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Somehow I check in everyday for an update, and today I creamed myself. Now I can spread freedom and democracy throughout the Rim in proper attire.
Ever since I subscribed to your British Armory Kit I just uninstalled all other apparel mods. Can't get by a day without my colonists dressed in BDUs and full limey armor, meanwhile every other piece of garment just rots away from jealousy.
I can't seem to craft the Exoframe and Pioneer armor, looked at every workbench and the option is not there. Are they meant to be bought from traders and not crafted?

Also, I've tested every weapon aside from Greydale. I'll be doing a detailed analysis on their balance and functions soon, I hope you have time to evaluate and modify them in upcoming patches.
Quote from: Adventurer on September 18, 2016, 06:23:58 AM
Thank you! Most appreciated.

I have one suggestion, it would be good if you could put your mods into folders within the zip archive.
You can download the entire thing in one archive if thats what youre referring to
I cannot interact with the mercs via Comm. When I ordered my pawn to call them, the pawn just "Standing" there doing nothing for a few seconds.
Is the comm interaction not developed?
But the balance game is always on, here are some more feedback:
@Deimos Rast

>Concussion baton is meant to be a speed-for-damage version of the hammer (31% less cooldown, 37% less damage) but its not worth it in the long run because time-to-kill of the assault hammer is significantly shorter. Well, because the hammer boinks everyone in one hit while the baton takes 2-3 hits to do so, and the offsets are made meaningless. Though I haven't seen what secondary effects the baton has, I haven't seen it stunning anyone (given its "concussion" prefix). Does this thing really stuns people?

>Survival knife is not a weapon, it's a neat toolbelt to equip on non-combat characters. If you try to use this thing on a hunt or during a raid, it'll be like fighting with toothpicks.

>Vibrosword seems balance in theory, but is vastly inferior in combat compared to assault hammer and concussion baton. When used on unarmed colonist, my brawler suffered 4 punches to the face before managing to down the target, whereas a single blow from the hammer blew away the target's leg and consciousness in one fell swoop.

> Nerve suit is intended for melee user, but Nerve suit helmet is a happy trigger item (-20% acc -20% aim time). Meaning that the pieces aren't intended to be worn together since they greedily and unnecessarily try to take on two categories of combat that can't be used together. I suggest the Nerve suit to boost melee accuracy instead. And here is why the Nerve suit helmet shouldn't even try to compete in the firearms race:

> The Nerve suit helmet is vastly inferior to the Dropsuit helmet and extremely inferior to the Marksman helmet. The armor stats are intentional so I won't bring that up, but the bonus stats make the Nerve suit helmet a very sophisticated item.
Nerve suit helmet: -20% accuracy -20% aim time -10% work speed
Dropsuit helmet: +10% accuracy +5% aim time -5% work speed
Marskman helmet : +40% accuracy -10% aim time -50% social chat impact

>Its ironic how the best item to go with the Nerve suit helmet is a Marksman gear on a Careful shooter character, totalling a +60% accuracy and +5% aim time. But even so, the Nerve suit helmet is a spoiled potato compared to the Marksman helmet anyway. Honestly the social chat impact penalty isn't even worth mentioning because I only equip these items on a lonewolf masksman who stand far away from other hunters.

=> The best way to get rid of this problem is, you guess it, make the Nerve suit and helmet completely devoted to melee combat.

Well, I crafted a Nerve suit helmet that is infused with +12% trade price improvement so now it's on my trader/doctor's head. Bummer.
Before anyone says this is way too much work, think about Muffalo wool.
It gives the Animal handler more work to do, gives the boom animals some purpose other than kamikaze.
And every 5 days with a single Boomalope you have enough neutroanime for a Go-juice or five medicine conversion.
A very nice addition imo
Newsflash: Items don't treat bionic arms as "arms", if I classify BodyGroup as "Arms" it would say the same-- missing body parts. The game treats bionic arms as, you guess it, "Shoulders" (well, it does say install bionic arm on left/right shoulder). Therefore, installing two bionic arms on a pawn means forfeiting your ability to ever wield anything related to the arm, hand and fingers again. The only fix that doesn't need tampering with DefThing is to have one bionic arm and original arm on a pawn, or just use bionic hands entirely. This is a downer indeed, but I do think that it's intentional to prevent stacking bionic buffs (two bionic arms + two bionic hands mean 100% manipulation), but a shallow method nonetheless.

Another fix is to edit BodyGroup to "Shoulders" and move on with it.

Though damage roll (whether it exists or not), as far as I know, might still a big issue. There's less parts to be factored into the formula and thus you don't get damages to your fingers or hands anymore, but the entire arm is going to eat it all. So if anyone with bionic arms has experienced increased frequency of arms being blown away, do clarify this for me.
I am having problem with bionic parts.

By replacing an arm or a missing arm with a bionic arm, I forever forfeit the ability to ever put a literal hand on a colonist again.
That's it, he loses his entire hand and fingers eventhough he now does everything better than everyone else.
This, according to an old thread, makes colonists glass cannon as the damage now rolls for only the arm without factoring in miniscule parts like fingers and hand.

How do I know they don't have hands once you install the bionic arm?
Well, I can't wear items that cover the fingers. It says "missing body part" eventhough my colonist has his arms in tact and never succumbed any finger damage whatsoever. The option to install hands on a bionic armed colonist is non existent, whereas you can replace a bionic hand on a colonist with an arm (and never be able to do so again). That being said, replacing limbs do not yield any original parts for me. Now if I put two Bionic arms on a pawn, he forever loses the ability to wield items that cover the fingers.

I think it has to do with the core game, but I'm still pondering on whether to report this as a bug or something Tynan overlooked. For the time being, I think I'll have to fix it by editting everything that covers the fingers to an arm only, but if a solution could be brought to the table, it would be handy.
Quote from: Helpful Bot on September 13, 2016, 10:22:59 PM
I am going to edit the precision rifle to no longer shoot explosive rounds and see if the accuracy improves because so far thats one of the only things I can think might be causing the missing behavior.
After I changed it to "bullet" I noticed that its accuracy for moving enemies has improved greatly (almost 100% accurate), however, you will never hit a stationary target or a wall or a poison ship.
Outdated / Re: [A15] DoorMat
September 14, 2016, 12:29:33 AM
I don't know why but my base is still terribly dirty even with a doormat everywhere...
Quote from: iceteazz on September 13, 2016, 04:42:54 AM
_ I just found that i could not craft those weapons, which is great because vanilla weapon is ok. But, because the assault rifle looks exactly like M16, while there are no AKM so i borrow your mod, just deleted all codes except for AK-74, change the name to AKM, add an original bullet 7.62×39mm in, bullet damage to 11, change the sound def, you got AK-47 texture right there too, great ! Now i got my AKM ready in service ! Thx alot OP :)

_ May i ask one question ? While Assault rifles could be crafted in game, how can i code so that i can craft AKM too ? thx.

P/s: nvm, i just found some similiar mod, and borrow their stuff and edit some line. It was error at 1st, but i fixed and now it workes like a charm ! I'm going to use AKMs like a drugs gang :)
(Hey lol I'm J_Carmine on GVN)
DR made recipes for HC guns in the post above. Download here
I think you can modify it to leave only the recipe for AKM, but only if you prefer HC weapons over other mods'. And I think HC is one of the most CR compatible weapon packs out there as well.
Quote from: EldVarg on September 13, 2016, 04:45:10 AM
The Crucible precision rifle have some aim problem. Looks like it almost never hit where you aim - you can fire at a big building a long time and it always miss its target - only when the target moves you can accidentally hit it.
This is the case for me as well.
Federation rifles (both Precision and standard) have a fearsome accuracy ONLY when the enemy is on the move and are large targets (I've seen the sniper landing every shot on a moving Centipede), but it will never hit a stationary target.
Outdated / Re: [A15] RT's Weapon Pack
September 12, 2016, 03:08:24 AM
The weapon pack itself is excellent in terms of diversity and visual, but there are a few reasons I uninstalled it and use only Rimsenal and HC.
Mainly balance problems.
> Melee weapons are too powerful. Even vanilla late game melee weapons like power claw and scyther blade seem inferior.
> The M32 Grenade Launcher fires 300 million projectiles in 4 unstoppable consecutive bursts. I sent one grenadier out to deal with a poison ship that had a dozen scythers, centipedes and whatnot. Everything was destroyed in a few dozen seconds, not a corpse left to haul.
> All weapons are craftable with fairly low requirements. This is where HC is superior: you only get powerful HC weapons from traders and without OP quality modifiers.

I would only need to equip my entire colony with the M32 and no raids can damage a sandbag of mine. Only that my computer would freeze from 2000 pawns and 8 billion explosions on the screen.
Here's feedback on certain turrets.
- All turrets aside from Yungwa's require someone to mount them. This is neat somewhat, but I recommend the MMG to be automated as a high tier replacement of the stock turret.
- Wave emitter is a neat crowd control weapon indeed, it sends raiders panicking with flames on their butt, but there are huge cons that made me deconstruct it from my defensive line:
>It tracks enemies by proximity to itself and not the crowdedness of an area, which for a crowd control weapon is a huge drawback.
>If I position my hunters anywhere near that thing just to defend it, I'm in for some sick burn. It really doesn't give a crap and shoots itself when Raiders rush to attack it.
>I also have to position it far away from my main defense line as well, otherwise when raiders rush to attack my manned turrets, it burns the entire area around the turret along with my gunner and render my turret useless for a very dangerous duration until I can place another gunner there.
- Molten cannon seems like a heavier edition of the AGS, since it can only be operated within a clear-of-obstruction site. Haven't tested the Barrage cannon but it seems like the heavier edition of the mortar.
- Harvester is freaking awesome.

Also feedback on a few weapons:
- AMR is accurate, powerful and quick to fire for a heavy sniper rifle. It certainly is made to deal with Mechanoids.
- Is the Suppressor Cannon meant to be single shot, single projectile? Although it works excellently as a weapon overall, it certainly doesn't "suppress". It is too accurate, short ranged and slow firing for a suppressor weapon, more like a CQB rifle that goes for the kill in every shot. It excels at defending turrets from meleeing raiders as well as keeping everyone away from the gunner's firing radius.
- Greydale rifle is quite powerful, if not too powerful. I let a doctor with 5 Shooting equip it and ambush the Ferals' escape route and she killed all 4 healthy stragglers from one place.
- Swarmer is perfect. I don't know what else to comment on this baby. Insanely accurate, adequate range, and with enough power to be deadly but not too OP. I love it.
- Tyrant kinetic rifle has been a lackluster for me. The cons are clear: short range, low accuracy, low damage... but the speed it is rumored to have is insufficient to compensate for all those downsides.