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This instantly became my new favorite idea.

I'm rather excited about this and I might be a bit to emotional about it right now, but this should/could be a bigger, more fleshed out feature. Tynan really should look further into it.

There are many and creative things you could do with it.
for example a Infested Meteorite (Starship Troopers is greeting) or some kind of Seed Bomb for a quick way to put more plantlive out.

Love it. Thanks for the share. I should play a bit more with scenarios
Ideas / Re: Must be added to vanilla at some point
November 01, 2017, 11:10:14 AM
Quote from: NemesisN on November 01, 2017, 12:19:02 AM
Quote from: Topper on November 01, 2017, 12:16:19 AM

I doubt anyone of modders would mind Tynan implementing their mods into the game to take legal actions

After all this game made it possible for them to mod it

Quote from: NemesisN on November 01, 2017, 07:20:18 AM
Tynan implements someones mod

They take legal action against him

Tynan shuts down the development of this game because of financial downfall

Now the modder screwed himself as he can't mod anymore this game

lol  ;D

By that logic Bill Gates could give away any Software, that runs on Windows, for free. I don't want to derail the topic. I'm just pointing out that what you say makes absolutely no sense.

On Topic:
#Set fixing the gameplay experience to better as a priority.

Fully disagree. The game is not feature complete. I don't want the Devs to waste time on "optimization" they will likely break in the next patch

#18 Alphas and still Rimworld has minor annoyances in gameplay

The key word is alpha. Alpha is for bringing out new features. Beta is where you start fixing minor annoyances.

#Tynan please consider these as they are probably used by majority as must have mods in their every gameplay.

How do you want to know how many people use which mods?

#Comment below what do you think is essential [..]

None. I have several hundred hours in RimWorld and I see no Mod essential.
different types of ammo for artillery? how about a seed bomb to replant grass and trees?
Why a whole new item when you could use medicine?
Is it reasonable to introduce a new item when there is ideologically a similiar item? Since the idea is to extend the current system we want to add something. not for the sake of just being diverse. Using medicine would just mean that we increase the cost of something and split same on different times of uses. in my eyes this is some form of artificial gameplay.
As we look at the current situation I would not like to increase usage time of an already scarce or hard to get item. My suggested Bloodpack introduce a compared to other items unique gameplay.

Is it in accordance with the world and lore of RimWorld?
RimWorld features a world with futuristic invetions. Human can be put into cryostasis. There are non organic artificial prosthesis. When I argue that the medical tools in this game could feature cauterisation without further damaging healthy flesh of a body, it is understandable. When I also say that healthy parts of a human could be glued together almost instantly to seal open wounds you might think of enzymes that glue together cheap ham.

Did you see the movie Repo Men? If you answer it with yes, you might already know what I am talking about. The logic of this movie regarding the medical side is very similiar to RimWorld. Some scenes of said movie feature medical practise. One thing that is used several times is a gel that closes open wounds in close to no time.

So why am I talking about this again? As I said in the first post, this does not create new parts of the body out of thin air. The body of the colonist would still need time to recover from the injuries and repair the damage that is still left over.
One thing of this is the blood lost while suffering from open wounds. For example the amount of iron needed to create new blood cells takes great toll on the body. So do other important nutrient needed.

Does it create new stories?
One part about RimWorld are the stories. So does this extension on the healthsystem add memories we want to share?

Imagine following things:

  • how much blood a colonist lost
  • how much blood a colonist donated
  • how much blood a colonist received
  • how much blood was lost from injuries done by a colonist
  • how much blood is lost on average in a raid on defender's and attacker's side
  • how much blood was lost in the colonie

This creates material for great stories or underlines the effects of an event. A doctor who tells stories of terror because of how much blood he needed to save lifes. When another family member donates so much blood he becomes bedridden only to help his siblings. A Veteran who recites stories from all the blood he lost to impress the newest member of the group.
General Discussion / Re: A16 Hype
December 13, 2016, 03:21:30 AM

click here for fullsize
Did I just find the best map on the first try?
Bloodpacks - How to extend the current Healthsystem

When your colonist gets injured with the current system they start to bleed. The bleeding currently functions only as a timer how fast someone needs to be treaten. As soon as every wound has been cared for they are no longer at the edge of death and in a rather stable position. Infections work as an universal complication in the recovery. The longer someone stays untreaten in a dirty environment the more likely they are to not heal without problems.

So far this is a simple system that suits the gameplay of RimWorld well. There is no overcomplexity nor is it so deeply detailed that it intimidates the players. Be fast with the treatment, do it good and keep it clean or else you fear infections. This is important to mention as I will try to keep it that simple while extending it.

Now I think there are things we can agree are just plain unbelievable or are just left out completely.
Take this example. Your body gets perforated by many bullet wounds. You are barely staying alive. Every part of you is affected. The Doctor treats all your injuries, you spent some time in the bed. One day you are fully healed and with no longterm issues. Your body is in the best condition as it always were before.

Just plain unbelievable, right? No matter how good the capability of Medicine is in the future. This is where I want to extend the current Healthsystem. The longterm effect on colonists when they get injured. Yes, the text so far was necessary to understand what my Idea is about.

Adding a recovery phase after you leave the hospital bed
It should not be complex but still believable. You want everyone to understand it and Tynan doesn't want to rewrite the whole game. Let's use what we already have. And let me surprise you, it actually makes some sense!

Did you ever donate blood? The body needs about one month to fully recover the loss of 1/2 liter blood. You do not have to study medicine to understand that the performance your body can bring is decreased when you have less blood.
Fortunately, the game already features a system about losing blood. Should we extend it? Absolutely! Even if you believe the tools of a doctor in RimWorld can repair the damaged flesh of the patient as if it is hotglued together, you can't create organic material out of thin air.

The Conclusion of this: Let Colonists suffer from the effects of Bloodloss.

At first you can't tell a real difference. You might feel some loss of consciousness. The more blood you lose the more it affects you. You start to pace your walking speed. You will be less social because the tiredness keeps you from making big deals in trading. In the end you might not be able to work alot since you can't catch some breath.

Bloodpacks - Introducing a new Mechanic
Of course there need to be ways to treat this bloodloss. Let colonists donate Blood in form of a Bloodpack. The is a currency of well-being. Your little guys can help each other out to recover faster from injuries. Misery loves company.
Let me convince you, guys. This functions as the universal recovery from getting wounded as infections are the universal complication in the healing process.

The Bloodpacks won't last forever. Even frozen they should be able to spoil. I propose the idea that the stay usable for about 2 seasons or 30 days. This keeps it from being a mundane task that needs to be done too often.

Effects on the Gameplay
Fending of raiderattacks become more of a longterm decision. The player will not be able to heavily injure all his colonists at each raid. This acts as a penalty for bad performance while defending the colony. The effects are compareable of those from bad mood. The player gets less done in the same time for not caring about certain needs.

Proposal of the Idea - Bringing everything down to short points

  • Bloodloss affects the performance of a colonist after the injuries are healed
  • The average RimWorld body contains 5 liters of blood
  • Blood is produced at an rate of 1 liter per 10 days
  • Blood can be donated in form of 1/2 liter Bloodpacks and act as a currency of well-being
  • Bloodpacks spoil after atleast 30 days even if the are frozen

Bonus/Optional Mechanic
Introduce three different bloodtypes. A, B and 0. A and B can only recieve from their own or from 0. 0 will be an universal donor but is more rare as the other types and may only recieve the same type.
Let me propose the idea of non uniform distribution othe the types. For example 60, 30, 10 to make them different valueable
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
December 10, 2016, 05:11:49 AM
Quote from: Alenerel on December 10, 2016, 03:15:12 AM
About the keys 1-3 changing the speed, they are good as they are.

absolutely. i didn't want to appear as denying that. i appreciate that we share the same view on this.

there are many ways to implement it and hopefully Tynan finds a way to not accidentally change the speed if he adds this to the game.

another cheap idea would be to combine creating order with deleting same order that you just press rightclick to delete a zone.
at first when writing this i thought i'd unstood the reasoning behind this but the more i think about it the less reason i see. it just struck me as very counter intuitiv that you can't completely manipulate a single order with one unified tool for it.
The hotkey system follows non intuitiv system as i see no repetiv muster behind it.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
December 10, 2016, 02:38:30 AM
hover with cursor over manual priority and press a number to set it to this number.

i somehow can't believe this is not in the game. is it in there and i just missed something? right now it changes the speed
Did you ever notice that you have too much to talk about a single topic? I was about to give a full fleshed out review about this topic.

Things that need to be done, told as short as possible:

instead of running up to an animal each time you want to tame it make it that it can be trapped in a cage and/or lured back to a fenced area, where it will be tamed. this reduces traveltime and makes it more bearable to lose in a fight. of course that will bring up new events to not make it too easy, aka grenade in fenced area results in free meat.

Strap a personal shield to an animal. Takes alot training. Maybe 10 successfull sessions? I don't know why this isn't a thing yet. I understand that if every/too many animal run around with it, fighting might get too easy.

Improved AI
Step 1. Make indoor Animalzone for housing them all day
Step 2. Make outdoor Animalzone for fighting
Step 3. Hope the animals are awake and sent them all into outdoor zone as soon as Raiders enter it
Step 4. Scream "Unleash the Hounds" with your evil megamind voice
Step 5. Watch animals like warg, husky and timber wolf mindlessly wandering around awaiting to get shot

In other, more serious words: Make animals fight back or give them an aggro range. What is a Watchdog?

A warg shouldn't need to be tamed to start a mindless berserk frenzy. Can't we just sleepshoot them, put a post in the ground and attach them to it with a chain? They'd happily attack everything that gets into their range

Unique Flavor

Do we want to fight with animals just for the sake of being able to do it or do they add some Unique Flavor to it? I'm thinking huge about Disarming enemies but they are already kinda disarmed as soon as they start melee fighting.

That was it in the shortest possible way keeping in mind what I imagine to be doable in rimworld. I think I could go a whole hour talking about this topic without point and comma
Stories / A silent night in Rimworld
December 07, 2016, 02:31:38 AM
Down in the gras I lie,
What an uneventful night.
Haven't heard a single cry,
Nor seen a single fight.

My mother always said,
When I still was a child:
"Always keep up your head,
watch out what creeps in the wild."

To my left rests my wife,
Deep she sleeps here, no trouble ahaid.
What a silent good life,
When Cassandra sends none to raid.

Mods / Re: Map generation moding
August 31, 2016, 03:21:48 PM
Greetings Users,

Due to current interest from my side i've seen this thread and thought it's better to write here instead of creating a new one.

The file RimWorld/Mods/Core/Defs/MapGeneration/MapGenerators.xml seems to only order the steps that are taken when generating a map and the amount and spread of scatterable objects like geysers.

Let me say inbetween that I've got no experience with modding and only the knowledge about coding of a student.

From my understanding, when my goal is to change the generation of water bodies the following part is of my interest:
<genStep Class="GenStep_Terrain"/>

The whole file is defined as the MainMapGenerator so I need to change the code from the class GenStep_Terrain, right? With my current knowledge I am unable to find anything about GenStep_Terrain. There is no reference of it in the file RimWorld/Mods/Core/Defs/TerrainDefs/Terrain_Water.xml .

Quote from: Master Bucketsmith on August 31, 2016, 04:56:23 AM
Check out Misc. Map Generator.

I'm terrible sorry if I should know what folder or file you mean but the only Misc folder I can find is RimWorld/Source/RimWorld/Thing/Misc with Apparel.cs and SteamGeyser.cs . Both of those do not contain any information about the Map Generator.

Once again, I'm terrible sorry if the things I ask are considered common knowledge. My goal is just to remove the random generation of water bodies each time I use the same world seed and location.
Ideas / Regarding the randomness on the mapgenerator
August 30, 2016, 06:29:21 AM
TL;DR: only read bold text

Greetings Readers,

As every other player I've started a new save due to the incompatibility with the new patch. What I've done different to propably most players is, that I've choosen a worldseed and location I already know. Just a quick game to check out the new features while having to worry less about where to setup my colony.

Now what I've noticed is that marsh, shallow water and deep water are generated randomly. That confused me in the first moment and made think.

How much randomness should there be when choosing the same location on the same worldseed?

The impact of water bodies in the current state of the game is big. They bear no ressources. You are unable to build on them. Walking over them either reduces the travelspeed or you are unable to do it at all.
Yes, you can terraform it. But that isn't a reasonable answer due to shear amount of time you have to invest. Even more so when you play a Tribe scenario.

Due to the random generation of water bodies I see no benefit in using the same worldseed and location in biomes that have big water bodies.

Lets be honest and not act like it is a bigger deal than it is. The amount of people who are affected by this are very few. Realistically close to unnoticeable.
Yet this locks me out fo some quality of life advantages. I'm a veteran player with several hundreds hours of gameplay. I've spent around two weeks of my life playing RimWorld. Mentioning this I hope to appeal to other longtime players with the same view on this topic.

I've remembered some worldseed and locations for different scenarios. While the water bodies are not the reason I play on those maps I now have to reconsider each time wether or not the location fits the scenario.

Shouldn't the same worldseed and location help to play very specific scenarios that are only playable when certain conditions are met?

For example I've done a custom scenario as a tribe in tundra with no growing period. There is a big enough patch of fertile soil so that you are able to grow enough potatoes and harvest them the evening before they freeze to death in the following night.
I am unable to do this very specific scenario if the patch of fertile soil is obstructed in any way.

Now let us take this thought further. What if fertility gets randomized? On one hand it adds to the variety of map generation. On the other hand you rely more on random generated values when you try to hit certain conditions.

Some people might ask me why I don't just deal with how the map is generated. Let me tell you that I've already had enough fun with that. I've played so many games that I don't want to make a custom challenge on a map that I know it's not possible. My save file folder was several gigabytes big from abandoned permadeath games.

Let us come to a solution. Is it possible to add a seed to the map generator as there is a seed to the world generator?

I don't want to tell anyone they have to change how the map generator should work. Also I don't want to keep anyone from adding new values to it.

I'd just like to be able to reuse a map with little differences when I realize it would be perfect for a customized challenge.