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Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: June 14, 2019, 02:28:57 PM »
10th of Jugust 5506
Raylan's Entry

     I am so angry. She needs some space! Ok, I am going to give her so much space, she won’t be able to handle it. She thinks she got 20 and now she is a big girl. I’ll teach her a lesson. I am going to build a small spaceship with only one cryptosleep casket and I will put her inside, and I will send her to space. She will have all the space she can get.
     Needless to say, еhere will be no wedding. Ana broke up with me saying she needs some space. As if I didn’t give her enough. I was carrying her on my arms. F…..g b…h! I am so angry now… The cryptosleep casket is what I will start building tomorrow. It is going to be the first part of the sheep, and she can go in there right away. I will give her some space!

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: June 08, 2019, 12:57:13 AM »
9th of Aprimay 5506
Raylan's Entry

     Prima Donna is our female labrador. She has been with us almost from the very beginning and she is bonded to my mom. She is very loyal and in every raid, she selflessly rushes into battle to protect her mistress. After many fights, she looks sad. Her rear right paw is destroyed and jaw is shot off. And on top of that, she is losing her hearing from the age: she is ten years old and it is a lot for a dog. But despite all that, she still tries to follow my mother during the raids or when she is hunting. There is not much help from her now, but she became like a part of the family. Looking at her gray hair I am thinking about my dad. He is also getting old and sicker. During the last raid, his left lung was destroyed and now he can barely breathe. This summer I must try to get replacement organs for him...

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: June 03, 2019, 11:29:47 PM »
3rd of Decembray 5505
Raylan's Entry

     What's wrong with those women? Why they do not like each other? The sympathy of my mom towards Ana did not last long. Soon she started to notice one thing she did not like in her after another. And finally they got into a fight, and they choose a "perfect" moment for that.
     We had a hard raid of 17 raiders and we barely could hold against it. I was shot and got in the hospital. So while tending to me, my mom and my dear lover Ana started a fight right over my bed. Hello! I am dying here! Me dearest women! Couldn't you find a better time for your fun? This is unbelievable!!!

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: June 02, 2019, 03:10:17 AM »
10th of Septober 5505
Raylan's Entry

     Yes, this is me, Raylan, 25 years old guy who got together again with my ex-lover Ana; she is 19 now. We rescued her when she was 15 and I am not going to describe here our relationship before that day. "You see, - my mom seemed to be more happy that I was, - Our first love is the strongest one!" I felt a little uncomfortable because of her joy: what if it will not work? I knew her dream was to see me married and see her grandchildren... By the way, I better remind Ana to take the contraceptive pills, because there are enough kids around and we are not sure yet if we are going to get married.
     Today also the cowboy hats were finished and my father decided to send Valentina and Beniko to this trip. We make them wear the best parkas, as it is very cold now and will get much colder. I am glad to stay at home with Ana anyway!

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: June 02, 2019, 01:49:05 AM »
9th of Septober 5505
Raylan's Entry

     Today we came back from our summer mining trip and I found my father in a bad shape. He looked very tired and much older. Signs of pain marked his face with gray sorrow. Three raids he went through this summer were very hard on him. I knew that his kidney was destroyed last year, but during such a short period of time, he got an arrow in his neck which left him a painful scar. His right humerus was shattered. And his right big toe was crushed by a bullet. Poor dad, it was really difficult to see such a change in him. Even his new daughter Susanna who was delivered by Lora just a few days ago did not seem to make him happy.
     "We got a good deal, - he said to me trying to hide his pain behind a smile. - Trobo settlement ordered 52 cowboy hats and in return, we will get three antigrain warhead and psychic emanator." "Wow, - I was surprised, - the deal is good indeed." "And the hats are almost ready, - he said. - Prepare yourself for another trip." "No, father, - I said, - we will send someone else. I am going to stay to protect our home. You are the only man here and raids have been hard on us!" He looked at my little brother Luke crawling under the table (we were sitting in our dining room) and said: "Ok. Maybe you are right, maybe... will send someone else".

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: June 01, 2019, 12:45:22 AM »
Rayan's Notebook


8th of Aprimay 5505
My father's Wedding and New Assignment
    After his wedding ceremony with Lora my father invited me for a walk and said: "Son, I am going to send you for a trip. Chief of the Curxe of the Bluff has informed me of a collection of Resurrector Mech Serum. After the last raid when I almost lost Lora, I think this is exactly what we need. Just in case." I asked how far it is and how dangerous. My father assured me that we should not expect anything serious, and the place was about three days away. "But do not hurry on your way back, - he said. - Camp in the mountains and collect as many components as you can. Also, tame more muffalos if you find them." "Yes, father. - I replied. - And who is going with me?" "Take Ana and Valentina, - he said. - You can camp in a few different spots and you can stay there all summer, but make sure you come back before it gets too cold."
     I found Valentina and Ana and we started to prepare for our trip.

10th of Aprimay 5505
Leaving the Colony
     We had a day off before the trip and yesterday we got everything ready. My father gave me his sniper rifle. I have never used it before and I feel excited to try it in the field. Lora made three sleeping pads for us, we got some meals, berries, and medicine and we are leaving today. I also packed frag grenades, just in case. Our muffalo Gaya seems also excited to move around after long winter. It is raining today, but we decided to leave anyway, as we planned. Here we go: the journey begins.

14th of Aprimay 5505
Resurrector Mech Serum
     Our walk through the mountains was very nice. I enjoyed the beautiful views. And in three days we were at the desired spot. There was a tiny camp guarded by one man and two turrets. The frag grenades happened to be very useful. I found a dead zone behind a slate wall and sneaked close enough to one of the turrets. The girls followed me to provide me some cover in case the bad guy will show up, but their moves were inaccurate and they got a few turret bullets in their legs and arms. Soon I destroyed the turret and we started our assault… The bad guy fell immediately.
     We spent one night in his house and this morning we deconstructed all solar generators and batteries for components and started our return trip towards our first mining camp. The Resurrector Mech Serum was in one of the Gaya's bags.

2nd of Jugust 5505
The First Camp
     It is the third day we are mining at our first camp. Today Valentina left with Gaya, loaded at maximum. She will be back in about five days. Meanwhile, we are going to mine the rest of components nearby and move towards our colony looking for a reach spot for our second camp.

9th of Jugust 5505
     At the second camp, we found four muffalos. After several days of trying to tame them and not having any luck, I called my father and asked to send here someone who can help us with that, so we do not waste time and continue mining. The time flies and soon the summer will come to its end. My father sent Beniko, the girl we rescued and adopted about two years ago. She is already 13, and she is a very smart kid. Yesterday we had a deep talk with her about the connection between Von Neumann probes and children. We both agreed that the connection is more than obvious.

1st of Septober 5505
The Third Camp

     The first day of autumn found us in the third camp on the ocean. The ocean is beautiful. Benko was able to tame three of those four muffalos and went to the colony to pick up some warm clothes for us, because we decided to stay here until mid or maybe even late fall, as long as it will be needed to collect all precious minerals. Our relationship with Ana got to normal. In the first half of our trip, I felt lonely and I was trying to romance her a few times, but she rejected me. She is 19 now. At least we are not upset at each other anymore.

General Discussion / Communication between Caravan and Colony
« on: May 29, 2019, 01:26:03 AM »
This might seem to be not very important, but from a scenario (story) point of view what do you think: is there any communication between caravans and colony and how does it work? If we assume there are radios or some other portable com devices, does it mean that there is no connection for tribals or when you did not research electricity? What are your thoughts about that?

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: May 28, 2019, 11:59:37 AM »
6th of Aprimay 5505
Raylan's Entry

     Early morning when we were having our breakfast a terrible noise deafened us, and, crushing through the roof and covering us with debris and dust, three transport pods landed right in the middle of our dining room. With shouts and crying kids rushed in all directions. Those who were nearby drafted their weapons, but of course, no one was ready for this.
     Lora took the first blow. Two Scythers approached her in a doorway and before she was able to aim with her shotgun, they cut her in several places and finally cut off and destroyed her newly installed bionic leg. What a fate! Later in the hospital, it was discovered she was pregnant and there was a danger that she can lose her child.
     The third Scyther attacked my mom who was cooking meals in the kitchen, but he did not cause much damage to her. Me, Ana and even little Katt with her revolver opened fire and soon the Scyther was downed. The other two left Lora and attacked Mitsuya and Ana. In a moment they both were downed.
     By that time everyone came in the dining room for help and soon both Scythers were destroyed. Luckily nobody died but Lora and Ana were very close to perishing.
     What a terrifying experience! This raid taught us a lesson: never take off your flack west, cause you never know when you may need it... Well, here comes the cleaning time!

Ideas / Re: Rimworld Police or RBI
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:19:37 AM »
You only need police or Investigation agent's if you have law's to follow.
But currently Rimworld is an anarchy planet and don't got any law's you need to follow. Only the strongest survive.

You may not have any laws to follow and your goal is only to survive. But those Outlanders, for example, have some laws which in their opinion everyone must follow.

And imagine if they arrest your pawn and take it to prison, you will still be able to control it to some extent and plan and perform a prison break with following pursuit etc...

Stories / Re: The Anomalies of the Ragtag Colony
« on: May 28, 2019, 12:28:32 AM »
A psychic ship part lands in my base. After damaging it and the subsequent battle with the mechanoids, Smelly, my worst melee colonist (he has 0 shooting but 3 melee so he gets a sword), kills a scyther with a single strike.

I love it!  :)

Ideas / Rimworld Police or RBI
« on: May 27, 2019, 03:18:54 AM »
Another fraction: Rimworld Burau of Investigation with its own agents and special forces. Do you harvest organs from prisoners? Does someone have a relationship with pawn under 18? Do you trade hard drugs in large quantities? Other illegal actions? Expect RBI agents visit your colony. You can try giving them a bribe. But what if they are not corrupted? They can arrest the pawn responsible for the crime or you can declare yourself to be outside of the law. And then expect their raids.

Maybe an idea for mod?..

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: May 27, 2019, 02:55:49 AM »
2nd of Decembray 5504
Raylan's Entry

     My hunch was correct. Their "mining trip" was only beginning. My father's feelings for Lora were visible to the naked eye, and they finally became lovers. Poor mom! It is very hard for her to see all this happening.
     Lora was recruited by my father about twenty days ago after she was shot by him during the raid and imprisoned. He shot off her left leg and fall in love. I don't know what there was more love or remorse, but she used it in her benefit. After she got around, my father has changed in some way. I am not sure where it leads, but her influence on him is significant. Suddenly, she became the second person in the colony, because now my father was like reminded that he is the head. The bionic leg which was bought from traders for Aunt Miriam is now being on hold for Lora. "Aunt Miriam does not need it, - he answered my question about it, - she has Alzheimer's anyway. She will be fine with her peg leg." That's how he is talking now about his own sister...
     We are staying mostly indoors because of Toxic Fallout, working in the greenhouse and doing some construction. Somehow I have a bad feeling about all those changes.

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: May 25, 2019, 06:07:27 PM »
15th of Jugust 5504
Raylan's Entry

     Our colony is a weird place. Despite it was founded by my father as a Family Clan, we have more and more strangers living with us. It is unclear even who is in charge of everything now. Who is making all the decisions? Aunt Miriam often starts to wander in confusion because of her Altzgamer's disease. And my father about a week ago recruited a 40 years old woman named Lora and left with her for a "mining trip". My mom is in furious! I thought when you get divorced, you don't care about that person anymore. But it seems to be the opposite. She looks exhausted. The wrinkles on her face deepened and her eyes became puffy. All the colony seems to be on her fragile shoulders. Besides her three newborn children, she adopted two more girls: Katt (10 y.o.) and Beniko (12 y.o.). We can talk about one's principles concerning the child's labor, but the reality dictates its own laws: if you do not work, what are you going to eat? So Katt loves to work on our chicken farm, and she helps my mom with cleaning and hauling. Beniko travels with Muffalo to mining sites and brings mined minerals. Ana is 18 already (I can't believe how fast these three years have gone!), and Mitsula got sick with the plague.
     Some sad thoughts visit me nowadays: from ten souls staying in the colony at the moment, only me, my mom and Ana can really hold the weapon in our hands. What if we will have a raid in an hour? Looking at my tiny brothers and sister crawling on the floor around the dinner table, I see a terrible picture in my mind: everyone is killed, the colony buildings are on fire and our entire colony is wiped out...
     This can't go on like this, or we're all gonna die. Somehow we have to bring our life in order!

Stories / Re: Family Clan
« on: May 23, 2019, 12:43:36 AM »
7th of Aprimay 5504
Raylan's Entry

     "You can not help every child on this planet, my dear," - Aunt Miriam was having her simple meal next to my mom. Katt (the little girl from the raid) was still imprisoned, but it was clear that she is almost ready to join us. Although Aunt Miriam was talking about another 11 years old girl, who was wounded not far from our colony and was asking for help. "We have to help her, - my mother said. - We can't just leave her there to die". "But what if she will stay? - asked Aunt Miriam, finishing her meal. - Are you going to open an orphanage?"
     Finally, they decided to send Ana and Mitsuya to rescue her. By this time I got really tired of Ana's attempts to romance me and she also got angry at me because I rejected her already several times. With Mitsuya we are ok, but there is no way we will ever get married. I suspect Aunt Miriam realized that and was sending them away, secretly exposing them to danger: not being family members, they did not fit here.
     There is another candidate for this marriage in the second prison cell - Valentina. She is a little older than me, but I kind of like her. Not sure though if she will desire to stay...

Ideas / Glitterworld Expansion
« on: May 20, 2019, 10:05:42 AM »
It might be fun after you build your ship in Rimworld to land on one of the Glitterworld planets and see what is going on there... Is it so ideal, as we think it is, or there are some hidden surprises?

Survival in the heart of the highly industrial hi-tech jungle or whatever Tynan's fantasy can offer to us  ;)

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