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My computer can't do github, there's actual unsolvable reasons for this in my operating system.

FOR ANYONE TO DO!! please be brave, let it be you!!

Please Do:
-Upload SK17 to gdrive for 24 hours and post link.

Please Do Not:
-Ignore my plea.
-Try to suggest why you think github doesnt work for me. You don't know my situation.

pls pls pls guys, please help.  It take 5 minutes of your time.  Im not gonna ask for any updates or help getting updates.  I just want thecurrent working model. github doesnt work for me!  i cannot get this mod version. please help! ive been asking almostthe better part  a week now. please be a bro. please be a friend. you, the next person who reads this. please post link t gdrive.
Releases / Re: [A17] Orassans 🐱
August 12, 2017, 11:20:41 AM
Quote from: Canute on August 12, 2017, 03:32:06 AM
Anything that  belong to Hardcore-SK you should post at Hardcore thread.
The dev's from Hardcore modified all mods to fit/work into the modpack, the original author can't do anything there.

The problem with Alien races and PC at Hardcore was known but didn't fixed. And since they use A17 now, you need to live with it. You can try to modify your pawn with dev. console or safegame edit (text editor).

Thought this might be the case.  I was considering doing a hotsave at colony start and then tweaking savgame data.   Thanks.

When you can use googledrive you can use github, you just need to allow javascripts like you did for googledrive.
Since this modpack sometimes changes daily, you can't ask at a daily/weekly base that someone give you this modpack.

seriously guys, its impossible.  there is nothing technically anyone can do-  Github will not work on my computer. It wont.  no amount of troubleshootingwill make it work.  Please believe me.  WILL somebody please please please please please please please please pls post this download link to gdrive.  the one that is currently being hosted.  SK for A17-  please somebody post a gdrive link.  im really really really trying to have this mod.  Please somebody toss it on gdrive for a day. so i may have this.  PLEASE.
Releases / Re: [A17] Orassans 🐱
August 11, 2017, 04:01:16 PM
I am having a strange issue.  I am still playing A16, with SKharcoremod (which includes orassansmod).  The bug is when i make a cat colonist in PrepareCarefullymod and then load it.  What happens is, PrepareCarefully creates a game and makes them ok, but all the skill stats are randomized again. It keeps traits,apparrel,weapons,animals etc.  but the skill #'s are randomly generated and fails to retain my custom setup.  Is this a known bug, is there a fix?
Quote from: Canute on August 11, 2017, 03:33:56 AM
If you can use nexus or googledrive, you can use github too !!
Click on
"Download latest test version on Github!"
At Github click at "Clone or Download" then "Download zip".
But sure you follow the installation instruction !!

I cannot.  Github does not work on my computer.
would somebody pls o pls o pls pop this SKversion17 onto a gdrive for a day and post link.  I wouldloveso much to have this
please o pls o pls can somebody do a gdrive link or something for me plsss.   it hasnt been posted to nexus and the other site doesnt work for me. :3
just wondering.. is SK:helleffect working with release 15?
upon further experimentation, I spliced the colonist's pawn thing defs only into the other save file.  Debugger did appear to have an issue with it, but resolved it.. it seems. Not sure what future unforseen problems this will cause if any, but it seems to work for now.
So I want one colony of mine to meet and live with another colony. I've spent a few hours studying the save code and how it makes the colonists relate to the map.

This is a bit of a can-of-worms and I was hoping to understand the programming logic a little further, theres something i dont fully understand and need help clarifying on.

in a save file, it appears that each colonist has 2 sections of xml that relates to it.  First section is "Tale Manager"  which gives each colonist an ID and basically says they arrived in a pod, gives them a map placement, and assigns an owning faction ID.

The 2nd section is "Things" which defines the pawn, thier skills, what they are wearing ect.

My question is.. how do the two relate?  Let's say John Doe is given an ID of "1" in the tales manager section.  When he is referenced as a pawn object, there is no field that references the tales manager id of "1", how does the game know that these two definitions go together? Is it by name fields?  Is it even important to preserve the tales manager definitions in the splice?  or is there a section that im missing?

I'm browsing the defs file, it's interesting. Where did you look up these def definitions?  Like is there a key somewhere that lists the trait defs, or did you decompile a core file? If so, which file?  I'm itching to create a totally emotionless unbreakable trait so I can stop making "iron-willed steadfast psychopathic" clones/androids and free up slots for other traits. :)
Help / Fishing Backstory?
August 28, 2015, 05:34:56 PM
With the addition of the animal skill, fishing has been bumped off the screen in the "Prepare Carefully" mod setup screen (atleast for my resolution), I tried to hardcode this skillgain in the backstories but the skillgain def seems not to be "Fishing", does anybody know the name of this skillgain definition?
Stories / Re: Drunk Boomalope
August 28, 2015, 04:05:09 PM
Kinda like the time I was making a mexican weed plantation and all my guard rimdogs ate the crop and died. You know its good s--- when your stash kills your dog.
Help / Re: help finding apparel textures
August 28, 2015, 03:50:25 PM
thats weird, ive looked and looked, and used the search function and cant find this directory still.  thats why I asked because it didnt make sense I wasnt finding it.  I kept seeing references to it in mod files, but alas for some reason its not there for me.  In things/pawn is a folder called animals and a folder called effects.  weird.  maybe my d/l got corrupted somehow. Thanks for the tip on the PSD file! :)
Help / Re: help finding apparel textures
August 28, 2015, 01:48:32 PM
shortly after posting this, I saw tynan's texture pack post.  Still would like to know where in the game directory this is located. :)
Help / help finding apparel textures
August 28, 2015, 01:46:21 PM
I'm doing clothing mods and im trying to find the core clothing textures like (shirtbasic shirtbutton ect.)

Anyone know where I can find these texture pngs?  I feel like ive looked everywhere, even doing a *.png search on the entire RW directory. no luck.