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Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
« on: November 07, 2013, 04:45:30 AM »
Hi I'm new to Rim world but at current I have basically bet the game with raiders doing nothing now.
I'm 19 and live in Australia.
this list is long and have "not cheap" ideas in it.
most ideas are original but some are from friends or other users.

1: Doors (small)
easy, 2x1 doors, stronger doors, maybe even "blast doors" 2x2 that require power to open?

2: lighting (small)
i was thinking maybe something like wall lights so they don't take up space.
i was also thinking a new type of power cable (maybe researched), that has natural LED on it so it glows, this makes 1 wide walkways easier to light up or even mining corridors.

3: Ditches (small-med)
like sand bags but free, take more time to build and have less cover from bullets (maybe explosive does more damage as well?) also so the people can actually occupy this space unlike sand bags.

4: Tunnels/Underground walk ways?
where people dig under the ground (still walk on top of it), cant build anything down there except lights and cable, using a man hole to get in. this allows for people to be more tactical in battles (pincer attack)

5: upgrades (med)
a building maybe 1x1 big that you place right next to an auto-turrent to make it more useful ex. 20% damage boost. maybe making it expensive? and highly explosive resistant!

6: guard walls (small-med)
adding a wall that people can climb onto and fire off it, more sturdy that the normal wall, maybe even allowing it to get thick" and allow turrets to be placed up there?

7: Turrets (some easy, some Big)
maybe after research, a snipe auto-turret, high damage slow fire rate, low HP, high range?
even maybe turrets that need to be maned? high damage or explosive? maybe just really bad recoil if gun skill is bad? this also with the walls mod?

8: AI (huge)
I'm sure our 3 people weren't the only survivors on a space ship?, maybe other people wanted to do different things than us or landed later and didn't approve? making up there own colony?, maybe starting off with better supplies to make it future equal?, trade with them, fight raids, capture prisoners?

9: Multi-player (Mid after AI vs implantation)
same as AI mod above but with another human, simple.

10: WorkBench (med-big)
maybe a workbench for building things like guns or prototypes (see later)?
using scrap or metal to build items?

11: research (mid)
adding a research tree? like researching guns then M-16 then the M-24 to be build at a work bench?
adding things like research bullets, then things like pure gunpowder, efficient energy cells, copper tip bullet for things like 2% less recoil, 2% increase fire rate, 2% damage increase respectively, and allow them to be researched like 20 times each?

12: Prototypes (Mid-Big)
when a new gun or turret is researched, it first has to be build as a prototype through the workbench.
this costs extra for the first building, gun ect. and in doing so then builds the prototype and making it have some buffs (as all prototypes do), on random completion such as, faulty wiring:sparks can cause flam when firing, Big capacitor: draws 20% more power than normal, but increasing firing rate by 10%!.
after the first prototype has been built, it goes back to the original build of that structure or gun ect.

Last but not least!
13: recycling (mid-big)
just a simple bench like a research table that scrap can be put on from dumps or home fields and turned into about 3 metal each piece of scrap, this makes it clear up dumps more and a little extra metal to use on projects.  maybe even have a chance like 0.5% of randomly finding a good gun within the scrap that wasn't noticed before?

there you have it guys. sorry if it was to long but yeah they are my ideas
please email me if you have comments or questions!


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