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One question about CE Guns. Can I add it mid-save? I just removed all guns in my colony using dev mode to disable Vanilla Friendly Weapons and it seemed like it worked without any problems. So currently there's no gun equipped or stored in the map.
Releases / Re: [A17] SimpleSidearms (1.2.1)
August 12, 2017, 08:48:39 PM
Why do one of my pawn always spawn with a heavy weapon (doomsday launcher, rifles, etc) when starting a new colony? I tried putting the spawn chance to 0% but it still happens. Always the same pawn, too.
Finally, a mech mod! Hoping for a CE compatibility patch soon.
There's a bug with Basic Bridges and edited terrains (via dev mode). When you add a shallow or deep moving water via 'set terrain', you can't place the basic bridge or deep water bridge on it. I think it's because setting a terrain to a shallow or deep moving water does not change it's walk speed to 52% or impassable respectively, thus making it not the appropriate terrain for the bridges.

Edit: Oops, loos like there are two types of water in the 'set terrain' in dev mode. One is at 82% walk speed (both shallow and deep), and the other is at 52% and impassable for shallow and deep respectively. The bridges only work for 52% for shallow and impassable for deep.