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Releases / Re: [1.0][MODLIST] Fluffy's Mods [1.0 test builds!]
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:18:20 AM »
@soulkata; heh, I came to the same conclusion myself. It's on mantis, let's hope it gets fixed. In the meantime, I've added a small Harmony patch to bypass the offending method if it's called with the specific set of arguments that causes the bug (pawn = null, TraverseMode = PassDoors), the latest version should work fine.
Well, I reported this on the Bug section, and Tynan said that I should be able to raise this condition on a vanilla game... And ILSpying, I couldn't.... :(

As an alternative, I was thinking if that pass the Pawn that is performing the Management job isn't a good idea. But I didn't study your code to figure out how to do this... :)

Thanks for the attention!

Bugs / Null reference at "WildManShouldReachOutsideNow" method.
« on: September 02, 2018, 11:05:24 PM »

I am running the game with the mod "Colony Manager", of the Fluffy. The mod has some functions like "Check if the target are reachable" that calls some pathfinding functions, that raise an error at "WildManShouldReachOutsideNow". After some "ILSpying", I found that, this method is called inside a "Pathfinder.FindPath" mathod, and the pawn parameter passed to this method is null, since it was created on "TraverseParms.For(TraverseMode mode, Danger maxDanger = Danger.Deadly, bool canBash = false)"....

So, I think that WildManShouldReachOutsideNow should be adjusted to allow a null pawn, but I might be wrong.

In any case, I think that this scenario should be reported here.


Releases / Re: [1.0][MODLIST] Fluffy's Mods [1.0 test builds!]
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:54:43 PM »
In 0.19 version, if any arguments of "Check if target are reachable" are marked, the game crashes at the method: "WildManShouldReachOutsideNow". After some "ILSpying", I conclude that, the pawn parameter passed to this method is null, since it was created on "TraverseParms.For(TraverseMode mode, Danger maxDanger = Danger.Deadly, bool canBash = false)".... So, this configure more than a Bug in the core game than a Bug in the mod Itself...

I am not sure how to proceed now... I am posting this here, to alert the community that this bug is tracked, and on the Bugs session, so Tynan see as well.


Releases / Re: [1.0][MODLIST] Fluffy's Mods [1.0 test builds!]
« on: August 30, 2018, 07:28:43 PM »
Hi, I dowloaded the mod "Colony Manager" from the Steam Workshop (Using the Subscribe link on this Thread).
On the Hunting tab, I check the checkbox "Check if targets are reachable", the mod doesn't assign any hunting job!

And taking the opportunity, I would like to thank you for all the excellent mods!

How close we are to the release of the 0.19 / 1.0 version?

Days, weeks, months?

Mods / Re: What would make the game easier to mod?
« on: July 08, 2016, 03:17:20 PM »
Would it be useful if you added something like LoadBefore and/or LoadAfter list to the About.xml, and then let the game try to guess the correct loading order given these parameters?

+1 For this!

I came to here to write something like that! :)

Mods / Re: What would make the game easier to mod?
« on: June 27, 2016, 09:03:53 AM »
As a simple suggestion, putting the Detours from CCL into the core game is a great addition! :P +1 Vote for this!

Below the simple suggestions, generally speaking, when I was actively modding Rimworld, I have 3 major issues:
1. Cannot override functions that I wanted to. I have to add CCL dependency only for the Detours!
2. C# functions that, in ILSpy can't de decompiled in the right way! The ILSply can't understand the functions with yield statement, and as a modder, is difficult to Understand what the this function do! :)
3. New alphas refactor of Xml Defs, I have to mos cases rebuild my entire Xml Defs.

Releases / Re: [A13] Talons Faction
« on: May 30, 2016, 07:45:03 PM »
Print, please

Outdated / Re: Pls re-pin New A13 Mods announcement thread
« on: May 12, 2016, 01:34:22 PM »

I can't get AutoEquip to work either (using CR, rimfire, high caliber and others). I've tried putting the mod in different places in the load list, but nothing changes - there is no AutoEquip tab that I can configure. Here's the pack that i'm using: LINK.

I've put the mod either as the first (after EdB mod order), the last, right before and right after CR, and right after High Caliber. Nothing worked.

Maybe something changed in the last CR patch (1.6.5)...

Well, as mentioned before, the Autoequip source codes are shared, you can patch this and submit a Pull Request to it!

I have upgraded the mod to A13, but, as mentioned before I don't have time to keep updating the mod to keep the compability with the other mods... If someone else wants to assume, and take credits, they got my thanks!


Well, this is a initialization method, the game arent finding the mod...

Does this mod work with Weapons yet?


Damn. Alright, I guess I'll just click everyone one by one....

The weapon system in RimWorld is too detailed, variations between range, damage type, weapons made by mods, change of off cut members... make quite difficult elaborate a system to make the job done.

I'm unsure as to why, but even with a vanilla game (only CCL loaded) it is said to be corrupt by Rimworld and disables my entire mod list. Any idea as to why?

Need the log files...

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