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General Discussion / Re: So I skinned a steer today
« on: May 22, 2018, 04:56:49 AM »
Honestly, the colonists can build a spaceship just in a few years. Skinning sth or farming is far from the most questionable detail here. ;D In real life if we crash somewhere with just steel and wood, good luck on researching/building a comms console or even a solar generator! Or more like we can’t even put together a room with doors safe enough against angry iguanas. Not in the first week at least, and with how much actual work to be done, guess how long we’ll have to eat without a table. 8)

My recent dev mode special challenge is like this:

I want to build a biosphere. And I need it to rely on NOTHING but sunlight, no trading, not even cargo pod resources. Took me quite a bit of time but I eventually came up with this design.

As you see, there's no electricity at all, and no need for components EVER. My colonists can still have fun, they have a lot of joy objects, they have beer, they have strawberries, they have medicine. They can even plant flowers for fun. This design is only worth 30000+ wealth, so raids are pretty much just laughs and they have +15 "very low expectations" mood to help deal with the -15 "cabin fever serious", and you can deal with everything easily with the embrasures' help.

The only two annoying things are:

1, I can't deal with the poison/psychic ship event by sitting at home. So I just go play this design on a modified save file which only has 75x75 map size, now you can shoot the ass off anything without walking outside. That's not cool enough so I decided to add a water maze as well, and now I can sit and watch raiders get mass murdered on their way trying to get inside, or merchants come here visit me only to find they need 12 hours to walk to my home (they go crazy halfway and start fighting each other or taking off clothes, great fun!).

2, I left no door for them... And raid through the roof proves almost impossible to clean up. Steel slag and such. So, I decided to let the colonists fight the battle normally, but I'd clean up the mess for them with delete tool. Because really, does a biosphere need to deal with air strike raids normally? No. But I like battles, so let them fight anyway.

I plan to keep it running for 10 years, and they lived through many hardships, like, gut worms + toxic fallout + blight... Sometimes one colonist goes down due to starvation, leaving the other to wait for the newly planted rice to grow out. Sometimes I had to manually forbid the food and only let one person eat just so that I can make sure someone can still move and harvest things later on, very risky. But they made it through every time, even on the brink of death once (malnutrition reaching 100% but not activating the death yet, probably just seconds away from it)

And then one day, THIS happened

Nothing can describe my feel! Nothing! I gaped and faceplamed and sit there for quite a few minutes wondering "should I just delete this ship"
Well I did delete it eventually, they still had a tough time getting through the volcanic winter because the damn ship killed most of my corn and everyone almost starved to death
But let's be honest, deep down in my heart, my colony already ended at that moment  :(

General Discussion / Re: Pets: The pros and cons of your animals
« on: May 23, 2016, 06:12:54 PM »
I like polar bears. They don't like me. I leave corpses out there on the ice and they still choose me for dinner


On the Ice Sheet they blend in, I never spot them till one poor colonist who was hauling some junk from a cargo pod gets attacked by a polar.

Natural selection is tough sonofabitch.

Sounds I'm pretty lucky because most polar bears tend to wander closer to my home (probably because I gather all available animal bodies near home) and eventually just sit outside my doors and refuse to move. They still "wander" but really they just sit there waiting. If we don't go out, they go eat some corpse and return to the door; during night they walk backwards a bit and fall asleep, then in the morning the cycle repeats.

...Ugh, that doesn't sound lucky at all. But at least I get to keep an eye on how hungry they are...

^ Erm, no.  I doubt editing the save while playing RimWorld would have any effect.  I'm pretty sure that RimWorld just keeps everything in memory, and any changes you make would get overwritten on the next save.  If you want to see your changes take effect, then you need to load the save file after you edit it.

Thanks for the explanation! Though I kinda feel your "you need to load the save file after you edit it" and my "I think loading the edited file is enough" is actually the same thing...  ;)

To be fair, I wasn't being 100% precise when describing it. Should have said sth like "No need to restart the game, just leave the save/load menu there, go edit file, and load it right after editing".  :D (I used to just close the game and open it later... Then eventually I realised it wasn't necessary at all)

General Discussion / Re: Pets: The pros and cons of your animals
« on: May 22, 2016, 01:50:40 PM »
I like polar bears. They don't like me. I leave corpses out there on the ice and they still choose me for dinner


Stories / Re: Poems of Rimworld
« on: May 22, 2016, 12:44:12 PM »
I just came up with a good one!

<Rimworld: Green Mist>

The sky green like the meadow
The air sweet like the grass
You walk and open the window
The earth as dead as space

They say dead people rise to the sky
They say souls will become stars
Now among thousands of stars you lie
Wondering why gravity betrayed you

This is about how a dying person seeing sky as the grassland and earth as the dead sky!  :D And of course a lot of people are already dead around him (probably already bones too), and that's the "thousands of stars" thing  ;D

Stories / Re: Poems of Rimworld
« on: May 22, 2016, 08:01:29 AM »
Yeah, I kind of like haiku.  It's fun.  And sometimes the mood strikes.  ;D

Writing haiku is probably gonna kill me... I checked the rules carefully and realised it probably doesn't go well with my limited vocabulary.  :D (Might do better if I write in Chinese but then again I won't be able to share it here.  ;D)
Btw, that's a really nice one about mechanoids... I do wonder sometimes though; do mechs think about killing people? Or are they just doing some "cleaning" job which feels very neutral to them, without even a tiny bit of "killing" thoughts?

Working with words isn't my thing, but here's my try:

Muffalo is white
It's far away,
That furry beast.
I'll shoot it dead.
Some day.

That feel when you see sth on the edge of the map and just say to yourself "Oh forget it"    ;D

I think loading the edited file is enough. Do keep in mind though, if you edit the file in some wrong way, the game's gonna crash anyway...  ;D

I havn't found a way to do so, you can just keep creating those Gladii until they come out plasteel+legendary and use the destroy tool to remove the rest, but unfortunately there is no current way to create a specific 'stuffed' item.
Dang, alright well i do that also but it takes quite a lot of clicking + luck also i have to spam my mouse just to destroy em but i just wanted to find out if there was an easy way or not.

Well, you can spawn one thing and go open your savefile and change it to plasteel and legendary. Takes a bit of searching and requires a tiny bit of familiarity with the code itself but that's all.
(Basically EVERYTHING can be edited this way)

Outdated / Re: [A13] Ocean Biome Ecosystem (v2.6 / 16.05.2016) )
« on: May 17, 2016, 02:58:19 AM »
谢谢已经收到,非常感谢!! :) :)

不客气~ ;) 挑能用的部分用就好 :D
浪涌确实不对,现在改潮涌了,潮汐发电机有 固定翻译就用固定的了,另外潮汐时间现在调整了其他全部采用你的翻译,非常感谢。

不客气!能有帮上忙太好了 :D

Stories / Re: Poem (or poems) of Rimworld
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:18:05 PM »
Fallen from the sky, we were taken here to live and die.
Three to begin, a struggle to come.
Whether by starvation, disease, or lead, we will succumb.
Nevermind here comes some maddened squirrels.

Lol! Of course it has to end with squirrels  ;D

Outdated / Re: [A13] Ocean Biome Ecosystem (v2.6 / 16.05.2016) )
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:14:02 PM »
谢谢已经收到,非常感谢!! :) :)

不客气~ ;) 挑能用的部分用就好 :D

Stories / Re: Poem (or poems) of Rimworld
« on: May 16, 2016, 08:34:36 AM »
<Rimworld: Ice Sheet>

Freeze my heart upon the plateau
A prison of crystal under the sun
Come watch the sunset with me
Come watch the downfall with me

And time will bleed away as we live
And days will fade away as we wake
A beautiful mirror, a lake of illusions
My aqua city embraces you and me


Life on ice sheet!  :D (And "aqua city" is just talking about plasteel colour...)

Stories / Re: Poem (or poems) of Rimworld
« on: May 16, 2016, 08:08:08 AM »
Most English poetry doesn't rhyme anyway and just focuses on layers of metaphor, so you're spot on as far as that goes. And it does rhyme. :)

Oh thanks!  :D That's good to know, and I can focus more on the ideas part...
Is that 俳句(haiku) that I see? Now THAT is what actually requires a lot of rules!  ;D

Outdated / Re: [A13] Ocean Biome Ecosystem (v2.6 / 16.05.2016) )
« on: May 16, 2016, 07:50:01 AM »


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