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Outdated / Re: [A14] Muzzy-Utils (updated 2016-08-09)
January 03, 2017, 12:40:07 PM
Quote from: MechanoidHater on December 30, 2016, 11:32:28 AM
I comfirm. The mod works even on alpha 16.

It really shouldn't work. I checked that Alpha16 changed the colonist bar classes a little in a way that makes my hooks fail. The freshness filter might work, sure, but the portraits really shouldn't work...
Outdated / Re: [A14] Muzzy-Utils (updated 2016-08-09)
September 12, 2016, 02:39:18 AM
Oh, right. I forgot to update it to A15 here. Well, I only changed the version number anyway. The mod will probably keep working for quite a while without any changes, really.
Bugs / Re: Strange heating/cooling exploit
September 09, 2016, 06:12:56 AM
If it's still present in A15, it means GenTemperature::EqualizeTemperaturesThroughBuilding() wasn't fixed. I checked it in A14 and the code was designed to work with maximum rate of 1 and would risk functioning incorrectly if rate was higher. Vent, however, uses rate 14. Due to this, it only works correctly when both rooms have at least 14 cells.

The heating room pushes out some 500 units of heat, even though it doesn't have that amount of heat in it. There is clamp-to-average when heat is reduced from the source but the unclamped value is used when pushing the heat to the next room, thus the vent amplifies the heat by some 10x (or whatever) in this situation.
Oh great, Tynan has spoken. Stealthy "surprise game over"-bears are working as intended.

So let's get back to the topic - removing warnings from raids.

At least in the early game the polar bear spawns are like raids without warnings, just worse, since the bear always goes for a kill while raiders (and manhunters too) will stop when the colonist is downed.

I think it would be perfectly fair to remove some raid warnings to get this FANTASTIC fully intended game experience to a wider audience.
Quote from: Britnoth on August 31, 2016, 06:32:46 PM
I'm guessing you didn't even bother trying the mod, then?  ::)

I haven't even launched the game after the incident. And I'd still have to keep scanning the spawns regularly because I need those snowhares for food, too. It just doesn't feel okay anymore.
Quote from: zyzz on August 31, 2016, 04:45:07 PM
I haven't played on an ice sheet yet, are they really that bad?

They're bad. I've been playing mountainous ice sheet games recently, and it's basically forcing me to pause the game every now and then and spend a while drawing selection boxes all over the place to see if anything has spawned recently. Except, in my last game, I missed the bear because I only did the scans twice per in-game day and it turns out that's not enough. Thus I had a surprise game over.

Normally this issue is mitigated a little bit by the autoattack setting on colonists, so they fight back instead of fleeing. Not so much in mountainous areas, where your hauler fetching goods from that cargo drop and the stealthy bear will both trace the mountain edge and the colonist will not have time to fire at all. He had a charge rifle too (rich explorer) and definitely wouldn't have gotten himself killed had I gotten a notice about the bear even 2 seconds before the bear landed his first hit.

Sounds like a fun way to lose the game, right? You'll just suddenly get a notice that you're under attack. Maybe it should also say "you're an idiot for not seeing that bear even though it never appeared on the screen", because that's how I certainly felt. I felt like a failure because I knew I had plenty of time to find that bear before the incident happened, yet I didn't.

I reported the lack of warning as a bug, but instead some people responded telling me to watch the hunger bars (of bears spawning offscreen without an announcement, yeah, staring game!) and that maybe a learning helper topic about predators would be needed (as if that helps solve the issue!)

So yeah, this thread is just me being pissed off and venting because this is massively rage inducing, and I'm finding it impossible to enjoy the game anymore. I really wanted to survive on those ice sheets because they're challenging, but I'm absolutely NOT going to pause my game once per minute on a stopwatch, just to scan for bears.

I figured highlighting the issue in a setting that's more familiar to other players would be a fun thing to do, thus this suggestions about removing red alerts. It's exactly as I expected, nobody thinks it's a nice thing that you get surprise attacks that you're somehow supposed to notice on your own. And yet, more than one guy thinks polar bears spawning and attacking without a warning is something you just have to deal with, because that's how it is. Goddamn is-ought logic.

I don't even know why I'm taking this so seriously. :(
Quote from: Louisthebadassrimworlder on August 31, 2016, 07:34:39 AM
Because polar bears are something you have to deal with, but do you stare at the ice for ages waiting for one to attack? No, you know they aren't enough of a threat to worry about. One polar bear is a lot different than raiders with guns...

Uh, one polar bear is MUCH WORSE than a raid. When a raid comes, you prepare and go to defensive positions. When a polar bear spawns and starts hunting a minute later, you never knew it was in the map to begin with! The moment you get the first notification, the bear is in melee range and attacking to kill.

The only way to stay safe from surprise polar bears is indeed to stare at the ice and completely comb through the entire map, approximately once per minute. Because 55 seconds is the worst case scenario between bear spawning into the map and the said bear switching into stealthy colonist hunter. If you sit down to play RimWorld for few hours, you'll have to scan through the entire map for bears a few hundred times during that session. FUN!

I just figured this "stare at the ice fields" experience should be extended to the entire game, since it's so desirable and totally not an issue of any kind. The staring simulator will definitely make raids more fun as well and the gameplay more tense!
Quote from: Louisthebadassrimworlder on August 31, 2016, 06:55:14 AM
Because without it you would be constantly checking for raiders rather than working on your base, thus making 'Colony Sim' redundant, more like 'Staring Sim'.

But isn't that FUN? I mean, that's what the ice sheet games are all about, staring at the wilderness non-stop! Polar bears might spawn any time, and in a mere minute they could start hunting the nearest colonist, all without any warnings until they've reached melee. Turrets won't attack the hunting polar bears either (they only attack manhunters, not food hunters) so you better pay attention to what's going on!

Since this is intended behavior, why not take it a bit further and make it apply to raids too? And, well, every danger event. Take all the warnings out! Consistency, man, consistency!  ;D
The generator doesn't count as part of the room, it's practically a wall instead. Same for nutrient paste dispenser. It's a little bit strange yes.
Ideas / Remove all red alerts if people are sleeping
August 31, 2016, 05:02:07 AM
MAN! Why are there warnings about raids when people are asleep? Wouldn't it be more fun if you only found about it accidentally when you zoomed out and noticed the raiders are right at your door already? That would really improve the gameplay I think!!

Actually, why do we actually need alerts about dangerous situations in the first place? Wouldn't it be bucketloads of more FUN if you had to pay more attention to the game???

PS. This is totally not a reference to polar bears spawning off-screen on the ice sheets, then suddenly mauling colonists to death without the slightest warning.
WTF is wrong with people's reading comprehension? It's pissing me off to no end to read responses in which people treat me as an idiot who doesn't know game mechanics.

And that's actually the worst part of this, because my subconscious is also telling me "THERE'S SOMETHING YOU COULD'VE DONE ABOUT THAT IF YOU WERE ONLY BETTER AT THIS GAME", and I try to figure out WHAT THE FUCK WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE and the only thing I come up with is "oh, just pause the game once per minute and comb through the entire map manually". That's it, there's nothing else that could've saved me, but that definitely would've.


It would even be better if they were actually LITERALLY invisible and only became visible after they attacked. I COULD DEAL WITH THAT. I CANNOT deal with a VISIBLE enemy that gives me ONE MINUTE of time to discover itself before it engages in a potentially fatal, game ending behavior. WHY? BECAUSE "YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN THE BEAR THAT SILENTLY SPAWNED OFFSCREEN A MINUTE AGO, NEWBIE, WHY WERE YOU FOCUSING ON SOMETHING ELSE?", which summarizes half of the responses here.

And it annoys me to now end KNOWING that I could've avoided this game if I had only stopped everything once a minute to comb through the map. Yes, I should totally be doing that. It's how this game is supposed to be played! With a one minute timer ticking on the desk. Maybe I could even make a mod that automatically pauses the game for me once a minute, that would significantly improve the experience!!
I just did some math. It looks like 9 in-game hours is enough in worst case until the spawned polar bear starts hunting colonists. They can spawn at 50% food need and omnivores will get hungry at 30%. Polar bear hunger rate is 0.35, and hunger rate interestingly seems to correspond to satiation lost over 15 hour span (WTF?) so it's just 8.6 in-game hours to get that 20% drop to start hunting players.

So, it seems my plan of scanning for animals twice a day was flawed to begin with, I should've done it 3 times a day (or more, if at irregular times). At the fastest (i.e. 6x) speed this means I'd need to pause the game exactly ONCE PER MINUTE to do the animal scans. If I do it any less often than that, I might have an active stealth killer on the map unknowingly.

And who knows if I'll screw up a scan since I need to do it manually? Again, surprise game over if I miss a white bear against a white background. I also just realized that having any items on the map disrupts the selection box scans. Seeing that "(various)" could mean you selected two different types of stone chunks (and there was no bear in the area), or it could mean you selected steel and some cargo pod drop or whatever items left on the map (and there might've been a bear in the selection area!). So I should also pay close attention to the scanning process that I have to do once per minute, to see what the various-selection actually was, to rule out the possibility that the selection was unable to reveal animals. No. Just no.

This is a showstopper. Seriously, I can't play like this.
This is DEFINITELY NOT INTENDED BEHAVIOR. Or if it is, the manhunter warnings MUST GO and I'd very much enjoy if manhunters would always maim people to death too instead of just downing them.

It is absolutely insane that a single NEUTRAL polar bear spawning (unannounced) is significantly more dangerous than a pack of 20 manhunting polar bears arriving. With a little bit of bad luck, even setting colonists to automatically attack doesn't save you because you can meet the bear at a goddamn mountain corner and then you're just dead.

It is absolutely insane that the current game mechanics FORCE me to go around drawing selection rectangles all over the map twice a day, because not doing so can mean surprise game over. This time, EVEN THOUGH I DID THAT I STILL MANAGED TO MISS THE BEAR.

The player has a total information awareness about what's going on in the map, so it should NEVER come as a surprise that one of your guys suddenly just dies because you weren't babysitting his hauling session across the map. I repeat, I NEVER EVEN KNEW THE BEAR WAS IN THE MAP.

And since it clearly isn't intended behavior, it's a bug.
Bugs / [A15] Polar bears hunting colonists, no warning
August 29, 2016, 08:59:09 PM
Either remove the mad animal warning completely (it'll be more fun when it comes totally unexpected right?) or add a red alert when wild animals decide to hunt the colonists.

Mad animals get a RED warning and they're almost never fatal. Polar bears get no warning at all and they're pretty much guaranteed to be fatal if they reach melee before you notice.

I was actively trying to search for animals just a few seconds before this happened. The only way to find if animals have spawned is to try select large areas of the map near the edges and see if there are animals. That's something I do all the time in ice sheets, and yet this time I missed the polar bear because it had already moved away from the map border and was going after a guy hauling stuff from a cargo pod. It was basically a game over -event, which would've been 99.9% surely avoidable had I noticed it even 2 seconds before the bear reached melee (because that hauler was also the best shooter of the colony and had the charge rifle)
Mods / Re: Steam updating mods to A15
August 28, 2016, 07:35:57 AM
Maybe someone could make a mod that alters how the game loads other mods? So we could have A14 and A15 versions in the same mod, with the Defs and Assemblies directories moved to e.g. Versions/A14/Defs and so on. Once it works well enough, convince Tynan to support it officially as well :P