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General Discussion / Re: Alpha 16 unstable branch feedback
« on: December 16, 2016, 07:52:45 PM »
@hoochy  select your lvl 20 doctor and click on the "i" button.
scroll down there in the menu and look what's his operation success chance.
skill rating alone does not guarantee a safe operation.
often times someone you would never think off has a higher Operation success Chance than your best doctor.

My main doctor has 115% success chance with surgery and has murdered 4 people. The other doctor which is also level 20 has 99% chance and has murdered 2 people.

If you just spawn in bionic eyes. legs, arms, and put all 6 on one patient in one go, there should be at least one failure regardless of doctor. Usually I have 2 or 3 failures when doing this and there is a high chance it is a mortal mistake.

General Discussion / Re: Alpha 16 unstable branch feedback
« on: December 16, 2016, 07:32:25 PM »
I have had level 20 doctors kill patients putting on bionic arms and legs about 6 times now. It seems there is about a 33-50% chance that putting on bionic parts will result in a mistake even in a sterile room with a level 20 doctor. Not sure what is going on there but that seems wrong. Also losing the bionic part because of a mistake seems wrong and very annoying.

Using glitterworld medicine or what medicine for the "anesthetic"?  I always buy some glitterworld medicine to use for the bionics because it seems to up success rate, but I wouldn't claim to have done a statistically significant number of bionic surgeries.

It was just normal medicine, I cheated in bionic arms and legs for all my colonists and maxed my doctor skills. A level 20 doctor is killing people left and right. To me it seems a level 20 doctor, regardless of medicine, should have a very low chance of murdering people putting on bionic parts. If buying glitterworld medicine (which is easy) makes a level 3 doctor better than a level 20 doctor then there is no reason to level doctors.

From my play experience it seems doctor level plays very small part when it comes to murdering people with bionic parts.

From the outside perspective, putting on a bionic part seems a relatively "safe" procedure. After all if you have robotic legs then you think you have this technology which allows it to be added to a human relatively safely, but maybe this is just in my head. If we are talking about curing cancer or aids in the game then it makes sense a lot of people may die if a doctor is just using herbal medicine or something, regardless of level.

General Discussion / Re: Alpha 16 unstable branch feedback
« on: December 16, 2016, 07:22:55 PM »
I have had level 20 doctors kill patients putting on bionic arms and legs about 6 times now. It seems there is about a 33-50% chance that putting on bionic parts will result in a mistake even in a sterile room with a level 20 doctor. Not sure what is going on there but that seems wrong. Also losing the bionic part because of a mistake seems wrong and very annoying (I know its been this way for a while).

Outdated / Re: [A15] Better Pathfinding (v1.3.2 update 11/13)
« on: December 01, 2016, 03:35:49 AM »
Caching paths is one of the approaches I considered. But ultimately, I rejected it because RimWorld isn't very well suited to it. There are a number of problems that reduce the effectiveness of it. There are different sets of rules that apply to different pawns, or the same pawns in different circumstances, so you would have to save half a dozen different types of paths, and even within a single group of pawns, the optimal path depends on the pawn's move speed (terrain adds a fixed number of ticks to the movement cost, rather than a percentage as the UI suggests, so for a luciferium enhanced bionic jogger it can be faster to take a much longer path across paved tiles, while it's faster for the stoned peg legged geezer with a bad back to cut through a swamp to move fewer tiles), and path costs are highly dynamic (holding open a door, dropping a stone chunk, etc., would affect optimal paths), so your path would be invalidated frequently. And on top of that, the most expensive paths are rarely taken; calculating the shortest path from the freezer to the dining room is easy so caching that doesn't help much.
Thanks for the answer... so there's a way to make the game run with more fps and taking it all circumstances? I have a fx 6350 and the game starts to be laggy after 25 colonists...

I would suggest deleting all your worldpawns (dead and alive) from your save, leaving your faction leaders and anyone you care about(buried colonists etc) as these worldpawns eat ticks in late game colonies.
For example I found EVERY animal ive ever sold in there, that amounted to 100s of pigs...100s. All looking into ways of automating this.

I saw this too. As soon as the save gets big (due to history) the game lags a lot. Didn't know they were all ticking but it makes sense. Is this fixed in A16? A tool to do it would be great otherwise.

General Discussion / Re: Rimworld is the best game ever made
« on: September 10, 2016, 11:42:01 AM »
It's certainly not "the best game ever", but it has a solid foundation and much room to grow further.

I already like it very much at this point in time, and i see a bright future for Rimworld in the niche it's positioned in.

The game closest to being "the best game ever" for my personal taste was Warcraft 3 + it's bazzilion funmaps.
Come to think of it: both Rimworld AND Warcraft 3 have a solid foundation and a strong modding community. :)

We need a Temple-of-Tynan mod asap!

I wouldn't call Rimworld the best game ever made if it wasn't for the mods. But Rimworld allowing mods to do what they do is part of its attraction. Tynan lets mod authors get in pretty deep with a lot of stuff.

Rimworld without mods is a great game, but with those mods you can just take it into another realm altogether. So much freedom to experiment with different things. I put maybe 800 hours into 7 days to die so I'm aware that game has a fair amount of attraction too for survival nuts. I can't really get into 7 days to die anymore though since Rimword, the game doesn't have anywhere near as much depth besides the graphics. And 7 days to die has quite a lot of "snow globing" when it comes to the simulation which breaks the immersion.

I'm a games programmer myself, Rimworld makes me want to do a 3D version of the basic engine and hope that mod authors come to add content. :) I guess Dwarf Fortress inspired Rimworld a lot itself but I could never get into that game due to its poor interface and display.

General Discussion / Rimworld is the best game ever made
« on: September 09, 2016, 11:37:39 PM »
I know it makes me sound like some kind of teenage fanboi (I'm 40 though), but right now this is the best game ever made. I must have put over 2000 hours into playing it now, which is pretty ridiculous when I think about things I could be doing otherwise. Sure the game has issues, but most things can be improved or fixed with mods. You go away from it and then there is always some thing in your head that brings you back to it.

I've been playing games since the 80s and this game is the closest yet to the game I always wanted to play in that time. Again, I'm not saying it is perfect because it's not, but it is the best game ever made.

There I said it. Congrats Tynan, the mod makers and the community here.

General Discussion / Re: Performance issues with meat and rooms
« on: September 06, 2016, 11:57:48 AM »
Yeah it is a cool game mechanic.

I don't think it should necessarily slow the game as much as it does though, have you tried it yourself? Cover half a 200x200 map with rooms that are 12x100 internally. Watch the performance plummet because a couple of rectangular rooms need temp calculations (or whatever else is going on internally).

General Discussion / Performance issues with meat and rooms
« on: September 06, 2016, 04:51:34 AM »
If I place too many "rottable" objects in a non freezing room there is a significant performance impact by doing so in my current "Late" game. I had about 40000 excess meat in about ~300-400 piles . I moved it to a non freezing room to destroy it. Doing so dropped my frame rate from about 30 FPS to 2 FPS, until all the meat rotted away and then the performance mostly came back. But after I restarted the game by quitting to menu and coming back performance was back to before this problem happened. DEV mode showed no errors when it was running at 2fps, it was simply all those rotting meat contributing to a really bad performance.

I tried to replicate this on a new map but it was harder to see the performance drop from doing so. However it showed another performance problem and that is to do with room sizes. If you start a new map , go into dev mode and click "build full colony" , for me at least the performance is a rock steady 60fps. If I then build half the map into large rooms the performance drops like a rock. The only difference is the "Rooms", if you remove the rooms the performance comes back. This doesn't seem very related to path finding as adding lots of doors does nothing for the performance.

The current map I am playing on has a lot of large rooms which seems to be making the performance around 30fps now. It seems the Alpha 15c performance improvements did a lot for the pawn stuff but there are some "behind the scenes" performance issues with rooms and rotting objects.

I think there are certainly missing factors here.

If you were on an ice sheet and you were going to die, good chance you may feel OK with eating Steve who was annoying anyhow. Many people choose themselves over others, especially when they don't have a close connection to someone.

I feel like humans in "bad circumstances" often do things they wouldn't do otherwise, and they live with it because they know they can't survive without doing them. So having a mental break that makes them kill another survivor seems unlikely in such circumstances. If you decide to eat Steve you are ok with it, if you aren't, you wouldn't do it in the first place and would just die instead.

Mental breaks are an interesting story telling aspect of the game but there are certainly many aspects in which it could be improved. There are more interesting stories that could be told and the game would be more interesting if it were a bit less "predictable" in regards to people "Losing it" over the same thing.

General Discussion / Re: Increasing performance with high numbers of pawns.
« on: September 03, 2016, 12:17:17 AM »
Just want to mention I play a certain "Game style" that often goes to late game, with many pawns, many mods, etc and that it always lagged even on the smallest map sizes. I have a decent I7 CPU so it is not like you can get much better hardware for this game. I pretty much play the game 90% of the time on x3 speed because anything else is too slow. On x1 speed it was not laggy, x3 was.

However the Alpha 15c version has removed all visible lag and stuttering for me now, except when constructing a lot of floors at once. Steady 60fps. I literally went from 15b that was stuttering and lagging to a 15c that is like the beginning of the game performance again.

So thanks Tynan, much appreciated. Can you go into any more detail about what the actual fix you made changed and what it was doing before? I'm a programmer so its a bit interesting.

Have to agree that having "Rejection" of bionic parts and "Getting used to them" doesn't really make much sense. You would suspect if they had the technology to make synthetic parts, or robotic limbs, that those problems are also "Taken care of". Perhaps it could apply to the simple prosthetic legs and such.

I also don't like the change that was made so you can no longer harvest prisoner limbs for your own colonists. I understand the game is "bugged" in that regard as you can repair limbs that way but the chance of death/damage still exists in doing any transplant. Maybe rejection of "Real limbs" and "Simple prosthetics" could be added so that you can bring back the real limbs again.

Ideas / Performance problem with too many floors?
« on: August 30, 2016, 09:34:08 PM »
I have noticed in late game when I build floors over a lot of the map that it seems to impact the performance noticeably. It could also be correlated to something else late in the game I guess but I figured I would mention it. Maybe it is something to do with cleaners searching for sections to clean?

Also is there any "official" way to profile the games performance? I was thinking I may try decompiling rimworld and then profiling it to see where the issues are.

The changes in Alpha 14 have certainly improved my late game performance by a fair amount, perhaps the upgrade to Unity 5 helped, but still it seems at some point it gets slower and slower even though there aren't significantly more pawns or the map has many changes to it. I only play at map sizes less than 250 due to the performance problems in late game. I have a I7 @ 3.8GHz and Radeon 290.

Releases / Re: [A14] RT Mods - updates all around (25.07.16)
« on: August 07, 2016, 10:32:23 PM »
There is a bug with quantum stockpiles/warehouses that has been there for a while. Seems to happen once the colony grows large and it has to shift a lot of stuff around, lags the game a lot too. I had about 20 stockpiles and one warehouse. Every now and then if I hover over a quantum stockpile I'll see things like "gold x 0" too, which obviously shouldn't happen. I think the warehouse has some kind of bug when it is shifting stacks around.

Outdated / Re: [A14] Enhanced Development - 2016-07-18
« on: July 21, 2016, 11:21:01 PM »
Why do you need so many Trade ships? Are you trying to offload massive amounts of goods or trying to buy something specific? How many do you think you would need / how often?
I am wanting to keep a bit of realism / balance.

I will look into contacting caravans, I would assume that they are working in a similar way but have not looked into that yet, but it is probably a good idea to allow it to be called.

It is a mixture of selling and often trying to get the right trade ship. Due to the poor way trading is handled in the base game, you often can't even sell enough goods to one guy because they randomly have low money. You often can't even buy something from a trader because they have low amounts of only 5 things. So having the ability to call them more often to get what you need, or sell what you have is a necessity for large bases.

Your mod is used with other mods which change a lot how the base game is. The base game doesn't really allow large bases for instance, and in that case your mod is probably fairly well balanced. However I don't see the harm in allowing research which is up to the user to select if they want or not, to make it work for large bases too.

Outdated / Re: [A14] Enhanced Development - 2016-07-18
« on: July 21, 2016, 09:01:01 PM »
Since they take twice as long to charge as they do to call and the limit of one at a time is only the calling, you should be able to have three transponders, 2 charging and one calling at any one time. How much stuff do you need to be selling? Does this not appear to be enough? There is a limit in the game of the Max number of trade ships that can be around at any one time so I want to keep below that number.

The limit is 5 trade ships at once, at least it was in Alpha 13, since you changed your mod I haven't got more than 3 at any one time, now I mainly only have one at a time.

Maybe a research item "research upgrade 2 trade ships at once " then 3 then 4 then 5, for instance. And I would love the ability for the time taken to call them to decrease too as a research item. I know it must be relatively easy for you to specify this in your DLL and it would allow those of us who need more trade ships the option to have it. I also think you should increase the power cost of these things to maybe 3000 or 4000 watts. This would then lead to decisions to how many do you really want to be running since they consume so much. Sure I can have 5 running but then I need massive power drain. And when you think about what these things do, beam into outer space, consuming lots of power makes sense.

Trading at the moment in Rimworld is just poorly done and your mod is pretty much the only thing that balances it at all. Sure I could just increase the "chance" they happen randomly in the XML but your mod feels like much less of a cheat and also gives the player some control over trading. Your mod is something I think is essential to the game as it is, and it will hopefully be incorporated into the main game at some point. I play pretty large bases every time and there is just too much stuff to sell and that you need to buy to rely on the core game mechanic.

Is it also possible for this mod to include a way to contact caravans?

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