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I noticed it helps the packing go faster if I send the entire colony on the caravan, and then the second they get on the map, I split them, and send the extras right back to the settlement.  Still, its really annoying - Im gaming the game instead of playing the game.
General Discussion / Re: bug report impossible
September 26, 2021, 01:12:30 AM
an error msg telling you the file is too big would go a long way.
Anybody else seeing this?
Im seeing this as well.  Its not ideal.  I have to completely change how I setup the caravans - meaning the bare minimum of everything.  Calling in traders is a hugely better option as a result.  Im not sure if the pick up and haul mod is screwing up the caravaning process but, for me right now, its one level above broken.
General Discussion / Re: This game is quite uninformative.
September 17, 2021, 01:33:38 AM
How about what buildings can you place down then reinstall later.  low-tech research bench, move that around as much as you like.  hi-tech research bench, no, you have to deconstruct and rebuild it.  how would i know that?  any indicators anywhere?

or, how much something would cost to build at a crafting table?  nope, you have to build the crafting table first.  the game is huge, and complex, and desperately in need of some documentation.
Cant seem to attach a save file.  It just errors out, and the post never makes it onto the board.
Im using version 1.3.3117 compiled Sep 9 2021.  No mods, completely vanilla.
I have a save file that demonstrates this, if I ever figure out how to upload it, the pawns have easy access to 2 paste dispensers.
The northern one has beef in it, and a pawn is in the middle of removing it, so it will be empty soon.
The southern one has milk and eggs.  I have commanded a bunch of tasks, so the north one, should be closest to them most of the time.  They go into starvation after only a day.  Note also that this tribe has the rancher meme, and when they eat paste with milk/eggs, they get a mood debuff.  See other bug report towards the top of the forum with the title "Meals made from only Milk/Eggs give 'ate non-meat' debuff to Ranchers New".
Im seeing this too as of the data of this post - they also get the debuff is they use a nutrient dispenser with only milk in it.  As far as if its intended or not, I dont know, but if you hover over the precept for meat eating (strict) it says in the popup "Eggs, milk, and processed foods are fine."  So, either the behavior is wrong or the tool tip is wrong.  From an in-world perspective, it makes ZERO sense for ranchers to not want to drink milk or eat eggs.
It would be great if this was fixed soon.  I have a freezer full of meals that I cant use now.
Not sure how helpful this is, but I corroborate that this happened to me as well.  I had to disable the empty dispenser to get the pawns to switch to the other one.