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Quote from: Ouroboros...what? "Bionic Blood Cowboy Tyranny"? Ahh

"Heavy Metal Cowboy"

Heavy for oppression.
Metal for bionics.
Cowboy for ranching.
...and cannabalism is an overplayed meme anyway.
A couple additional points:

1) After digging through the various memes for other missing precepts, it seems Tree Connection is also missing Gauranlen Connection, when used for non-player factions. All other required precepts appear as expected.


2) The ancient ideologian at the bottom of the list belonging to ancient danger room pawns does NOT suffer from the missing precept bug. High-Life and Tree Connection function properly on this ideologian.

Given that this ideologian is also the only one of the pre-generated ideologians without any meme restrictions (e.g. all other vanilla faction ideologians prohibit the blindsight meme), I suspect the system prohibiting certain memes depending on faction type is the root cause of the issue.
Issue: If an ideologian for a non-player faction has the High-Life meme, the Drug Use: Essential precept will not appear, despite being a requirement of the meme.


Steps to replicate:
1) Generate a new world with a non-player faction capable of getting the High-Life meme (e.g. Rough Outlander).

2) Pick a random landing spot and select creating a custom ideologian.

3) Scroll though the list of pre-generated ideologians for one with the High-Life meme. If one doesn't already exist, edit the memes of an existing ideologian to give it High-Life.

4) Note the lack of a Drug Use: Essential precept.

5) Neither re-rolling the precepts nor manually adding precepts allows Drug Use: Essential to be added to this ideologian. Indeed, the other (non-Essential) drug use precepts are disabled by High-Life.

This isn't purely a graphics bug. Pawns of this ideologian, show no interest in drug use during gameplay.

6) OPTIONAL: Select the pre-generated ideologian with High-Life as your faction's starting ideologian. You can now role-play as stoners with no desire to do drugs.


Player-made High-Life ideologians DO have the Drug Use: Essential precept. This is a bug specific to pre-generated ideologians. There may be other meme/precept bugs as well for pre-generated ideologians. High-Life was simply the most obvious one I've found during my limited gameplay.
Three ideas:

1) Did it destroy the head or the neck? It's possible the neck has less HP.

2) Was it a masterwork or legendary charge lance? The two highest qualities provide a damage boost, so they might have the extra damage needed to get the job done.

3) Was the head in question already damaged? Either by a recent hit or via scar tissue.


If you are sure it's none of those, I would post about it in the bug forums with as much detail as you can muster. There might be something weird about tough that needs looked at.
If you make and edit a custom scenario, one of the aspects you can change is disabling certain event types. That includes mech clusters as an option to disable. But this requires you start a new game using that newly created scenario.


If you want to actually fight the mech clusters, what I typically do is lure out the mechs from behind a wall; dispatch the mechs, then carve small holes in the walls such that there's only line-of-sight to one or two turrets at a time, then keep doing that until they're all gone. If the cluster doesn't start off with any good walls, you'll want to make some yourself before waking up the mechs.

I can give more in-depth advice if you'd like to provide a screenshot of a troublesome cluster and the pawns/gear you have to work with.
No idea. I've not been in a situation where I wanted to recruit a wild person before.
She's a wild woman, which means she's effectively a wild animal.

You have to tame her instead of recruiting her.
Quote from: LakeWobegon
Unless I am missing something charge lances range went from 37 to 30 and its long range accuracy dropped by 5%.

Charge lance range got nerfed when 1.1 first came out. You've just never noticed the change until now, apparently.


Quote from: LakeWobegonNo that is the way you want us to play [mech clusters]

Tynan and company have been pretty transparent from the very beginning that the mech clusters are intended to make the player play more offensively.

Quote from: clusters always appear in an initially dormant state. The player can take the time to decide and execute a plan of attack. This puts the player on the offensive, which contrasts with the defense-oriented fights in the base game.

You won't ever see defense-oriented mech clusters, because the day 1 advertising for them explicitly states they aren't supposed to be defense-oriented. Forcing you to go out and engage them with your troops is the role they play in the game. That's why they exist.

If you really don't like them, you can turn them off in the scenario editor, but it's incredibly unlikely you'll ever see them become defense-friendly.
Quote from: 1.1.2587 notes– Increase health of mech problem causers.

Defoliator ship is a mech problem causer. So that at least was definitely mentioned.
Psychic sensitivity, if I remember correctly, increases a pawn's max psychic entropy. So it allows them to cast more in a short burst before overloading.

You can double check me by looking up the details of the max psychic entropy stat on a pawn's info (i) sheet. I'm pretty sure there's a sensitivity multiplier in there, but I haven't played in a few weeks.
The travel time on a rocket is significant. If you have a pawn with Skip, just bait out a rocket launch, pause immediately, and Skip the target to safety. That shouldn't be too hard if you're keeping track of the warm-up on the rocket boys and have a shield belt or two to withstand any other attacks the bait is taking.

Alternatively, you might be able to Skip some of the rocket boys into melee range. Ranged units don't fire their weapons when in melee, so once you pull them toward you, the main danger is neutralized.
General Discussion / Re: Some psy's not good.
March 13, 2020, 06:49:07 PM
Painblock is obviously useful when you need to get a pawn who is downed back up and to safety, but don't have the time to do a proper rescue. Usually, they'll be down due to pain, so blocking it will get them back to walking for 30 seconds. My big problem with it is a downed psycastered can't painblock themselves.

I haven't ever used the others you mentioned and agree they have rather questionable utility. Although, I could see manhunter pulse being very effective against trade caravans, but I personally don't attack them.
This may be intentional.

Healroot is naturally occurring in temperate biomes where temperatures can get quite cold. If healroot died in cold, these wild plants would also be impacted and things wouldn't make much sense from a lore perspective. It's the same idea as trees and grass not dying when it's super cold.
Out of curiosity, did you check your spam folder? It's pretty common for SendOwl to get marked as spam because it's an automated system.
General Discussion / Re: My Mechanoid Friends
March 10, 2020, 01:02:51 AM
On the 5th day Jugust my Mechanoids gave to meee,

Two unstable cells,

And a fog machine for my colonyyy!!