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Thanks for the update! :)
Bugs / Re: A18 Zone bug?
October 30, 2017, 04:23:12 PM
Sorry I reported it wrong. I can't give more info than I have. I can upload my save file, but am not sure if it will help since my pawns are caravaning and have no fixed settlement. I mostly reported it in case others had experienced something similar and could help pin down if it actually was a bug or WAD. Since no one else has reported anything similar then maybe it's not a bug. I will try to pay better attention if it happens again to provide useful information.
Bugs / A18 Zone bug?
October 28, 2017, 11:54:16 PM
I think I may have found a bug but I'm not sure. Sometimes it seems like zones stop working properly if I resize or add to them. Growing zones, stockpile zones, and animal zones have all had weird glitches at one time or other where stuff won't get stored, animals won't stay in their zones, or plants won't get sowed or harvested. Deleting the zone and recreating it usually seems to help.
I too am not a fan of the new sounds. Could you please swap them so actual raids and other red letter events get the original alarm sound and solar flares and other yellow/orange events get the new sound?

I would reeeeallly like to be able to set up camp while caravaning with a 24 hour limit like the temporary maps that generate for events. I'm attempting to travel to the ship for the first time and it is just too hard to get there without having to settle every so often due to running out of food or somesuch. Settling wastes days getting setup for even a short stay. Especially if your pawns are starving or having mental breaks. So frustrating!  Plus pawns lose all joy while caravaning, so they just want to run off and  stargaze instead of hauling your stuff that's been dumped on the ground to a safe spot. Like I said, frustrating! Whereas the temp maps I can forage enough for another day or two within 24 hours then get on the road again. If you feel it would make the game too easy then set up a time limit so you can only set up camp every 24 hours or something. But honestly, the fact you lose a day and there's no guarantee what the map will generate (sometimes those 24 hour maps have little to no food!) it balances it out.

Also pawns still lose all joy while caravaning which also contributes to the delay in getting going again.

And lastly, I'm not sure I like that bedrolls have no quality. Seems weird that you need to put a bedside table next to them to improve their comfort.

Trading seems better balanced again. But maybe that's just my imagination. Lol Though I do find it strange that both tribal and outlander towns will pay exactly the same for the same item.
I just noticed on Steam some others reporting their downed refugee quests have no legs either. Bug? Certainly hope this isn't WAD! I was expecting a guy with similar injuries to escape pod pawns.
So a couple days into my game (playing Lost Tribe, Randy Random on Some Challenge), I get my first quest to rescue Wilfred. He's injured and needs saving. So I pack up some food and meds and grab my best fighters (equipped with bows and wooden war masks) to go save him. He's guarded by 4 turrets and a guy in power armour with an LMG. And he's got no legs. Yeah, like I'm gonna risk losing all my pawns for a guy who can't even walk? So I noped out of there and left poor Wilfred to his fate.

Like A17, I have found the early quests just not worth risking. Which is yet again disappointing. At least this time I have plenty of food. And the traders seem to want it. And I'm actually getting traders. Lol

Psychoid pekoe seems overly addictive, though. Had a pawn use it once (for illness) and become instantly addicted. Not sure if that was just bad RNG, but I'm less likely to use it now whereas the mod I used it all the time for pain and disease.

Love that you included a few of my mods! Bedrolls are awesome. Poker is too. Thanks! :)

Yes, as SpaceDorf says, Tribal Starts get the research unlocked automatically. Otherwise, you should be able to add it with the Start With Research in the Scenario Editor.
Quote from: Soupy Delicious on July 20, 2017, 01:14:50 AM
Babies are already in the game code?  Bwaah?!

That was basically my first thought, too! Lol

There must be some other reason Tynan is holding off on adding kids and babies, though, as the whole, "but you could eat them!/make them into hats!" reasoning doesn't make sense. Babies just don't appear out of thin air. They have parents AKA colonists. Colonists who will lose their minds if their child dies. Also babies are tiny. How much meat would they really produce? (I'm sure it's there in the stats, I've never had cause to check! Lol) And they take 3 seasons to be born, so far too long to actually make them worthwhile to try to "farm" (maybe a good reason NOT to reduce the length of pregnancies???) even if you had a dozen female colonists having babies. Which brings you right back to point one: Do you really want to risk your colony collapsing because the parents are losing their minds because you butchered babies???  :o

There's got to be another reason he's holding off on adding them. I'm more inclined to think it's the fact that kids take so long to grow up. But I still maintain that shouldn't matter. They add enough to the game even if they never reach adulthood to be worthwhile adding IMVHO.

Anyway, until such time as Tynan decides to add pregnancy and kids, I'm enjoying this mod very much. :)
Could you make it so at least the older teens have a chance of forming a romantic relationship with each other? I've got a pair of 17 yr olds who are good friends and highly compatible, but have 0% chance of romance. It just seems odd they'd wait till they're 18 to consider starting a relationship. Lol
Updated Tribal Essentials:

-The stonechipping spot should now be able to chip any type of stone
-Spear, great bow, and pila now less wood to make (same amount as vanilla)
-Pitfall trap is less deadly
-Pitfall Trap should no longer require separate research if the Trap Defense mod is installed
I didn't take any screenshots, so can't tell you if it's exactly the same or not, but my pawn did look pretty much like that. So maybe it wasn't a case of not generating a head but generating clothing in such a way that the head appeared to be missing? Lol

I didn't have any other mods installed at the time, though, and have never seen it happen since. So not sure what caused it. But reloading the game fixed it.

Updated Pawns Are Capable! to version 3.2!

-Pawns are now much less likely to generate with a childhood and adulthood backstory that conflict with each other. E.g. Healer will no longer spawn with the Vengeful Child backstory which makes them hate doctoring.

- The "assigned to hated work" debuff now lasts a minimum of 3 hours.

- Added a configuration option in the mod menu to allow the possibility of pawns to spontaneously generate a hatred for particular jobs (but only if a pawn has no passion for the work), just as they can spontaneously disappear.

Steam and Dropbox links updated in the OP! :)
I had a child generate without a head back in A16. I saved and reloaded and her head loaded just fine after that. :)
Mods / Re: Did I imagine it? Can't find a mod...
July 12, 2017, 04:52:02 PM
You didn't imagine it. I've seen it too, but can't recall the title. I believe it had trader or trade in it. So maybe do a search in the releases forum with those keywords. Hope that helps!
If you decide to go with a faster aging mechanic, could you please allow a realistic aging option for those of us who like it as it currently is? :)

As for abortions, I think even if women hate kids they would still have a negative mood as they would still have had to go through the unpleasantness of having the procedure done. I don't think anyone enjoys having an abortion. :/

Maybe -5 for early stage, -10 for middle-stage, and -15 for late stage?

Also, yes, please add somewhere how many days left until birth like pregnant animals have in the animal tab. I've wanted that info more than a few times. Lol

For the contraceptives, could there be an easily craftable, but less effective herbal version in addition to the current version made from neutroamine? I just can't see herbal contraceptives being equally effective. I mean they have already been around a long time. If they were equally as effective, there'd never have been need for modern hormonal contraceptives to begin with. ;)

Thanks again for such a great mod. :)