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RawCode.  I upload the log while I was on the map with the music not playing, so I'm not sure why you think it was a random log.  If music was playing in the main screen and not in the game map, it was either corrupted files (I verified integrity of game files) or it was a mod.  I had assumed it was a mod since the integrity was fine.   That's why I came to you folks because you're pros at this stuff and the error didn't really point to a specific mod that I could see.

Thanks Canute for your suggestions!  I fixed the problem but don't actually know what was causing it.  I ended up doing going into the main menu (options/gameplay) while playing and clicking on "restore to default settings."   It rebooted and the music has come back on.  Very strange, since I had the music maxed in game and it would only play at the main menu screen.

Going to shut off verbose logging and post a new problem I'm having in a new thread.  Thought it might help you folks who mod every day but now I know it's giving too much info.
Here's my log file.  Seems to be repeating an error over and over.  Mentions something about sound but I don't know what it is.  I tried verifying cache in Steam and it looks good.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'm at that too dude.  I put 1.2.3 back in and my map isn't loading anymore.  My mods don't work after restoring it back to the previous version.
I know how to get into steam and go to betas.  Problem is I don't know which 1.2 was before 1.3.  I see 1.2.3005, 1.2.2723, and "latest 1.2." I tried latest 1.2 and my game wouldn't load with the mods.  I assume that I was running the latest version before 1.3.  It just seems like in the betas section the versions aren't sorted by release.  If someone could help me so I could know the latest version I'd really appreciate it. 
Not sure of what the mod is that's causing it.  Keeps mentioning something about drug policy is way out of expected range.  If I uploaded my log file, would someone be kind and take a look at it for me?  Thanks in advance! :)
Mods / Re: How to tell which mods are slowing the game
October 31, 2019, 09:42:04 PM
Thanks for the info dude! :)
Sweet!  Thanks folks! :)
Hey Canute! Good to see you are still posting on the forums.  I think it might have been something on my end because eventually I was able to download. :)
Tried downloading it in firefox and with chrome.  The download never begins even after I click download.  Stuck at "waiting for"
I don't see a way to change the cfg file so it finds my mods folder.  The default .cfg file is looking in my c drive.  I don't know how to create a new one and the old one doesn't list a path.

How do I change the path so it finds my mods folder?

This is where my mods are located. 


Anyone know of a mod that allows smelting to increase crafting skill?  When my pawns smelt, the crafting skill doesn't go up.  Also, does smelting increase any skill at all?   Thanks for the info!
Mods / How to tell which mods are slowing the game
October 17, 2019, 01:07:10 PM
Hi Folks,

I'm running about 220 mods right now and I'm wondering if there is a utility or another way to figure out what mods are using the most game resources.  It starts out fine but then quickly becomes a lag fest.  I'm running Runtime GC and use that when things start to slow down (regenerate avoid grids, reclaim memory, remove dead pawns).   Thanks for your help.
Releases / Re: [1.0] Alpha Animals - 1.09 (01/12/18)
January 22, 2019, 11:55:44 AM
Is there a way to control sandsquids to they fertilize the zones I'm already growing crops in?  Thanks!
No surgery option for me to install diplomatic auxiliary AI on any colonist.
Thank you! :)