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Im still alive! and I can help to

Check this tutorial
For those who wonder if this was ever done:
Dude Im so greatfull you created this. Its a long request of mine from a few years back (

I think you will find some inspiration on what to do next. But probably you already have your hands full. Thansk a lot man.
Wow, I dont know what to do. My mod is updated but i cant get it to go to release channel. Should I just send a message to moderator?
Moderator, can you please remove Outdated tag? Thanks
People! If I need universal fermenter to update my mod. But im not sure if there is anyone working on it. Im waiting, as soon as we get it Ill update.
Hello, is it possible to reposition the progress bar display? In a 3x2 building it is in a akward position.
Thank you tonsrd, I already know about this, and i use it a lot with SK Hardcore. But what we are talking here is more friendly and immersive UI for controling outfits.

But thinking about it,  the problem would be the need for ownership.
We are here! We will defend the need for better apperal managing!!
I really cant make this work. I have a room 23x23, with 2 industrial iontakes, making about 3000 airflow. I have on climate control unit industrial that is outputing -40... The room temperture wont drop... I tried everything. What am I missing?
Hey thats a great idea. Im not sure we can use corpses as ingredients with universal fermenter. I have to check that. I also dont want to make this overpowered. The idea behind all the work to make rations and then pellets is that aa animal need way less pellets to fill his hunguer bar than kibble for example. This in turn makes raising animals mora balanced, becouse you can stock up on pellets before starting a huge herd. Also, with one tile you can stock up to 600 pellets, making the feeding more simple and efficient.
I want to think about this idea, becouse what i dont want is a processor machine that you put corpses and get powerfull rations. Maybe we could output kibble or something. But even then... we would have to put something to dry the whole thing.
To quote a Grand Modder...


Very well done indeed. Its great how you can get the perspective just right.
Outdated / Re: [B18] While You're Up
February 25, 2018, 02:46:32 PM
Hey Guys, hello. I have bee testing the mod for a while. Im noticing that there is a problem with its main functionality. Ill give an example. If I tell the game to remove floors far from the base it literraly takes a lot of time. I think its becouse of the mod. They go over there and as soon as they remove one floor, they have the urge to take the 3 pieces with them. So instead of doing all remove jobs, they do 1 and then haul, then they come back and do it again. Have you guys experienced it:?
Mods / Re: *textures/ resourses* - beginner modders
February 24, 2018, 06:52:00 PM
Link is down.
Never dead! Just waiting some GOD modder to engage in this idea. Im still learning and not apt enough to make this happen.