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Let me stop you all (and future repliers) right in your tracks.

TARO has already explained that the artstyle RimWorld used is far simpler for them to build off of considering there's only 3 people to their team. That said, very [few] things look similar to RimWorld. Yes, pawn and NPC design/movements look similar and rock blocks look similar, but that's where it ends. It plays far differently than RimWorld in that you control [ONE] pawn personally (you even have attack animations) and do everything yourself. This plays close to Forsaken Isle more than anything else with a fairly similar look to RimWorld. Let's also not forget about RimWorld's inspirations so calling Keplerth a copy-cat or a rip-off is highly illogical and senseless in the entirety of their definitions.  RimWorld was [not] the first to use this artstyle (nor will they obviously be the last) and Ludeon does not have a monopoly on the texture design.

Again, it's a stepping stone to make things easier on TARO given their 3-man team as they've already been transparent about. I also don't want to hear about more complex games looking "different" or "better" being developed by one person. TARO likes this style. It works for their vision. They even plan to include MP down the line and as we all know, 3/4 of RimWorld's playerbase wants that featurette that they're not going to get. So, a game that looks relatively close to RimWorld but with MP? You can see where I'm going with this.

Calm down and let TARO do their thing.

Mods / Re: Faking Z levels.
« on: June 22, 2017, 09:11:01 PM »
By whos recommendation?  Multiple colonies are easy until both get massive raids at once.

Im sure there would be a way to disable raids hitting the simulated lower mining levels.

FYI, it's not recommended by Tynan himself.

Mods / Re: [MOD REQ] FORCE treating / going to hospital
« on: February 13, 2017, 04:35:49 PM »
I keep losing people because they go cooking or cutting trees when their arm was just ripped off by a bear... Or because the medic was sleeping.

Simple idea: If bleeding, or hurt. Go to hospital bed. If people injured, ignore ALL other tasks and treat them.

Can it be done?

Change manual priority of these to 1 since their default is 3. You don't need a mod for this.
Would be nice if these could be prioriticed. Based on how badly the person is hurt. Basic injuries are treated by lower skilled medics, critical injuries are given to the best skilled (and thus fastest) medic.

Releases / Re: [A16] EdB Prepare Carefully - v0.16.1.4 (26 December 2016)
« on: February 13, 2017, 04:34:16 PM »
Do you( or anyone) happen to let me know how I eliminate limit or increase colonists' number more than 12? so that I could put more colonists in game. I WANT A HUGE TRIBE! :)

You're stuck like that. It's not ideal but your only course to take (if you're that bent on not waiting to recruit colonists) is to use the dev console to spawn in extra members. You cannot customize them, of course, but it's as close as you're gonna get.

Stories / Re: Regret Everything.
« on: November 20, 2016, 03:53:02 PM »
As soon as I get back to my playthrough, I will resume this post. Currently having fun on Fallout FROST mod, Gnomoria, and Overwatch.

Stories / Re: Regret Everything.
« on: November 18, 2016, 04:15:15 PM »
Day 2
  The next day came far quicker than anyone could have anticipated. The three lonely survivors expected the day to lul along, dragging itself out given their poor luck. But no, their second day of survival was thrust upon them with zero remorse as the small group had to figure out what to do next. The skies were beginning to darken even more despite the knowledge that it was still day time as booming in the distance began to fill the air. Del cracked open the door to see a small downpour of rain which normally would have been smile upon had it not been for the thicker atmosphere it had brought along with it. "I need my mask," he thought to himself as he closed the door, heading to the inventory to place that bit of protection on his face before heading out once more.

  Everyone had approached this scenario with the idea that they were the only three to make it out alive, but even then, Del took along his steel pocketknife for protection in case there was a wild animal or two. He ventured back to the crash site hoping to find some extra meals or even a gun; what he found was something different entirely. There was a person crawling out in the distance, their legs intact but inoperable. Del made his way slowly toward the figure, shouting, "Are you okay?" There was no reply as they kept crawling his way. As he got closer, the face  became more apparent to him as the woman he saw being ripped away from the hallway the other day. She was different, though, as she didn't seem to stop making her way to him. Snarling, lashing out with her hands wildly while Del backed up enough to keep good space between them. "Hey, it's me, Del. Do you remember me? Are you okay?" That was a stupid question given that her legs weren't moving but he wasn't used to this kind of situation. He got nearer, another lash from the woman sending the now wide-eyed man into a defensive position. "What's wrong with you? Don't you remember me?" he asked while looking around to see if they were alone.

  They were alone; it was just them and the crash site with no one else in view. Del had to make a choice to either let this woman suffer the way she was or end it all for her. It was a tough choice. "I'm sorry. Please, forgive me." It was in that instant that he drove the blade of his knife through her cranium with zero blood to follow from the wound. With a final exasperated gasp of air, she took another swipe at the man, missing him entirely and then falling flat against the dirt. "I'm sorry.. I couldn't watch you suffer anymore." With a heavy heart and weak legs, he turned her around onto her back, inspecting her one last time as he noted the green tint to her skin that he seemed to have missed before. He thought it strange, though he decided to dig a small grave for her out of respect.

  He looked up as the sky grew evermore dark, the rolling sounds of thunder echoing behind as he started back at searching through the wreckage. He came across a rifle and a pistol, opting to give it to the couple since they weren't as strong or quick as he was. "This will have to do. I can't waste anymore time here.. I hope the others are doing okay without me," he whispered to himself as he began to run home. Halfway through, he started to choke as if he couldn't breathe, slowing down before holding his breath and making the final dash toward the wooden hut. He almost broke through the door, closing it quickly and ripping his mask from his face with long gasps of air, Lambo and Lumi catching sight of him and running toward him. "Are you well?" the pair asked in unison while Del finalized catching himself finally. He nodded, setting the bag down with the two guns and some meals before them. "Here, I brought these for you." He neglected to mention the woman for now until he knew for sure what he saw. He took a look at his mask before putting it away, realizing what caused his misfortune: the filter had run out. Thankfully, there were a few replacements left and he knew that he could no longer afford to waste so much time out there again like that.

  The storm had finally reached them. Long streaks of lightning crashed all around them, remarkably enough missing the hut by no more than a few meters. The three looked out to the world before them, a wasteland full of nothing save for the strikes of whatever Gods they assumed to anger.

Stories / Re: Regret Everything.
« on: November 18, 2016, 02:06:14 PM »
Day 1
  Del had awoken to the sounds of falling space debris- pieces of the liner he was aboard as they screeched down to this desolate planet. The air around him was thick with smoke and his lungs struggled to take in the air that he found himself coughing back out en excess. There were two others who seemed to have survived the crash as well: a man named Lambo and a woman known as Lumi. They seemed rather ordinarily dressed as well which was a clear indicator that they were mere passengers like himself. As the pair approached Del, they extended out a gasmask that he took in confusion as they spoke.

  "Put this on quickly or else you'll get sick," came the woman's soft voice as Del did as she suggested and donned the shoddy piece of headgear. He wiped the eyes of the mask since there had been dust accumulation on the edges, and now that he could see more clearly, he looked to both man and woman with a hint of concern, "What's going on? Did anyone else make it?" The two shook their head and shrugged, unknowing in their own minds the answer to his questions. "We haven't seen anyone else," started Lambo as he moved off to start scavenging the remains of their liner. Lumi sighed, reaching a hand down to Del to help him to his feet which at least he seemed wound free for the most part. Lumi and Del walked off to the other end of the crash site, picking apart various pieces of steel and other components; wood was even made available from the furniture that was wrecked as well.

  "We should probably get a small hut going, maybe even a fire in case there are others nearby as well who wish to join us." Lumi nodded at Del's suggestion before yelling out to Lambo, "Lam, sweetie, we need to look for a place to hole up. There's a tunnel over there so can you check it out?" Without a reply, Lambo made his way to the tunnel his wife had mentioned, looking around as he neared the end to find a good location that seemed secure enough. There was a deep river to the east, mountains to the south and west, and then the tunnel to the north which made this a one way in/one way out location. He left, rounding the corner and waving his hands as if beckoning the other two to join him which they did quickly; they brought all the gear and materials they could with them.

  They carved out a nice niche against the mountain, taking the wood and constructing shoddy walls with the leftover planks being used for a roof. It would take time, but they were determined to make this a livable shack. "Hey, we should patch these in. There were some miners as well on board the ship so we got lucky with a pickaxe. If you two think it's a good idea, I can dig into the mountain some and see about extending our new home for now." Del looked at the two expectedly, the pair nodding with a smile on their face. "That would be excellent, dearie," came Lumi's quick reply. It should be said that the married couple was fairly older and while they had no exact medical problems at the moment, they weren't as fit as the young man who seemed as if he had his fair share of trials, fights, and even bouts of labor here and there.

  But for now they had their shack. It wasn't the best protection against whatever elements they were facing but it would make due. Today, at least, they'd spend the time they could scavenging what they could until nightfall.

Stories / Re: New Lumina
« on: November 18, 2016, 01:43:29 PM »
Truthfully, you actually re-inspired me to get my story stories started again since I've been needing a creative outlet. And where did I start? My most recent RimWorld playthrough, of course! Still, looking forward to seeing a prolonged life for your colonists.

Stories / Regret Everything.
« on: November 18, 2016, 12:18:24 PM »
This is a toxic fallout/volcanic winter/dry thunderstorm playthrough. I found it to be quite fun and in my many playthroughs with these conditions, I finally had my most rewarding run. Sit back and enjoy. <3

    The alarms sounded abruptly as indications of discord echoed through the ship's interior. The screaming sounds of wind and gust mixed in with the passengers' dismay made for a haunting afternoon that was originally scheduled for an on-board concert. One man in particular, Del, had woken up after a night out with the boys, fighting his hangover to try and ascertain if what he was hearing was his imagination or truth; he found his answer out quicker than he expected. He had opened his bay door, peering about and partially stumbling out as a woman he slept with some nights before came running down the hall. He would have greeted her had the hull not ripped apart and the space beyond not taken her into its pitch black void; it was a sobering reality that caused the twenty four year old to take hold of his door frame once the furniture began sliding along the floor.

"This is hell," he thought, closing his eyes and wishing for the nightmare to be over; and it soon was. One moment he was praying to whatever obscene God he knew that existed and the next? Blackness. Blackness that caused his mind to swim in his own subconscious trying to figure out if he was dead or alive.

Stories / Re: New Lumina
« on: November 18, 2016, 11:40:33 AM »
Great story so far. I would build some walls in there to fire from behind along some sandbags. There could be nothing but you never know with caskets. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing more written.))

Stories / Re: Level 15 Doctor Missed the Kidney
« on: November 18, 2016, 11:28:12 AM »
Like the time I was removing a lung from two prisoners to fix an asthma problem one of my pawns had. Level 17 doctor, silver room, silver medic beds, sterile floors; it resulted in a right lung being removed from one prisoner and a heart being cut to hell and an arm being removed instead.

Stories / Re: Triple Colony
« on: November 17, 2016, 12:45:46 AM »

Stories / Triple Colony
« on: November 07, 2016, 05:01:31 PM »
Well, thanks to the crashlanded mod and the hostile vegetation mod, I now have three colonies to work with that are each separated by rivers and mountains. Sure, I can mine the mountains and combine them- but a tri-colony? Too good to pass up.

So far I have one with three pawns, one with two, and one with five. All are healthy and accounted for, though resource management blows since everything is counted together. Enter: micromanagement; that of which I do not mind.

Wanna take bets on which colony falls first?

Stories / Re: The most badass thing to ever happen in your colony was...
« on: September 14, 2016, 05:56:22 PM »
I have the fishing mod installed onto my game so one night, my singular colonist was fishing inside of a cave where there was just enough water and land to build a pier. While he was fishing, an infestation appeared in the kitchen down the hall from him (I'd say about 13 blocks away). Just as the megaspiders broke through, my colonist (Recur) fished up a marine with a masterwork charge rifle and masterwork power armor. Recur donned his new regalia and made very quick work of those that sought his demise.

Releases / Re: [A15] Faction Discovery (v1.15a - updated 29.08.2016)
« on: August 29, 2016, 01:34:24 PM »
You naming your mod as such gives me thidea of actually sending out pawns to discover new factions in the world (a la misc. Mod), and either returning with gifts given by faction leaders or returning with a mood boost for 'exploration'
You can even expand on that idea and have your pawns sent out to raid, returning with loot/slaves and a chance to be injured/killed. This would give rise to players running a pirate colony.

Actually, with the MISC mods, you can essentially send your people out for a few days (usually 3) at a time to scavenge ruins and return with decent gear. Petitioning that author for raiding is your best bet since he already has a grasp on the idea.

Now, what I think would be a good idea for THIS mod is for a faction to come and and settle down on your current map, albeit friendly or otherwise so there's allies or a growing risk to adventuring out of your base.

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