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Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
February 21, 2014, 12:45:14 AM
Didnt read everything but i guess its not big deal if this has been said before...

Bounty hunters / Law  /Military ships  : you could get reward for captured raiders , pirates ,  space marine deserter and so on ... maybe need special Background for raider to be "wanted" or maybe familly offering money to get prisonner back (reward with money / stuff / buffs)

working radius for each settler : as an example if you wanna have fews smalls colonies all over the map  instead of one big  (not sure if its a cheap idea)

Non lethal Weapon (shorter range i guess)

Romance ? put two settlers in a same "house" with things in their backgounds that make them close from each other and soon or late you may have to let them sleep in same room better than in separate ? (they might get buff sleeping in same room even debuff if not)

Possibility to rename your new settlers (as they are starting new life , pick a new name to start over)

Another IRL cheap idea : i saw people here saying they didnt play the game so far , maybe release a free demo with pre alpha.

keep up the good work , Rimworld is full of fun , entertaining  and so promising