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Ideas / Small changes
November 09, 2013, 12:54:17 PM
When I came here I was full of ideas, but seeing that there are a lot of excellent threads (This is not only already a good game, but the community seems to have a picture in mind that I like :) ) already addressing most, I will focus on small suggestions:

* Colonists go eat/sleep even when they are nearly finished with a construction job.
* Colonists move at the same speed, so persuing raiders is impossible.
* I always click on the door icon when I want to build a power conduit.
* I always look for the home zone tools under Area instead of Orders.
* I mix up Structure and Buildings.
* Moving an object is not yet possible. One has to sell and rebuild it.
* Colonists could move resources on their way back to base when going to eat/sleep.
* Building/Repairing turrets encircled by sandbags does not work.
* ?Blood does not decay?

And here's a big one:
Please, make good use of the tech and crafting system. I want the game to be hard not because of raiders, but because I crashed on a planet with nothing. Building high tech like a nutrient paste dispenser and a comm station should imo be much harder. Survival game :)
And what I've learned from Prison Architect: Please don't make people start over a lot. Concentrate changes that break existing colonies or make starting over more feasable into one patch every now and then.

Please feel free to continue the list :)