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Quote from: Pink Photon on March 04, 2015, 12:56:12 PM
I captured an injured tribal, gave them a peg to replace their missing leg, and then released them. Whatever it gets called in-game, I consider that a rescue.

I haven't tested to see the overall change to the relationship, but capturing makes them hostile to you.  Not sure how much the 'release' gives back.  It also makes it problematic if you have several of a faction's pawns being healed.  Can't capture the one while the other is there or they will get mad for some reason.
And you are stuck with them unless you let them starve or imprison them.  Would be nice if you could operate at least to add missing body parts or if more of their buddies would come by to pick them up.
Ideas / Automatic Power Usage
March 20, 2014, 11:54:25 AM
Could there please be some way to have lights/power only activate when an object/room is in use?

There could either be hardware that needs to be built (pressure plates/switches) for a colonist to activate when entering a room to turn on the lights/power the objects or research a technology that will automatically turn lights on/off when colonists are in the vicinity.  To this same point, I would assume that the colonists wouldn't want the lights on while they sleep.
Bugs / 254 Bug With Arrest And Attack
December 05, 2013, 08:30:58 AM
Just had a dual event spawn where a wanderer and mad squirrel showed up.  The two of them were close enough that they started fighting each other.  In the middle of their fight, one of my drafted colonists arrested the wanderer and started hauling them to the prison bed.  During the 'hauling' the squirrel was still able to stay in the initial spot where the wanderer was arrested and attack them while they were being carried away (psychic squirrel attacks).  The expected logic resumed after the arrested wanderer was dropped off.
Ideas / Re: The many-guns problem
November 14, 2013, 05:56:41 PM
Quote from: Galileus on November 14, 2013, 04:23:43 PM
Idea of maintenance by "eating" other weapons of same kind starts to grow on me as best scenario presented - as long as it's highly automated and streamlined so that player can check it all out with few clicks and as minimalistic info as needed. Choose the colonist, hover over his weapon and a tooltip pops up with it's stats. Next to HP? Total HP that can be recovered from other weapons of the same type. So if you see 70 (230) then you know you can repair it to full and will still have 2 full repairs at disposal.

Owned guns? It feels very meh. What's the reason? And I mean gameplay reason and not RL reason. I do get (and aprove) skills in certain weapons (AR, pistols, SMGs and so on) or general aptitude (Assault, Sniper, CQC); but weapon ownership? I can see much more problems with it than it's worth. Want to change someone equipment? But it's not his gun, he's gonna learn it all anew! Want to test out new toy? Need to let someone learn it before you see it's full potential. Want to upgrade someone's weapon? He needs to learn it. Switch weapons in combat? He needs to learn it. Pick up weapon on ground when your rifle breaks? He needs to learn it. Want to have any kind of elasticity? Nope, because everyone knows exactly one gun and cannot be bothered to use any else. It produces a very rigid system that actually discourages player from experimenting and keeping his gameplay fresh. The game would slap him every time he wants to try out something new. It's like forcing someone to stay on the same level of Mario when he beat it 100 times already. Infuriating!

As for weapons parts - this seems way to robust. I'm a HUGE maniac of guns modifications. But this will once again force us to restrictions - namely in amount of different guns. Can't have too many types of weapons or too many models of weapons, because player will quickly be buried under all these different parts. Not to mention the scope seems off - again, any change in equipment and you have to go through all these modifications and crafting recipes like it was a jRPG. It would be much easier to create weapon variants with additional upgrades on them (like some SMGs come with red dot), but just one upgrade and kept under control (so that we don't change every single part). Maybe create unique weapons with these attachments? I would LOVE to see them in game, but not as a fully blown crafting system. Create them with metal? Buy them from traders? Fair enough. But strip three different weapons to then create one attachment to then strip other four to create a gun that can use it...

I would love some additions and depth to combat system (sprinting? changing fire modes or aiming stances?), but not too far. I believe there will be more than enough micromanagement in finished game to not want additional weapon management on that scale. Weapon attachments? Go ahead. Unique items from guns, stripping them for individual parts, crafting lists and recipes? Too far.

The point of the owned weapons is that it would present cost benefit analysis.  Pistols are crap right?  Not really, they fire fairly fast and acquire targets faster.  I don't want all of my colonists using 'the best' weapon because there isn't one.  But if you already have several experts with their weapons and you lose your short range guy in the last raid, it is a choice to force a replacement now for a long term gain in the ability to fill in your stopping power at short range or stick with your currently more powerful longer range expertise.

The parts salvaged from weapons would only be meant for repair/maintenance and should be placeable in stockpiles.  The unique salvages wouldn't be a bonanza of upgrades for all the items, they would be specific limited combinations.  For example, the scope wouldn't go on a shotgun but rather on other rifles.  An additional pistol grip would only be something that could be added to shotguns/smgs. This also wouldn't be a apply all possible but just an apply one.

I was also trying to get the point across that colonists could own several weapons through their personal inventory, so it would just be 'knowing' a single weapon at a time.

Creating new weapons really wasn't anything i was going for, only maintenance and slight modifier upgrades.

I honestly don't see how this is different that the current situation where your dedicated miner/farmer/repair colonist dies or is injured and you have to send in the b team to take over. 

My understanding of rimworld is that it was supposed to be a less forgiving experience where you have to scrap everything together to survive.  Not a game where you didn't mind losing  someone/something.
Ideas / Re: The many-guns problem
November 14, 2013, 04:00:51 PM
Quote from: Tynan on October 22, 2013, 12:41:38 AM
People tend to build up a lot of guns. While it can be fun to have a big armory, it can also feel pretty micromanagey after a while.

How do we solve the problem where people get huge amounts of guns?

I've got lots of thoughts on this but I'm curious if anyone else has any specific ideas on how this design issue might be solved.

These could be:
-Economy adjustments
-Changes in how guns are acquired
-Variations on gun degradation
-Other ways to get rid of useless guns
-New AI behaviors to dump/destroy useless guns automatically
-Changes in how guns are dropped or acquired
-Don't solve it, just let it happen, it's awesome!

I'm interested in your thoughts. Let 'em fly!

Multi-Part Suggested Solution:

Guns retain health per damage they receive.  Guns of the same style can be used to repair existing guns.  Energy can repair energy, rifles, rifles, etc.  Gun gets hit by too many explosions/fires then you lost it.  Why do you care about losing a generic gun?

Because guns should be 'owned'.  This is Bob's rife.  There are many like it, but this is his.  Make colonists gain small bonuses to sticking with a weapon over time.  Allow them to have a personal store of items in their rooms.  Make them use a new weapon and they have to get used to it, get to know all the little operations.  Why should guns be owned?

Because they should have to be maintained.  If you just fire a gun all the time and drag it around with you while you dig through rock, dirt, and sand then it will not work well.  Poorly maintained weapons should start to jam and misfire.  Why does this help reduce guns?

Because the maintenance of the weapons you want will need parts from the guns you don't want.  Now you are not selling every gun you come across because you need some to maintain your defender's preferred weapons.  How do i manage this new process?

Add a gunsmith station.  Colonists with high shooting will be more apt for this.  As colonists guns degrade they can drop them off to have them worked on as long as there are enough spare parts for that model.  Though this station you can manage your arsenal, assigning the number of a certain weapon to keep in stock or to take some of the existing stock to break down for parts.  High shooting skill?  Good change of getting stuff from the weapon that is being broken down.  All weapons will 'drop' a few parts for that weapon type that can be used to maintain/upkeep another weapon of the same type.  Better skills will usually get more of these parts than a lower skill would.  High enough skills and you start to get unique parts from different weapons.  Salvage pistol grips that can be added to other weapons for stability/fire rate.  Chances to get the scope to add to a different rifle, rifle stock to add to a pistol, clips to extend magazines, add bayonets, etc.

These special parts can then help you improve everyone's personal weapons.

Raiders need to have different behaviors.  They all just want to annihilate your people.  It seems odd.  They should have different objectives, either take some/all of your food, weapons, metals, etc.  Having raiders steal some of your weapons would help as well.

Don't arm every raider either.  Go Russian tactics.  As the waves get larger, have several unarmed that stick around their buddies to pick up their weapon when they go down.

Require weapon parts and special parts in order to create certain defenses such as the turrets, charges, traps, etc.
Ideas / Re: Got an idea for a Storyteller incident?
October 31, 2013, 11:42:08 AM
A trade goes awry. When the goods land, it turns out to be pirates/bomb/etc.

if alcohol can be involved - Party night, the colony celebrates something or another.  no big deal, but it can be tied into other events, such as an attack during/after while everyone is still drunk

Crashed but mostly intact ship.  send some colonists to explore it, potential for tactical room to room fighting with monsters or hostile inhabitants.  could also have an unstable rector that requires a large amount of repair so it doesn't take out a large section of map. could have nothing.  regardless, the ships hull can be deconstructed over time for salvage or it slowly turns to rubble.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
October 31, 2013, 11:27:07 AM
A 'safe' room.  Very hard to break into so you might have enough room for a stock pile and some colonists to try to hide during a raid.  Most raiders might just ransack the rest of the base and leave the safe room alone.  Some may try to crack into it.
Ideas / Re: Few Ideas
October 30, 2013, 11:25:58 AM
Quote from: nnescio on October 30, 2013, 10:59:30 AM
Quote from: jpheep on October 29, 2013, 10:35:48 PMAllow for corpses to rot away and also allow for your colonists to burn them. ...

You can manually burn corpses if you have molotov cocktails hanging around (draft + force fire). Still, I agree, it would be nice if corpses actually rot and colonists can burn corpses with a simple click. (or by assigning a funeral pyre dump site where corpses get automatically burnt by colonists with the cleaning task enabled. Alternatively, an incinerator/crematorium may also work.)

For added bonus, make it like DF where rotting corpses produce miasma when underground (or indoors, in the case of Rimworld.)

Quote from: jpheep
... light/dark affecting combat, for example, take the fight into your base and shut off the lights near your members so they are harder to hit or putting spotlights outside to help aim at raiders during the night ...

This is actually already implemented. Darkness reduces accuracy by 40%. I use standing lights as makeshift spotlights near chokepoints and/or firing zones while my colonists huddle around a roofed area with cover around so that they are always in darkness when fighting.

I had been trying to use the moltov cocktails to do that, but it didn't seem very reliable.  I reverted to killing the fire rats when they were walking over the graves.  I would think this could be a decent mechanic, burning former colonists would decrease morale.  Certain traits might get offended by it too.  Alternatively too many rotting corpses or graves to attract unwanted attention from native animals or scavengers.  And I agree, rotting things should cause other unwanted affects like miasma, mold, or insect swarms.

I am glad to hear that the lighting is already in the game.  I thought it might be, but wasn't sure. To that point, it might be nice to be able to have flares as equipment that can be tossed out as needed.  Alternatively, if gear is implemented, night vision could be some such gear that would reduce penalties in dark and increase them in light.
Ideas / Few Ideas
October 29, 2013, 10:35:48 PM

  • Allow for corpses to rot away and also allow for your colonists to burn them.  The graves pile up after a while.
  • Change the equip system to allow for primary/secondary and gear.  The idea being that your members that only do combat really would have a long range and short range / melee weapon.  Any miners that you send out and about could use some mining equipment to do their job faster and a sidearm for defense from animals.  People that stay in the base might drop the weapon all together and use repair equipment, research equipment, farming equipment, etc.  Ideally there could be several sets of gear, like fire resistant clothes, ballistics armor, hauling exoskeletons to increase hauling capacity, etc.
  • Biofuel systems that generate electricity from dead animals and food
  • Wall modifications/upgrades such as in-wall lighting, 'arrow slits', reinforcement to resist explosions, sprinklers to resist fires, solar flare shielding, etc.
  • Electrical grid improvement systems that reduce output but also decrease chance of electrical failures
  • A safe way to remove roofs or prevent them from being constructed, for example, i want to wall off my solar panels for protection, but not cover them up
  • Call to arms, allows you to assign members to be recruited and where they are supposed to go, allowing for a single click deployment of your forces
  • Non-lethal weapons such as stun guns, bean bag rounds, batons, etc.
  • Prisoners can perform jail breaks
  • For the love of god, a roomba to help clean
  • Rain washes away blood over time.  Blood attracts hostile creatures
  • Cloaking enemies
  • Highly coordinated raids can call in planetary strikes from their support ship
  • Light vehicles such as RVs for hauling or APCs from the enemy to attack
  • Sensor system to actually know when events are coming instead of instantly knowing a raid is coming
  • light/dark affecting combat, for example, take the fight into your base and shut off the lights near your members so they are harder to hit or putting spotlights outside to help aim at raiders during the night
  • Various defenses such as barbwire, trenches, electrical fences, barricades
  • Lightning rods to help precent damage to your base
  • Leadership roles, such as commander, preacher, or leader giving various bonuses such as better performance in combat, reduced affect of death, or higher loyalty.  Possible events could start to occur such as a coup, inquisition, or rigged elections causing unhappiness, conflict, or executions, trials leading to exile
  • Target practice, sparring, social event time such as drinking/playing cards/etc
  • Send teams of colonists out on expeditions to gather resources, research, survivors, go on the offensive against raiders.
  • food storage systems such as barrels, processing, refrigeration, etc.
  • hydroponics to improve soil quality, plant growth, and provide more bountiful harvests
  • trade for books to create a library, helping improve intelligence and provide relaxation
  • set the maximum amount of work that should be done, such as bob should only haul for 2 hours but bill can haul for 8
  • Colonists will visit the graves of their fallen friends