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thanks for the suggestions :)

We will actually be re-naming the coffee beans in the next patch (to something made up) so that we are not using any real life drugs in the mod. This is to allow for compatibiloty with other mods that also have "coffee" etc. The new drug could resemble coffee or guarana.
Quote from: Pink Omega on November 11, 2016, 03:11:23 PM
Hello! Can I ask you something? I'm currently doing a mod, so, in wich program did you made the creatures?

Hey. I use GIMP for all of the texture editing, but any graphic program that allows for a transparency layer will work (Photoshop, etc.)
Quote from: w1r3dh4ck3r on November 10, 2016, 04:59:28 AM
I don't know if this is the right place to report this but, this mod loaded together with ED Prepare carefully causes the Animal tab in PC not to work properly (it does not open, or I should say it does not render) gonna make another test but it seems to me that the load order does not matter for this problem to occur, is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this?

do you have the latest version of this mod? that should have been fixed in the last release

I thought about your concern more. Since other mods already have coffee implemented, we will probably rename the "Coffea" bush (to something made up) and replace the "Coffee Beans" texture and name (with another made up drug). This will allow the coffee bean item/effect to be useful to everyone without duplicating other mods already in place. We still may overlap the plants and animals of other mods, but this would at least eliminate any concerns about coffee (which seems to be the most requested change). If we decide to make a plant similar to tobacco (or any other drug) in the future, it will probably use the same philosophy (of a made up name). Also, I think this fits the vanilla style well, because there are no other drugs currently in game that have real world nomenclature.
As stated previously in this thread, we are currently not looking for outside art and have not accepted any so far. I appreciate the offer though and will let you know if we decide to take some in the future.

I can't guaruntee that this mod will not replicate any plants or animals from other mods, because this mod is a standalone overhaul. However, players are free to pick and choose the textures that they prefer. All of our plants and animals can be turned off in their respective biomesdef file. This may be useful if another mod adds a duplicate species that a player finds more appealing. I like to think that choices are always a good thing and do not mind if other mods have similiar plants or animals.

We are currently not taking any outside art. Also, this mod does not contain any extinct animals. With that said, congrats on getting a standalone mod out :)

As kavern stated, you can add any animals you want by their race def and they will be compatible with our mod. Let us know if you have any questions regarding adding your own animals to the game.
v1.3.1 has been released with the following updates  :)

- Fixes compatibility issues with the "EDB Prepare carefully" mod
- Coffee Beans and Dream Root can no longer be used in cooking
- Reduces the size of the apiary to only take up one crop tile
- Makes edits to grammar and nomenclature
- Makes changes to animal and plant rarity and statistics
- Honeycomb now gives the "ate fine meal" bonus (similiar to insect jelly)
Since it rains so much, fire is not really an issue. With that said, we may reduce the flammability of wild rainforest plants because of the moisture in the area (making fire a non-concern).

this is my in game vision of how the grass/ ground cover would work as a crop field:

1. the player draws a crop zone over the area(s) that the player wants cleared.
2. pawns assigned to growing will clear the tain forest plants in this area and then proceed to plant no-work (instant) ground cover. [forbid the zone to ignore it]
* other pawns could help clear with the plant cut order
3. after a very long period of time the plants may be able to change (or get bigger), show weed growth and eventually die (disapear)
* the plants would randomly choose from a few different textures and be randomly staggered in a crop tile
4. the pawns sssigned to growing would cut and re-plant new ground cover/ grass.
* the plants would provide no movement bonus or penalty
* the plants could be harvested for a hay like reaource
A crop zone will allow small plants (weeds) or grass to be displayed over the exsiting ground tile (e.g. dirt) unlike a floor tile (which replaces the floor texture completly). We may be able to create different growing stages for plants (i.e. texture changes to show change overtime) in a crop zone as well. We can use multiple textures that would be randomly selected and patchworked together to create a more natural look for plants or paths when using a crop zone. Also, this will be available in every biome, so floor tiles that do not match the rainforest may clutter other playthroughs. Just some things to think about.

I think that a floor tile requiring no work and no resources, but providing other bonuses is overpowered. So, either way, the solution will provide no speed bonus or beauty bonus. With that said, it will remove the movement penalty of the rainforest plants (allowing pawns to move faster).
@Seinne: thanks for the feedback

If this is added as a floor (not a crop), it may be added as "trampled earth" without vegetation, because (a) it would not behave like other plants (e.g. not edible by animals, infinite lifespan, placed with construction skill, not need sunlight, etc.) and (b) it would be allowed anywhere, including places without existing vegetation (e.g. caves, stone tiles, dirt tiles, etc.) Is there a reason that you would prefer constructing a floor over placing a crop zone? Is there a reason that you would prefer "trampled earth" over vegetation?

While a good idea, I think that modifying the plant cutting mechanics is out of the scope of this mod.
to add to kaptain's post above, if this was placed by a crop zone, it would be a type of grass or ground cover, such as common bahia (instead of trampled earth), that is basically free to plant and lives a very long time. It could also be locked behind a cheap research (sod farming) and provide a resource similiar to hay after a very long growth period.

Once again though, this would be added mainly as a compromise to prevent future plant growth in specific areas of the rainforest (without using too much work or resources).
Quote from: Tammabanana on October 31, 2016, 09:48:58 AM
Reporting possible mod conflict, CK v1.3 and EdB Prepare Carefully:

EdB's "Animals" tab goes completely black for me. Only the "Animals" tab does this - the rest function correctly. I'm running in dev mode and it's not spawning any debug errors, just... ending the "add resources" stage with an empty space. You can click "back" to go to the previous step (editing people), but the other resource tabs disappear too.

Just tested it with only those two mods active, and it still happened; it doesn't matter which loads first. Disabling CK restores EdB's "Animals" tab functionality.

Not really game-breaking, since you can add animals in the scenario step anyway, but puzzling.

The issue has been identified and will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for pointing this out.
Quote from: Draegon on November 02, 2016, 10:30:26 AM
I noticed that trees are not spawning much after a fire, I have a rather large area of ONLY small plants (which looks neat but still figured you should know).

screenshot by chance?
Quote from: kcirdor on October 29, 2016, 03:00:24 AM
The reseeding is so fast its difficult to put down pathways.

Is this a new issue with v1.3?

The jungle is supposed to be difficult to navigate and build in and should be more challenging then the other biomes in that regard. Creating a few paths should not be too big of an issue, but clearing out big areas may be. We have looked into this in the past, but can look into it again.