain, since that part is entirely missing.  However, if you just reduce the HP of the Humerus and Radius to 1 HP, they will be in 54% pain. If they then lose the entire arm, they are in 38% pain.

If, however, you simply inflict medium damage to all those body parts, they will be in much more pain than if you had simply shot off the limb.  5 missing fingers, and gunshots to the hand and the Humerus will give 100% pain and down the pawn, vs 38% if they had just had the arm shot off.

In practice though, which weapon type is better?

The lower damage the shots, the more likely it is to deflect off the armor, so if you hake 20 shots at 5HP each, none of them will do any damage if the enemy has any armor.  If you make 5 shots at 20 HP each, they are more likely to lose body parts if they have little armor.

I think you will simply have to test different weapons vs different armor types to get a concrete answer.  Draft a pawn and set up a firing line.  Have everyone shoot at them with machine pistols until they fall, and count how many seconds it takes.  Then change to different weapon types and do it again.  The results will vary wildly depending on the armor of the pawn.  In your actual gameplay, are you going to change weapon types depending on the enemies' armor type?

Damage type does not affect pain level, only missing HP does.  A bruise to the arm causes the same amount of pain as a burn or a shredded limb if they each cause 20 HP of damage.
Mods / Re: Effective shooting of enemies
March 21, 2022, 07:42:47 PM
Francis John made a pretty detailed video comparing the vanilla weapons and how they work.  You might find some useful information there which would help you decide on a weapons mod.

Also, he made in in-depth guide about how armor and damage works, which you would need to factor in when deciding on which weapons to use.  He explains exactly what your question was about organs taking damage in this video.
Mods / Re: Need Help Making Game Less Laggy
March 10, 2022, 08:02:54 AM
I have had a hard time trying to get my games to be less laggy, and all I can do is offer a few tips about things I have found that have helped a little for me.  I currently use 137 mods.

I have tried all the standard "lag fixer mods" such as RuntimeGC, RocketMan, RimThreaded, Dubs Performance Enhancer, Filth Vanishes with Rain, Colony Groups, Harmonizer Lag fix, etc, and some of them seem to help quite a bit, and others seem to cause a lot of problems for me.

For example, RuntimeGC can instantly decrease your lag if you use it to clear all the filth from the map.  The downside is that it makes the game a bit unfair, since all the cleaning jobs are gone and your pawns did not have to do the work. I usually only do this after a large raid or infestation to clear all the blood from outside where I am not going to clean it anyway, and it is slowing my game down. Also, you can remove all the dead bodies from the map which can drastically increase performance if you have several hundred corpses of animals or humans in the fridge or on the ground.  Just having massive numbers of corpses on your map will cause lots of lag, so it is best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.  For bodies that you are not going to butcher, such as humans or scaria ridden animals, you can also pile them together under a roof and throw some molotovs on them.  Much quicker then cremating, and less labor. Any items on the map that are deteriorating will also cause lag, so keeping everything inside and out of the rain will help, such as after a raid. If you are not going to gather the weapons and sell them, then it is better to pile them with the bodies and burn them because if you leave them on the ground to rot, it will cause lag.  Keeping things frozen such as hay, kibble, herbal medicine, psychoid leaves, etc will reduce lag even if it is not important for them to be frozen.  It will help with lag to freeze it because the game will to not have to perform deterioration calculations on it. 

Dubs Performance enhancer can help identify what is causing the lag, and often I have found it to be a certain pawn that is causing the issue.  You can go in and look under job driver tick, and see what type of job is causing the lag, and then draft your pawns one by one while the game is running, and see when the latency graph drops.  I have often found that one particular pawn was causing it by some task they were attempting to do, and failing mid task.  My workaround was to see what they were doing, and assigning it to another pawn, and that fixes whatever was causing it, at least temporarily.

An example I had today was with the smart Medicine mod, and assigning the pawn to carry go juice in their inventory with the mod, but forgetting to also assign them to carry it in the drug policy, which caused them to be in an endless loop of dropping it and then picking it back up.

RimThreaded can drastically improve performance, but it has always broken my game when I have used it.  Everything speeds up immediately, but then after each pawn finishes their task, they will not find a new task to perform, leaving my entire colony idle.  Not sure why it does not work for me.  Also, I have seen it assign the same task to multiple colonists at once, and they both perform the same thing at the same time, and wasting resources and labor.

Hiding the colonist bar or using Colony Groups to hide some or all of your colonists can help a lot with lag.  You can also go into the dev mode and turn off some of the overlays, or use mods to turn off overlays such as weather, shadows, and lighting, to help with the lag.

I have found that these mods can sometimes cause some lag, but I still choose to use them anyway: Pick up and Haul, Complex Jobs, While You're Up, and a few others.

Some general tips: 

If you have lots of heaters and coolers, it is better to set them at different temperatures.  For example:  I have a large room (65x40), under a mountain where I farm insects and their jelly.  When I want a new infestation, I will raise the temperature to spawn one, but then I want to reduce the temperature when I want to prevent a new one from spawning.  This room has 115 coolers attached to it so I can quickly change the temperature, and keep it low in the summer.  My target temperature is between -25 and -40, and anything in that range is ok. So I set the temperature on the first 10 coolers at -25, then the next 10 at -26, and the next 10 at -27, etc.  That way all the coolers are not activating at the same time.  Only 10 are changing between high and low at a time, and the rest are either on, or off, and the temperature will always be in an acceptable range, and less calculations need to be performed.

Another thing that I have seen that causes lag is having pawns quickly change between tasks.  I currently have 1,078 Hydroponics basins on my map, and this is tended to by 10 dedicated Jogger gardeners with field hands and Archotech legs.  The issue with lag is caused because when they harvest a plant, they immediately change tasks and sow it back.  My game bogs down when it is time to harvest, not only from the changing of tasks, but from the massive amounts of crops deteriorating on the ground.  My solution is to have 5 pawns who are only allowed to Harvest, and 5 pawns who are only allowed to sow.  That way they are never changing tasks.  5 pawns harvest everything, and the other 5 come behind and sow.  Then I have dedicated haulers/cleaners with Jogging and Archotech legs.  This ensures that the crops get brought into the freezer quickly to stop the calculations on deterioration.

Another thing that I have found that helps a lot is to set radiuses on all the bills on your workbenches.  Have your butcher table next to the freezer and set a small radius on it, so they are not looking all over the map for corpses.  Same for all the bills.  Set stockpiles beside each bench so that the game does not have to look all over the map for resources before it can decide if it can assign the task to a pawn.  This also allows your dogs to bring materials to the workbenches and save time. In addition, this helps if you want to reserve some resources for other things.  For example, on my art bench, I have a bill to make large golden sculptures forever, and the only pawn that can make them must have a skill of 20.  Then I make a normal priority stockpile next to the bench for gold and set a small radius on the bill.  Then I make a larger stockpile further away with a higher priority.  This ensures that all my gold will not get used on statues, and they will only make sculptures when I have over 10,000 gold.

If you use Turrets, you should turn them off when they are not in use so they are not looking for enemies.  You can do this manually by placing a single piece of power cable beside them that is not attached to anything, and then selecting all the turrets and pressing "H" to reconnect them to the dead wire.  This prevent your pawns having to manually go turn them all on and off.  You can also do this in the winter for your coolers, and in the summer for your heaters

Massive numbers of pets will also cause lag.  If you have a large raid, and your game grinds to a halt while you are spending a day or so cleaning it up, you can have a pawn form a caravan and take all your animals off the map temporarily to help with the lag during the clean up efforts.

Another thing that will help is not assigning massive amounts of work at once.  For example, if you are upgrading all your floors from wood to Fine Carpet, it might take several in-game days to do this, but if you assign all the carpet to be replaced at once, your game will grind to a halt.  It is better to do one area at a time, so like 10x10 area at a time, depending on the number of constructors you have.

The same goes for massive Monument constructions.  First, add stockpiles in the center with all the materials they will need for the construction, so they are not walking so much every time they need materials.  This will also allow your dogs to help with the hauling. Always start by cutting down the trees because if you place the blueprints over trees, then your constructors will cut the trees, taking 10 times as long as someone who has plant skills.  The same applies for roofs or if you want something built where there is already stone.  If you assign it to be built before you cut the trees or mine the stone, then the wrong person will be assigned to do the work.  Start with the floor next, then select the material and place the blueprints.  Then immediately forbid most of the work.  When they finish one section of floor, then unforbid some more.  Once all the floor is done, then add the furniture, Steles, and doors.  Once that is all completed, then select all the doors and set them to be held open.  Then build the walls, leaving open places where the pawns need to walk, then when everything is 99% done, build the last wall sections that would have blocked their travel paths.  I also use a mod that prevents automatic building of roofs, because it wastes time, and then someone will get killed when I order the monument removed.  I also use a mod to prevent them from removing a wall or other structure if it would cause a ceiling collapse.

As far as relationships go, I can usually force a relationship pretty easily, as long as I am not concerned with who they are.  This is what I do:  Look through the social tab of your colonists, and it shows you the green and red numbers for how much they already like each other.  Find a pair that are compatible (Male/Female/Gay/Bi) and who are already good friends.  I usually shoot for +20 to +40 opinion for both of them.  Use the Word of Love Psycast on both of them, which will increase the amount they like each other by an additional 40%, and increases the romance chance factor, and then I have a special room I confine them to so that they can not interact with any other pawns.  It has 2 beds, a table, and chairs, some recreational equipment, and some food.  You can also just draft them or have them man a mortar next to each other.  The important thing is that they only talk to each other since there is a cooldown on social interactions and I don't want them to waste their interactions on other pawns.   It takes less than a day for them to become lovers, and usually within an in-game hour or 2.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions.
Mods / Re: Need help troubleshooting
October 18, 2021, 09:52:41 AM
Are you trying to prioritize research? 
Mods / Re: Make X if Ingredient is over Y
October 04, 2021, 06:25:29 PM
The way I have accomplished this is to set a radius on the bill, and then set up additional stockpiles: one stockpile near the workbench/stove with a preferred priority for the bill, and one stockpile further way with a critical priority as a reserve.  Then allow the excess to go into normal storage as well.  That way, they will only use the bill if the reserve stockpile is full.

For example: I want to make Artillery Shells forever, but only when I have excess steel and Chemfuel.

I create a new bill to make Shells forever, but I set the ingredient radius to 3.  Then I make 3 stockpiles for each item type.  One small stockpile that will hold say, 5,000 steel as a reserve at critical priority.  Then a single tile stockpile for steel at preferred priority beside the chair of the workbench.  Then my general materials stockpile is at normal priority that will hold all the rest of my steel.  Then I do the same for Chemfuel.

This will ensure that there is always 5,000 steel that will never be used for shells, but any excess will go into my normal stockpile.  Usually my stockpiles are rectangular, so I just cut the corner off of the stockpile and make a new stockpile to fill that corner for critical steel.  That way, I can just look at the corner of my stockpile and easily know if I have at least 5,000 steel.

For your particular issue with the hyperweave, I would make a stockpile for 300 raw devilstrand at critical priority, and then make another single tile stockpile beside the bench at preferred priority, and set the bill to make it forever with a small radius.  Then also allow Raw devilstrand to be put into your regular stockpile at normal priority.

If this does not make sense, let me know.
Word of Love works just fine on same sex couples as long as they are Bisexual/Gay. 

It is also possible to start a colony with a same sex couple who are not Bisexual/Gay.  In that case, I do not think it will work on them.

If your couple are both Bisexual/Gay, then you may have a mod that is interfering.
Have you tried the " Set Owner for Prisoner Bed" mod?

It does exactly what you are asking for.  Assign them to a new bed, then have them taken to bed.
I misunderstood what you meant, then. 

I thought you were under the impression that when the patch was released, that all games would be required to use Ideology, and that you were asking for a delay in the patch release date.
From what I understand, you will be able to disable it just like you can with Royalty.
Ideas / Re: Ocean update
July 22, 2021, 07:43:10 AM
If you are looking to add some of these mechanics to the game yourself, there are several mods that provide them.

Fish, Cleanliness, Bathing, etc. 

I have not seen anything that makes water a resource, though.
There are 3 ways to prevent this.

  • Do not put tables in bedrooms.  Tables in bedrooms is a bad idea for 3 reasons. 

    • Your pawns will lose the +8 mood bonus from "Ate in a Wondrously Impressive Dining Room".
    • Tables reduce the area of your bedrooms, so either your bedrooms have reduced impressiveness and your pawns lose a mood buff, or all your bedrooms are larger than they need to be. The same applies to dressers and end tables.  They lower the impressiveness of the bedroom, and they only provide a tiny comfort boost.  An Excellent Armchair while eating gives much more comfort than a full night's bonus from a dresser/end table combo.
    • Anyone who is hungry and near a bedroom will disturb your sleeping pawns and give them a mood debuff, but then you already know that. Removing tables from bedrooms is the proper way to fix your issue.
  • Use a mod like "Locks" and you can restrict each bedroom to only the pawns that sleep there.  This is also generally a bad idea because you will then have to allow everyone to clean and repair in the work tab, otherwise if there is a Zzst event in a bedroom/Raid/Infestation,etc., it will never get fixed unless you micromanage the door permissions.  You could also allow one or more of your cleaners access to all the bedrooms, and that would fix the cleaning issue, but then your pawns will still get disturbed sleep occasionally, even if they are all on the same schedule.
  • Use a mod that allows an unlimited number of zones, and then make a new zone for each pawn that excludes them from each other's bedrooms.  This is a terrible idea.  Don't do it.

Just remove all the furniture from your bedrooms.  This is the best way to go.  Also, make sure your pets are zoned out of your bedrooms.  My personal preference is to put my couples in 3x5 bedrooms, and the single colonists into Barracks. 

With the following items, a 3x5 bedroom will be very impressive, giving a +5 mood buff:

  • Area: 3x5
  • Floor: 11 tiles of fine carpet.  4 tiles under the bed gold tile
  • Furniture 1: 1 Excellent+ Steel/Silver/Golden Royal Bed
  • Furniture 2: 1 Excellent Large Golden Statue
  • Furniture 3: Wall Light/s
  • Walls: Marble
  • Wall: 1 Steel Vent
  • Door: Wooden

This will provide a very impressive bedroom with the bare minimum of space.

Full size image:

For my colonists who are not in a relationship, I use barracks.

The +20 they get from the combined Barracks/Dining/Rec room more than outweighs the -3 from the disturbed sleep.  Also, since there is so much room, you can justify placing Dressers and End Tables, if you like. 

Full size image: