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Hi, I can't download the .zip of the lastest version from github. Always appear a network error and stops the download. Is there another form to download the files?

EDIT: The project launcher doesn't work for me, the download stops before its finished.
Quote from: Canute on December 09, 2017, 12:42:59 PM
1. The devs didn't even update these forum post to be availble for B18, so if you look for faster help from the modders of these modpack, you should use discord.

2. at the installation, you should use/copy the ModsConfig.xml, start the game, and then disable the mod you don't work. Don't forget to delete the config folder.

The red line normaly means these pawns are incap. does they still can move at your colony?

Yes, I did this.

Two of them are incapacity, but the first one can move, eat and fight, but he can't work cause these problem :|
I've installed the latest version of the mod. When I start a new game, i have this problem:

They cant work because they have a manipulation health problem, i dont understand because its the beggining of the game.

The mods enabled are Core, HugsLib, Humanoid Allien Races 2.0, Combat Extended and Core SK, in these order. I know that in the tutorial explains other order of the mods but in these case i cant generate the map.
Is there any way to get machinegun crates? I know you can get traded but I want to know if you can make them.
Quote from: Oragepoilu on February 10, 2017, 08:09:52 AM

I don't know what "advanced research table" you talk about. There is a primitive, normal, Hi-tech, and additional multi analyzer.
All of them are under the same tab, Misc (between sun lamp and medical facility)

The "advanced research table" is the traslation of my language (spanish). Due to the bad traslation to the spanish language I can't find the investigation which unlocks the next table after the normal table, could you tell me which it is please?

All the time I'm referring to the table you need to investigate geothermal energy, for example, to understand us better.
How can I build the advanced research table? I've investigated all the requirements but i don't see it in the construction menu.
Quote from: Oragepoilu on February 07, 2017, 06:26:59 AM

This kind of error is harmless. but there is more under it, that we can't see with a screenshot.
If you want to show an error, use another way :
-if windows/steam go into \Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\RimWorldWin_Data and open output_log.txt
then just copy his content, save, and the actual address will be changed. Just copy it and use it to share the text
you could also upload the file but for simple text that's just as simple to share paste bin link (or similar)

-if windows/non steam it's almost the same, just go in the folder you installed rimworld

Here it is:
Hello guys, what can I do with this problem?

I've followed all the steps of the first post to make the installation and I only enabled the mods Core, Combat Realism andCore SK in these order.