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I haven't received an email with the latest version, can I get it resent?
Support / Re: Steam Keys
December 11, 2013, 11:16:43 PM
Can't wait to have this on steam :)
Quote from: Luckless on November 14, 2013, 12:35:10 PM
One thing that I would love to see if enhanced multi-monitor support is worked on is to follow Supreme Commander's lead, and make second/third monitors highly useful and flexible.

Anyone unfamiliar with how it worked, you could have the secondary monitors be completely independent views from the primary. Have one be your focus monitor where all your action is really going on, the other a super 'mini-map' that is zoomed all the way out, or keep one zoomed in on your base while you use the other to stay focused on the front line action.

Few developers really use multimonitor support all that well, in part because it isn't a trivial problem to tackle, and in the past most users had a single monitor. However dual and tri monitor setups are becoming more and more common, so hopefully more people will provide better support for them.

I'm hearing you on this - why don't dev's show a bit more innovation in the UI department. RTS's and such could use an overhaul - and your exactly right Supreme Commander is a good example (and Planetary Annihilation will be implementing a similar system I believe). I don't expect too much from small indie devs - but I have had a lot of luck getting feedback on a lot of games and even in some cases having multi-monitor support implemented quickly.

Hopefully this game can at least centre the UI - a modular ui and/or the ability to move things wherever the player chooses would be awesome.
Added a few more pics

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I'm so glad I backed your great little game, I can see myself getting very addicted to it - despite being wiped out by bandits in my first play-through :P

I play on a resolution of 5760x1080 and the game scales really well, and everything works fine except the GUI isn't centred :/ The menu is actually positioned in the far left and right monitors, which makes things a little straining on the neck. Is there a chance that you could perhaps look at centering the GUI for multi-monitor users? The ultimate solution would be a customisable UI that you can move around to anywhere you want - which is something you unfortunately only see in mostly MMO's - but would be prime for games of this nature.

Anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!


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