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Quote from: Ramsis on July 09, 2015, 04:50:02 PM
There won't be children....

Maybe not in vanilla but somebody is bound to make a children mod using the animal breeding system.
Thanks for answering everybody. I assumed that's what I had to do. Just threw me for a loop since I was used to placing down a blueprint and just having the settlers build it once I get the materials.
A space lobster dish  8)
Can anybody help me? I've been playing rimworld for a few days now and so I tried out this modpack. The only problem I have with it is now when I try to select which type of material to make something out of by right clicking it, nothing shows up. I keep getting a message at the top that I don't have the materials to build it and all I'm trying to do is to select wooden walls and wooden beds to build. I'm pretty sure it's EdB's UI mod causing this but I don't want to disable it.