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Mod bugs / Grey screen bug
March 26, 2022, 03:06:57 PM
Hello. I haven't played Rimworld in a long while and I decided to give it a go a few days ago with my roughly 200 installed mods. Everything was working well until a few hours ago some issues started to arise, one of them being a grey screen whenever I load a save, I've found a workaround which is just reloading the save until it loads without a grey screen but I'd rather just get to the bottom of the cause so I won't have to do that. Now, I tried looking into the logs to find out what's causing issues and it has worked to some degree as I got to eliminate several problem causing mods but doing so didn't fix the grey screen. I suspect one of the mods conflicting or having the wrong load order. The logs still show a bunch of errors but I've been unable to decypher and figure out exactly what they are pointing at, thus, I'm coming here in the hopes that somebody more experienced with reading Rimworld logs would kindly help me out by taking a quick look.

Grey screen:

Ideas / A big list of bad ideas
September 06, 2016, 11:31:35 AM
Ticks and lyme diseases: These pesky little parasites randomly attach themselves to pawns and animals out in the wild and they drain a very tiny bit of blood of their victim. Some may even spread lyme disease which can be fatal if not found and treated in time. They are like a bad event but the game wont tell you if a pawn has ticks or if he is infected with lyme disease. Ticks can be found by the vitcim himself randomly and lyme disease will be revealed after the patient is in life threating situation or if he died. Ticks will detach themselves from the victim over time they also can be removed using the operations tab. Victim wont get lyme disease instanly if an infected tick attaches to him it will take some time to get infected. If found too late it may even stay pernamently and the pawn will need to be treated regularly or he will die.

Lice: They suck a tiny bit of blood from the victim and they are really REALLY annoying. This is just like the tick but it wont kill anyone but they will give a medium negative mood effect to pawns the dont yet know they have lice and will have a big negative mood effect on pawns who know they have lice, other pawns may even start to dont like or even avoid the pawn having lice as it can spread to other pawns of the are too close to each other, can be cured using medicines.

Internal bleeding: Can happen after a pawn or animal gets either shot or hit with a blunt weapon, it is not revealed untill the pawn either dies or a doctor found it. Can be healed with an operation.

Medical examination: Can be assigned to a pawn on the operations tab, the rest will go like its a normal operation, the pawn will find a medical bed, lay in it and wait for a doctor, the doctor wont use any meds or anything and the patient will be awake during the examination. This will take some time but if its done it will reveal any unknown health problems on the patient. If the doctor finds no problems the patient will have a little mood boost as he or she will know they are healthy and this will be a relief.

Stockholm syndrome: Rarely develops in prisoners brains and will stay untill they are released, killed or recruited. The prisoner will start to have positive feelings towards their captors and will even defend them if they get attacked.
Prisoners with stockholm syndrome will ignore anything bad his captors do to him and it will be a lot more easier to recruit him. If released they might even refuse to leave.

Lime syndrome: Stockholm syndrome that only affects the captors of the prisoners. A pawn may develop lime syndrome if the colony has prisoners and he will start to hate other pawns for having prisoners, will hate them more if they
hurt the prisoners or kill them. The pawn having lime syndrome will spend more time with prisoners and may even refuse to hurt them. Theres a chance he will set the prisoners free.

Fear level: Acts like a new need but it will only go up if the pawn feels itself in danger, high fear level will have a negative effect on joy and mood levels and even on the pawns health. If you send colonists to attack a raider band
with bad gear their fear level will go up, if they get into a fight they may retreat on their own or if the fear level is too high they may even fall unconcious due to the fear. with the fear level high they might even refuse to leave
their rooms or their base as they are too scared to go outside, let the pawn relax a bit then send him into a fight, with the fear level too high their natural adrenaline might kick in and some of their abilities will be better for a
very short time.

Algophobia – fear of pain
Agoraphobia – fear of open places
Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals
Algophobia – fear of pain
Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning
Atychiphobia, kakorrhaphiophobia – fear of failure
Chemophobia – fear of chemicals
Claustrophobia – fear of having no escape and being closed in
Cynophobia – fear of dogs
Frigophobia – fear of becoming too cold
Im not going to list all phobias here that could be in the game as there are too many. For example if someone has claustrophobia and they are in a room with little space they will have a bigger mood loss than others and may even have
a mental break

Amnesia: There are multiple tiers of amnesia and some are more fatal than the other. There are temperoraly amnesia, pernament amnesia and recoverable amnesia. Temperoraly: their lost memory will return over some time without help.
Pernament: Can not remember and will change the pawn fully. Recoverable: Can only recover with the help of other pawns and medicines. If a pawn gets amnesia due to head injuries they may forget some of their skills, traits and
social relationships with other pawns, and for example a pawn has violence disabled and after he gets amnesia it may be allowed from now on untill he recovers. There should be a new trait for pawns who had amnesia and it would say "This
person had amnesia during his life, and he/she never recovered" or something like that. Pawns can start with amnesia but its really rare. Memory forgotten due to amnesia is random, pawns cannot forget everything so after amnesia there
will be some memory remaining always.

Unconciousness: If a pawn is in extreme pain or gets a sudden injury to the head they might go unconcious. This is like being incapacitated but better, unconcious pawns cant do anything, they cannot be fed they wont feel anything.
Treating an unconcious pawn will consume less medicines as they cant feel anything so theres no need to use anesthetics. They will wake up shortly after going unconcious. And wont remember anything that happened while being unconcious.

Coma:If a pawn gets a sarious injury or a head injury he might go into a coma, basically its like being unconcious for a long time. Pawns can be in a coma for hours, days or maybe even months. Feeding people in coma will take longer and
other pawns who have a positive relationship with the pawn in come will be sad, pawns with negative relationship with the pawn in come will be happy. Pawns in come can randomly wake up but they will be incapacitated for a few more days.
Pawns who have a positive relationship with the pawn in come will be happy, pawns with negative relationship with the pawn in come will be sad if they recover from a coma.

New drugs:
Painkillers: Pawns can take it if they are experiencing pain and this will ease the pain for a few ingame hours. After it has worn off the pain would return back to the old state unless the pawn has healed while under its effects.
Little bit addictive. Can only take 1 pill each day, consuming more might lead to overdose and even death. Calms the consumer a bit giving a mood increase.
LSD: A serious addictive drug. Fills up the joy and mood meter of the consumer fully but literally im sorry but fucks up the consumers brain and everthing for some time, the consumer will not be able to do anything properly and will
randomly do things, for example a pawn who consumed lsd needs to bring a rock chunk to the dumping zone but he will instead place the chunk somewhere randomly or put it in the food storage, or the pawn needs to hunt a deer but instead
starts shooting a fellow colonist or start punchnr a tree or just shoot the mountain thats nowhere near the deer, hallucinations will make the colonist flee randomly or attack stuff.
Adrenaline injection: Enhances sight, moving speed, hearing, blood pumping and manipulation for a short time, addictive and expensive, great in combat situations.

Suicide: The worst mental break of all. Extremly rare and if the pawn is not stopped he will die. He wont kill himself instantly, he will go to a room where he is alone, lock the door and wander around for some time in the room thencommit suicide. After breaking down the door or wall he will either go for it or go in a berserk state where he will use weapons so you will have to capture him fast.

Taser: An one use rare item that incapacitates the target for a short time on a sucessfull hit. Can be constructed on a machnining table using plasteel and other components.

I just had this rush of ideas today and this is all I could write down. I'm sorry if some of the ideas doesnt make any sense and im sorry for my bad english too, english isnt my primary language.
Game constantly freezes for me for a second every time and it didnt do this before i installed the mod.
When I installed the mod to my existing colony one of my colonists didnt do anything, just stood there. He didnt move even when drafted, mood didnt go up or down nothing. He had a bionic and a prosthetic arm. I fixed this by removing the mod, removing his arms then putting the mod in and installing his arms. Now im paranoid because half of my colonists had synthetic parts before the mod.
Ideas / Re: White phosphorus mortar
April 22, 2016, 05:12:10 PM
Well if you will going to be able to actually hit something with mortars then I would love to see new mortar types.
Ideas / White phosphorus mortar
April 22, 2016, 01:41:54 PM
The shell would explode in mid air and it would release white phosphorus which would cover the area beneath it and stick to everything it touches. It would burn everything it touches and could even ignite flammable things. For example you are getting raided, you use the phosphorus mortars and you hit some of the raiders, the phosphorus sticks to the raiders and the phosphorus would burn them so heavily it could even leave permanent burn marks and would even rarely burn their internal organs or burn off their limbs. Also it could even burn off their clothes. Basically a better incendiary mortar. And to balance it the mortar could only be bought from traders on a high price then installed on the ground.

I know its a stupid idea but I still wrote it down to see if people will like it.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
April 22, 2016, 12:59:34 PM
If you remove the liver or both kidneys of someone they would still live for a little time. Also we need more bionic body parts.