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Releases / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 8) Glitter Tech v0.7
January 10, 2015, 01:47:12 AM
Regarding the Plasma Reactor. I understand that it's still in development, but thought I'd point out one major flaw that makes the entire thing unusable at present:

14 x 14 is pretty dang large, but the critical flaw is that it's flammable. That's a pretty big lightning target you can't put a roof over, and the first time it gets struck the entire thing is going to burn down, because your pawns have no way of putting it out, since the majority of it is unreachable.

With it needing to be outdoors, without a roof considering it's size, between lightning, incendiary mortars, and just random fires, it's difficult to justify building, it'll never last long enough to be worth it's price. That's one expensive piece of kit for a simple molotov or random bush fire to almost guarantee kill.

Also curious that it's a heat producer, since it has to be in an area with an open roof, it'll always be heating the outdoors so that's probably just wasted processing ticks.
Not 100% sure I know what you're asking specifically, but:

MAI v1.8.3 is for Alpha 8, it was just released today. It's a stand alone mod which goes alongside the v1.8.2b version of Miscellaneous. They're not requirements or exclusive of each other though. V1.7.5 linked near the bottom was for Alpha 7 and won't work in Alpha 8.

If you want both, just download and install Miscellaneous V1.8.2b as well as MAI v1.8.3. The MAI package contains none of the Miscellaneous files, and vice versa. They won't conflict.

This is just my own interpretation, but I don't think Haplo will package them both together until he's satisfied MAI works properly... heck he might just keep them separate so people can pick and choose what they want to add.
Outdated / Re: [MOD](ALPHA 8) IceSheet (Ice Biome)(1.2a)
December 21, 2014, 09:53:36 AM
Yeah it does seem kinda buggy at times, I've had to give priority orders, draft and undraft, or just save and reload to get some of my pawns moving again. I wonder if there's a wait timer on the "warm up" code or something, it sometimes takes them a good while to realize "Hey I'm warm, I'll work again."

If they refused to work from the onset though, I wonder if there is some sort of "Code shock" going on where the code for the pawn gets stuck or something, maybe by not initially loading into your overview menu or something like that behind the scenes, the pawn is permanently broken. Just like how sometimes visitors will just linger in your base and never leave. They were shocked out of their programmed routine, and just... broke permanently.

It's definitely a bug, but it's probably in the core code, don't know if you could fix something like that with mods...
Issue arose in a modded item (Basket for food storage), but I think it has vanilla implications with the new temperature mechanics.

Any object with the tag: <passability>Impassible</passability> will register as "Outside" if you mouse over it in game, therefore taking on the outside temperature. Changing this tag to PassThroughOnly allows the object to be considered inside, and take on the rooms temperature instead.

The only vanilla item this would negatively affect at the moment is the hopper, with any food contained within it being considered 'outside' and subject to 'outside' temperatures and possible spoilage despite being inside a player built freezer room.

EDIT: Actually, it doesn't affect anything inside hoppers or Hydroponics. Not sure it even affected the baskets tbh, so just a curious but not critical bug.
I noticed that any object with <passability>Impassible</passability> takes on the property "Outside" if you mouse over it in game, thereby taking on whatever the outside environment's temperature is. Reading this bug made me curious and I'm fairly sure I've found at least a temporary work around for this issue.

Changing the passability of baskets to PassThroughOnly allowed it to be considered "inside" and take on the temperature of the room around it. And it's not really all that unrealistic either concerning baskets.

EDIT: Actually, I'm unable to replicate the original problem. Impassable baskets do register as outside, but the items inside seem to take the temperature of the room around it just fine for me. You can create basket walls though which creates separate rooms with divergent temperatures. Question: Did you build the basket on top of the blue tile that the cooler chills in your refrigerator, or use baskets to room it off? Because it'd act like a wall then, and... well block your refrigerator from cooling down.
Outdated / Re: [MOD](ALPHA 8) IceSheet (Ice Biome)(1.2a)
December 21, 2014, 06:05:19 AM
Have no evidence except anecdotal for this, but:

I think Pawns have been coded to behave in a certain way when they get very cold. In my recent extreme cold runs, I've noticed that pawns which get really cold immediately try to path to a warmer area to prevent hypothermia. They will often become unresponsive then, refusing to work, eat, or even sleep until they have warmed up sufficiently. If I can't get a room up and warm quick enough, or I somehow allow the cold to get in (Damn you Solar Flares!) they will sort of just freeze in place, presumably continuously trying to find a path to somewhere warmer. Or so I theorize.

To test my theory, you could try Edb's Prepare Carefully mod and start them with Parkas and Toques, maybe give them all warm body traits. I'm fairly certain how quickly they get cold is based off the difference between their maximum temperature tolerance and the environment. If it prevents the bug by delaying the cold shock "MUST GET SOMEWHERE WARM" code... well then there's code that's causing it. To be fair, playing in temperatures this extreme had to be modded in, so it would have been outside of Tynan's bug test ranges.

From the image posted, it looks like three naked colonists were just dropped into a -94C area, which meant they would have immediately gone hypothermic, quite possibly instantly getting locked up in a "Must find a warm area" loop. Since that code overrides other activities, like causing them to cancel hauling orders and just dump stuff onto the ground to get warm... maybe it's even overriding the code which has them register onto the overview menu?

Again, Just a theory with no evidence but my personal observations on how my pawns will sometimes lock up during my cold runs until they warm up a bit. Honestly you could almost call this a feature, -94C Naked is basically instant death, the shock would probably kill you as soon as the capsule opened. You only have a handful of minutes at even half that temperature. The pawns have literally gone into shock, advanced human physiology modelling!

The work around, if you don't want to start with them coming out of stasis in full winter gear, would probably be to only start such extreme areas in warmer months and play into the winter... which I might just go do with that seed of yours.

Quote from: Ded1 on December 21, 2014, 03:38:49 AM
So if you get the hide and parka nerf mod, raiders will not always spawn with parkas and quite frequently die on the way.  Though it does kinda suck to have people get pissed at you cause thier traders are stupid enough to try and visit me when its -140 out.

I actually went into the Miscellaneous Mod's Def files and pulled the Trader_Incident_TraderArrival.xml into the _disabled folder for my cold runs. It made no sense to me for anyone to be travelling in those temperatures to trade out of a tent.
Was wondering why the MP5 came so cheaply:

      <description>A 9mm submachine gun.</description>

Pretty sure that last tag has been changed to use <MarketValue> inside <statBases>
Releases / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 8) Brunayla's Security Co
December 20, 2014, 08:45:00 AM
Quote from: brunayla on December 17, 2014, 08:52:28 AM
Quote from: Evelyn on December 16, 2014, 04:31:45 PM
Yes, I have set a bill up and have well over the amount of raw materials. The colonist is a skill 15 crafter with the labor enabled. I am actually unable to right-click the station at all, meaning I cannot prioritize the task. I will try disabling all other mods except for that one in a debug world and see if that works.

Just tested it by itself with no other mods, still no dice. The only thing that came up in the console was this

But I'm not even sure if your mod was the cause of that.

That is code from an old version of MIRV (fixed now).


I just came by to report this same error. Saw the post, so I downloaded the mod again, looks like the issue is still there? Sorry to ask, but did you upload the fix? The newest dropbox link is from 8 days ago, or 5 days before the quoted post.

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 8) Glassworks VII
December 20, 2014, 08:19:47 AM
Found an odd interaction error when trying to track down a more serious error, not sure if it's being caused by Glassworks VII or Mod Order ( I figured I'd post it in both threads with the details.

Loading either mod alone causes no error, but loading the two together gets you: XML error: &gt; doesn't correspond to any field in type ThingFilter.

Error is visible immediately upon closing the mod screen. Starting a colony is not required. Attached is a cropped image of the debug screen I get.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Found an odd interaction error when trying to track down a more serious error, not sure if it's being caused by Mod Order or Glassworks VII. ( I figured I'd post it in both threads with the details.

Loading either mod alone causes no error, but loading the two together gets you: XML error: &gt; doesn't correspond to any field in type ThingFilter.

Error is visible immediately upon closing the mod screen. Starting a colony is not required. Attached is a cropped image of the debug screen I get.

[attachment deleted due to age]
I kept getting red debug errors when starting a new colony, managed to narrow it down to this mod.

Attached is an image of the debug screen with one of the errors highlighted for more detail. Saved in jpg to meet the storage limits, still seems legible to me if you zoom in, but I can link a better copy if you need it.

EDIT: Fixed the image by cropping out all the unnecessary parts and saving it as a PNG, should be much clearer and easier to read now.

[attachment deleted due to age]
General Discussion / Re: Tips and Tricks for Rimworld
December 19, 2014, 11:05:44 PM
Quote from: Cimanyd on December 19, 2014, 04:41:54 PM
Quote from: Rokdog on December 19, 2014, 03:05:30 PM
An oldie but a goodie: The most efficient food-crop is strawberries, because they can be used as both meals and eaten as raw food. Potatoes on the other hand will not be eaten raw. This means potatoes are effectively pointless, because they have to be cooked.

Disclaimer: If potatoes grow better/faster year-round or can now be eaten raw, this is new information to me and this tip is moot. Otherwise, strawberries are the only food-crop I ever grow.

I'm not sure what you mean by "efficient." Potatoes have a higher yield, so growing them gives more food. The only reason to ever grow berries is that they don't lower morale when eaten raw, like all other raw foods (including potatoes) do. Even if potatoes couldn't be eaten raw, how would that make them pointless? Eating raw plant food (including berries) is definitely not efficient, it has low nutrition so it's wasteful.

The whole Strawberries vs Potatoes discussion is more complicated then that. This is my understanding, with a little backing from the vanilla xmls.

Yes, Potatoes yield 4 units of food per fully grown plant. Strawberries only yield 3.

However, Strawberries grow faster. Both have 600,000 tick lifespans, however where Potatoes gain a 0.4 Fertility Factor Growth Rate, Strawberries get 0.6. 50% more, meaning strawberries gain much more from being planted on fertile soil. Note, this doesn't mean strawberries grow 50% faster, just gain 50% more out of however much fertility affects growth times.

Not positive if this makes up for the yield difference on regular soil, but I'm almost positive you will get more over time in Hydroponics growing Strawberries over Potatoes. (Regular soil has fertility 1. Rich soil: 1.4, and Hydroponics: 2.3)

The caveat to this is that it requires enough available labor to immediately harvest and replant whenever the plant is fully grown. If you leave crops in the ground for a bit, the higher yields for potatoes and the wasted time in ground removes much of the benefit of the quicker growing strawberries. (You also risk blight rolling by and wiping all your crops...)

Then you have to consider refrigeration. Do you have it, because if you don't: Potatoes take 30 days to spoil, where berries only get 14.

Strawberries have the unique benefit of not giving you a mood penalty for being eaten raw. Potatoes CAN be eaten raw, but you get the raw food debuff, which is a -10 for 20,000 duration, which I think is a couple days. This can be stacked 3 times. Making berries a good thing to have on hand when you have power outages and your stove dies, or if your cook had his head blasted off in the raid that day.

Strawberries are also worth slightly more in trade, at 2.1 vs 1.9 market value. However, there was a point a few alphas back where traders wouldn't buy berries, not sure if that time has passed or not. Theoretically they're worth more per unit... if you can sell them again. Therefore, potatoes may still have the benefit of being the cash crop...

So in summary, as a newbie tip: Grow different crops according to your situation.

Have you got a nice patch of fertile soul near your base? Probably should plant Strawberries there.
Are you in a harsh climate and growing food in hydroponics in your mountain caves? Strawberries will give you more bang for your buck.
Are you making massive fields of crops on marginal land that you get to when you get to? Plant Potatoes my son.
Are you in the very early game, worked to death and living from hand to mouth, eating as soon as you harvest? Blessed be the Berries!
Possibly: Are you planting to sell to traders? You might not even be able to sell Strawberries... but honestly, the more then double spoilage timer on Potatoes probably makes it safer to stockpile for traders, worth the slightly less market value, unless you're living in a frozen biome. Because you can't refrigerate a trade stockpile, and it's entire too much micromanagement to rush potatoes out of refrigeration to the beacon every time a trader rolls by. (EDIT: On further thought, if you made a dedicated food trade beacon, you could probably just add and remove no roof zones to give it refrigeration with a little work...)

Additionally you should always cook before eating if possible. Both Potatoes and Berries are worth 5 nutrition per unit. Even the simple meal, the lowest nutritionally is worth 85, or the equivalent of 17 raw foodstuff, for the price of 10. (Paste has nutrition 90, and you can research to only need 9 raw food per meal... but has a -8 mood debuff. Survival and Fine meals are both 90, and lavish is 100.)

Ignore Agave, for it is the heathen's food which shall not be planted! ...until they let us make Tequila out of it that is. :P
That makes sense, and would solve the issue just fine too. I just found it momentarily disorienting to have a trader trying to sell me limited edition raw iron ore for five times as much as regular plebeian steel ingots. Still in it's original rock casing, and you know how fast collectibles appreciate in value!

Don't quote me, but in retrospect it might just be an odd mod interaction. I think I saw the trades on the traders that the "Miscellaneous" mod sends your way occasionally, and I notice that mod contains it's own Trader.dll which might be overriding whatever is keeping the ore from appearing on the regular trading lists.
Thanks for your mods! I'm really enjoying what this one in particular adds to the game, just the right balance of realism and fun for me.

That being said, is there any way you can get access to the trade system via modding? I find it sort of odd to see iron ore on trade, except have it 3-6 times as expensive as just buying refined steel to begin with. I also think it'd be neat if this mod made industrial ships carry much more ore, and less of the refined metals, that seems more realistic to me... though I suppose the ships could also be carrying cargo from a industrial refining planet to it's final destination too.

The option to buy larger quantities of unrefined stuff you'd then have to make useful would add something to the game though. More ore for cheaper, but with additional time and energy/wood cost, or immediately useful, but more expensive steel.