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  • August 18, 2019, 06:42:39 AM
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I noticed something strange in the latest version. Sometimes all positive and some negative moodlets just dissapears for a bit of a second, that usually happens when colonist working on something, hauling recources to the bench for example. It causes very short, almost unnoticeable periods of bad mood, which quite often triggers mental break state. Maybe its an engine bug, but that never happened in previous releases of the mod.

I noticed it just because i usually start with customly created naked bum with exellent traits, who even theoretically cannot get minor break no matter what happens to him, and in the latest version he got one once, allright, then he got another one, and another one and i start watching why it is happening and noticed this.

Just wanted to report I'm also running into the corrupt save issue where saves become unloadable and game crashes to desktop for no obvious reason.

Happened on 2 of my games now, Anyone know a workaround? Cheers.

This must be the quarry, i had broken save 5 times in a row until i read someone's report about this bug on github. Apparently saving with quarry creates very interestlingly broken save, wich loads just fine until you restart the game, and only then it starts saying "error loading a map", and CTD if you trying to load it with devmode active. Since i stopped build quarry, saves working fine for two days already. Editing save and deleting quarry in it also works as i've heard.

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