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  • June 26, 2022, 10:36:16 PM
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Bugs / Re: [1.3.3287] Sleeping ritual escort locks ritual
« on: March 02, 2022, 06:54:40 PM »
Thanks for the bug report, I was able to reproduce this!  I'll get a report into the devs.  I could have sworn I reported this one long ago during the internal testing but it must have been missed.

I brought this up to Tynan and he states that it is intended to not get more than the base maximum product.  I brought up your points as well and he says he will give it a think for rebalance.  No promises of course, but as of nowt this is working as intended.

Bugs / Re: [1.3.3200] Gifting resources for reputation seems off
« on: March 01, 2022, 06:29:54 PM »
Thanks for the additional information though JenKin, I think I'm going to upgrade this to a full bug report rather than where it was sitting before now.  Appreciate you taking the time to point out the issue.

Bugs / Re: [1.3.3287] Claim ruined furniture bug not fix completely
« on: March 01, 2022, 06:22:53 PM »
Thanks for the bug report, this is a variation on an exploit we've been fixing lately in various other modes, such as claiming ruins on a raid site or building inside a mech cluster.  I will bring this to the attention of that dev as well.

Thanks for the bug report.  After conferring with the devs this is something we can support for mod authors.  It has been put on our bug tracker and will be addressed asap.

Thanks again for the bug report and the images!  I'll be sure to get this one into the devs to have them look at it, definitely seems like an oversight to me.

Bugs / Re: Colonist Not Following Drug Schedule
« on: February 23, 2022, 06:10:07 PM »
Thanks for the report.  I ran this save without mods and all pawns took drugs on schedule.  The only thing I noticed that could be causing problems if you have them assigned to all carry around 5 seperate drugs with them constantly, and a pawn can only carry 3 drugs on them at a time. Therefore some aren't carrying lucy on them when they need to take it, so wait to the end of their work shift to take the lucy.

Bugs / Re: [All version] This bug makes Power switch useless
« on: February 23, 2022, 06:07:12 PM »
Thanks for the report.  I'll bring this up in my document though it may simply be intended.  Player ingenuity in something like this and avoiding a switch isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Bugs / Re: [1.3.3200] Remote wake up mechanoids
« on: February 23, 2022, 05:29:54 PM »
I will add this to another bug report made recently about this exploit being used on enemy maps, I think its a good addition to that bug report.  Thanks for the post!

Bugs / Re: [1.3.3200] Haul job batching ignores prisoner food reservation
« on: February 16, 2022, 01:39:09 PM »
I'll put it on my internal document for review then, thanks again for the report.

Bugs / Re: [1.3.3200] Problem Causer quests scale incorrectly.
« on: February 16, 2022, 01:36:16 PM »
This had been added to our internal tracker after a conversation with our dev that manages the bugs on the discord.

Bugs / Re: [1.3.3200] "Allow fresh" storage setting confuse players
« on: February 15, 2022, 05:04:25 PM »
I will put this also in my doc for review to see how the devs might want to tackle the storage logic for fresh.

Just a heads up, not all bugs that are fixed are published immediately.  Bugs deemed a 'priority' may go on the unstable branch, but the majority of bug reports are put into the internal branches and larger patches with many bugs are then released at later times.

Thanks for the bug report.  I think you should still get a random psylink personally but I don't make the big decisions, so I will bring it up with the devs to see if this needs a re-write of dialogue warnings or if indeed there should be a new psylink added.

Bugs / Re: [1.3.3200] Problem Causer quests scale incorrectly.
« on: February 15, 2022, 04:47:34 PM »
Since you already posted this on the dev discord server, it should already have been noted by our dev that actively monitors bug reports.  They do not often post on the server, but do take all the bug reports and curate them.  I will double check to see if ison already grabbed it or not, though.

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